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The Story So Far
EuroSchool is a venture of EuroKids International Ltd-promoters of EuroKids –India’s largest pre-school chain with over 880 + and 300 towns and cities across India. The beginning of this voyage can be traced back to the birth of 'EuroKids' - India's leading provider of Pre-School education.
Background & Genesis:
In 2001, EuroKids - the flagship entity of the group, successfully played the role of a change leader in the hitherto unorganized Pre-School segment by introducing international standards to Pre-School education to India.

Today the presence of EuroKids Pre-Schools in over 280 cities covering most major towns and cities across India, SAARC and South East Asia stand testament to the highly satisfied parents, overwhelmed by this revolutionary educational experience.


But parents aspired for continuity of this enriching experience to span through their child’s further education program. This was the impetus and encouragement needed by the founders to accelerate their ultimate vision thus heralding the birth of EuroSchool.

EuroSchool, a logical extension designed to offer comprehensive academic continuity has ushered in a new era in education through the innovative concept of Balanced Schooling. In this ascent, the nascent expertise from EuroKids International has been extended to secondary school education through EuroSchools.

Today - we have 19 operational primary and secondary schools across India.
Our medium term aim is to grow the school network with 30 more schools
in the country.

Euro Books – a division of EuroKids International Ltd is the market leader in the children’s book segment in India. Operational since 1997, this division has over the years, built up a huge database of international brands from the children’s publishing arena.

Today we are the pioneers in bringing some of the best international titles like Disney, Barbie, Noddy, Dora the explorer, Spongebob, Squarepants,Garfield and many more into the homes of Indian children. EuroBooks also act as exclusive distributors in India for Egmont UK – the publishers of Enid Blyton titles and Tin Tin books