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Educational Excellence

As academicians, we focus on not just academics, but students’ all-round development.

Hooked on Books
A reading program based on the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Critical Thinking that helps build vocabulary, improves comprehension, GK, critical thinking and fosters a love for reading. Students are awarded certificates on successfully completing the programme.

Science Journal
A tool that hones observational skills, recording, analysing data and forming conclusions based on outcomes of the experiments.

Go Green
A scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test that measures students’ understanding of concepts. It aims at reaching the green level that represents an achievement above the National average.

Competitive exams conducted by external agencies aimed at providing a wider exposure to students.

This helps students build their confidence and makes them independent learners while catering to their individual needs.

Skill Development

At EuroSchool learning the traits of team work, mutual respect, communication and stress management are of paramount importance.

Providing students with opportunities that help develop life skills that are an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life with a positive attitude are ingrained through the curriculum and co-curricular activities.

Learning, practicing and mastering the basic skills of sport is one of the foundations of coaching, sports performance and athletic training provided at EuroSchool.

Through sports, students master specific skills which are fundamental elements of all sports —for example, shooting in basketball; kicking and passing in football; throwing and catching in cricket; diving, turning and finishing in swimming.

Cultural Exposure

At EuroSchool, science quizzes, math club competitions, spell bees, etc. offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, skills and talent, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude.

Hues stimulates the creative and artistic calibre of students through literature, sciences, music and audio-visuals. Competitions are held in schools and the best paintings are selected and sent to the Academic team. National level winners are awarded certificates of honour.

The Debate
The Debate is a platform for students to develop public speaking skills, critical thinking, independent research, organisational skills and effective communication.

Omaggio is an Inter EuroSchool choral competition held to promote the vocal talent of budding musicians. Schools are encouraged to assemble the best of their musicians and singers in an ensemble choir.

Community Building

At EuroSchool a strong sense of community building develops qualities like good character and citizenship, fairness, concern for others and personal responsibility.

The International School Award is a British Council accreditation scheme that rewards schools with a notable global element in their curriculum. There are 3 entry points for schools: Foundation, Intermediate, and Accreditation.

EUMIND (Europe meets India) is a network of schools in India and Europe to promote intercultural learning, global citizenship, social responsibility and ecological awareness. EuroSchool has won 4 Awards of Excellence for EUMIND.

International Award for Young People is the most successful youth empowerment program which identifies challenges associated with the youth. It requires students to do some charity work, go on an adventure trip and engage in some physical recreation program.

Lifelong Learning

Education at EuroSchool is aimed at obtaining conceptual mastery and imparting values such as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, etc.

The underpinning idea of clubs at EuroSchool is of self-discovery and understanding. Clubs are divided into Academic and Non- Academic Clubs. Academic Clubs comprise of Literature & Drama, Astronomy, History & Heritage, etc. whereas, Non-Academic Clubs comprises of Fine Arts and Sports. The breadth of choice offered provides an enriching experience beyond academics.

Outbound Educational Programme
EuroSchool organises educational trips planned with a set focus and specific objective. Such trips are a great platform for students to develop their individuality and let them explore other aspects of life.

Sparks is an initiative that aims at instilling great values and virtues which is of paramount importance through motivational speeches and interactions with influential people in the society.

Personal Wellbeing

The well-being of a child is of paramount importance at EuroSchool. We provide students with a healthy learning environment where they are protected from physical and emotional harm.

EuroSchool has advanced security procedures, where students develop skills that let them succeed in difficult circumstances. When students feel safe they are able to learn and succeed- academically, emotionally, and socially.

We take pride in Bureau Veritas, the global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification.

Weight Loss Programme
The Weight Loss Programme aims at ensuring students carry school bags with a max. weight of 10% of their body weight. School bags are weighed to ensure the same.

Safe School
This initiative aims at putting security procedures in place, conducting regular security drills and creating a safe environment for children. Workshops are conducted on fire drills, first aid, emergency preparedness and evacuation.

Cambridge Public School is now EuroSchool HSR

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Potential Meets Possibilities

Affiliation and Infrastructure
EuroSchool follows curriculum in accordance to ICSE / CBSE / IGCSE curriculum to help mould young minds. Our facilities at school include lively classrooms, digital interactive Smart Boards, Libraries, Science Labs, Computer Labs, Music Rooms, Dance Classrooms and Sports Grounds which ensure that your child gets a complete schooling experience at EuroSchool.

Affiliation and Infrastructure

EuroSchool follows curriculum in accordance to ICSE / CBSE / IGCSE... more

Balanced Schooling
Balanced Schooling’ ignites the mind for classroom learning and beyond. Learning is structured based on 70 specific skills and techniques laid down for English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Social Science, Environmental Education and Information and Communication Technology. A contemporary and pertinent environment makes academics engaging and provides stimulating avenues of self-discovery which inculcates a love for learning among the students.

A world of fresh ideas lies beyond academics. Our co-curricular programme is structured to shape our children holistically. Our specialised infrastructure and coaching empowers the children to build and enhance their skills beyond the academic realm.

Balanced Schooling

Environmental Education and Information and beyond. Learning is... more

LRPA Learning Model
In our endeavour to provide a 360 degree education, we are guided by a four-pronged approach Learn-Reinforce-Practice-Apply (LRPA). With a focus on learning, the LRPA approach revolves around co-curricular activities where children Learn, Reinforce, Practice and Apply knowledge, concepts and skills. Together, this makes the student an independent learner, facilitated by teachers and aided by technology.

LEARNING concepts with multimedia tools and exemplifying through visual and oratory content

REINFORCEMENT with technologically-enhanced learning

PRACTICE with experiments and projects

APPLICATION of concepts in real life.

LRPA Learning Model

In our endeavour to provide a 360 degree education, we are guided by.... more

Development Clubs
The underlying idea of the clubs at EuroSchool is to open up a world of possibilities to the students as they tap into their true potential. The clubs are academic and non-academic.

Academic Clubs comprise
  • Astronomy
  • History & Heritage
  • Nutritional Science
  • Model United Nations
  • Environmental & Sustainable Develepment
  • Robotics

Co-Curricular Clubs comprise
  • Sparks
  • New Age Sporting Activities
  • Fine Arts
  • Outbound Education
  • Skill Building
  • Leadership Training

Development Clubs

The underlying idea of the clubs at EuroSchool is to open up a... more

Student Wellbeing
It is only when our children feel safe that they can learn and succeed – academically, emotionally and socially. At EuroSchool, we are passionate about ensuring safety and well-being of our students. All our schools utilise advanced security systems and procedures for child safety and security. To make this possible, we take pride in partnering with Bureau Veritas – a global leader in testing, inspection and certification.

Weight Loss Drive
EuroSchool's Weight Loss Programme ensures that students carry school bags weighing a maximum of 10% of their body weight.

Safe School
As a Bureau Veritas certified school we aim to optimise security procedures by conducting regular security drills and securing the safety of students. EuroSchool conducts fire and evacuation drills and conducts workshops on first aid and emergency preparedness.

Student Wellbeing

It is only when our children feel safe that they can learn... more

Expert Educators
Our children are dynamic individuals, on the brink of great achievement. To teach these 21st century minds, we have to first be 21st century learners. In this exciting journey of discovery, our educators too walk the path. Our teachers keep themselves updated with the latest in education and learning through modern tools and training programmes.

60 Hours Teacher Training Programme
An on-going professional development initiative which ensures that every teacher has gained 60 hours of training during the academic year. School leadership tracks the training progress of each teacher.

A tool for the teachers that aims at introspection of one's own learning on the journey to self-improvement. Reflections are to be filled out by every teacher for every class she/he teaches.

A two-way communication platform between each EuroSchool and the Cerebrum team. Blueprints, summative papers, sample papers, syllabus, reflection, worksheets, lesson plans, scope & sequence, home connects, almanacs and event pictures form some of the material shared on Argus.

EuroSchool Teacher Assessment Tool
All EuroSchool teachers take the ETAT at two intervals in the academic year. The assessment tool urges teachers to be on top of their game, so, that they are well informed and up-to-date on their teaching methods, to better impart knowledge to their students.

A bi-monthly newsletter initiated to bridge the gap between pedagogy and practice. It shares the best practices and ideas across schools.

School Visits
Members of the Cerebrum team conduct academic as well as summative visits to all schools. These visits include observation of teaching learning processes in classes, discussions with the teachers, record maintenance and preparation of a report during the academic visit and inspection of examination processes during the summative visit. This reports for us the basis on which we can further improve the teaching learning process.

Expert Educators

Our children are dynamic individuals, on the brink of great achievement... more

India’s First Certified Safe School Network

Response System

Safety Marshalls &
Safety Training Drill
for Staff

Advanced Fire
Safety Measures

CCTV Monitoring
for A Safe and
Secure Premises

Verification Check
For School Staff

Student Life







Parent Connect

We encourage parents to walk the journey with us and facilitate the holistic development of young students. As one of the leading schools in India, we focus on creating a parent-school partnership through engagement programmes.

A dedicated app for parents enabling them to stay connected with multiple aspects of the child’s schooling like homework, events & activities, sharing of feedback & remaining connected with fellow parents.


The dedicated mobile app for parents that enables them to stay connected with multiple...


Report Bee
The online report card system, allows parents to view the progress status of the child online, analyse strength areas and ascertain areas of improvement.

Report Bee

The online report card system,
allows parents to view the
progress status...


Back To School
For parents who still view academic life through an old lens, this works as a refresher course with the purpose to get them Back to School with a 2-level course of Phonics Programmes.

Back To School

For parents who still view academic life through an archaic lens this works...