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EuroSchool Wakad (ICSE)

Enrol in the Best ICSE School in Wakad, Pune

Let your child discover their true potential from a universe of possibilities. At EuroSchool, our aim is to motivate children to unearth their latent talent, determine their areas of interest, hone their individual skills, thereby discovering various facets of their persona. Throughout the journey of self-discovery, they are inspired to develop their abilities, transforming themselves into responsible citizens of the future.

One of the best schools in Pune, EuroSchool Wakad, has a well-designed layout and a specially crafted spacious environment that offers a great ambience to nurture young minds. EuroSchool Wakad provides curriculum in accordance with the ICSE Board..

All top facilities now available at EuroSchool ICSE School in Wakad, Pune EuroSchool Wakad, Pune provides the best school education by offering a wide range of experiences through:

  • Specially designed modern laboratories
  • Reading rooms and libraries
  • State of the art computer labs
  • Multi-purpose playgrounds
  • Professional sports coaches, and Smart-class’ technology-enabled classrooms

School Leader

Renuka Dutta

An Alumni of Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Mumbai, Renuka Dutta started her career in the field of Education in 1986. She is a passionate educationist whose dynamic career spans over a period of three decades. She has worked in prestigious institutions, PAN India, where she has gained diverse experience in wearing different leadership hats, both in Teaching and Administrative scope of work. Since the last decade, she has been in the position of a school leader.


Her expertise encompasses being a founder Principal of schools as well as a college, focusing on areas of academics, curriculum development, marketing, administration, etc. She has served in CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, HSC boards. She has been appointed as ‘Subject Expert’ by ISRO for science subject of Class X. She was also on the panel of ‘Edusat Channel’ with Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO), Ahmedabad for Script writing, Anchoring and Teaching Science subject. She has worked as an ‘ISA Coordinator’ (International School Award) with British Council for International Educational Exchange Programme. She has received a ‘Letter of Appreciation’ from the Lady –in-waiting of the Queen of England for her ISA work done with two British Schools.

She is armed with a B Sc (Botany), M Sc Biotech (Cyto–Genetics) from University of Mumbai with a First Division and a Gold Medal, Open Merit Scholarship, Mumbai University.


She has enhanced her Professional skills by acquiring her B Ed degree with overall Second position in Mathematics & Science stream in BTTC College, University of Mumbai and her M. Ed. degree with a First position in Overall Merit in St Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai.


Additionally, she has attained Technical skills in the form of ‘Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers’, Cambridge University, UK. She also has PG Diplomas in ‘System Analysis & Computer Programming’ as well as in ‘Industrial Relations & Personal Management’, Mumbai University. Her Research work comprises of a Thesis on ‘Impact of Teaching Aids in teaching science lessons for Standards VI & VII’ and a Thesis on ‘Role of Change in a Manager’s Life’. She has written a Project Report on International School Award for British Council. She has also authored a booklet on “Hotspots in Science Subjects for Std X (CBSE)” for ISRO.


She strongly believes that the unique individuality of a child will be nurtured and supported by the sensitive, committed and compassionate team of Euro educators, to ensure that every child gets equal opportunity to follow his or her dream and blossom into an individual that brings pride to the school, the family and the nation.


Our Campus



Educational Excellence

Discovering themselves comes to EuroSchool students through various endeavours that we undertake for their all-round development. From Hooked on Books that fosters a love for reading, a Science Journal that involves experiments, and Go Green,a skill-based assessment test for measuring the students’ understanding of concepts, to an Olympiad that involves competitive exams and Altius that builds their confidence and helps them become independent learners, we ensure EuroSchool students are on the path to educational excellence.

Community Building

Not just cultural exposure, but a strong sense of community building is also essential for students. So that they develop qualities like good character, citizenship, fairness, concern for others and personal responsibility. Global programmes like ISA, EUMIND and IAYP offer EuroSchool students the opportunity to contribute towards community building.

Personal Well-Being

We believe children can only grow and achieve educational excellence within a healthy and safe environment. Aptly, EuroSchool has advanced security procedures which make students feel safe and succeed academically, emotionally and socially. Our Weight Loss Programme aims at minimizing the weight of the school bags and the Safe School initiative aims at creating a safe environment for children.

Skill Development

A strong sense of community building can only come with the help of right traits of team work, mutual respect, communication and stress management. The EuroSchool curriculum includes opportunities & activities that help students develop life skills for facing the challenges of everyday life with a positive attitude. And sport is an active part of it. Learning, practicing and mastering the basic skills of sport is one of the foundations of coaching, sports performance and athletic training provided at EuroSchool.

Cultural Exposure

Though we ensure that students learn amidst a safe environment, we make sure they gain exposure to different cultures. So that they learn to appreciate and respect them. Through our Science Quizzes, Math Club competitions, Spelling Bees, Hues, The Debate and Omaggio, we offer students enough avenues for gaining substantial experience, skills & talent, analysing & evaluating outcomes, and discovering personal aptitude.

Lifelong Learning

Apart from skill development, programmes under Lifelong Learning go a long way in helping students obtain conceptual mastery and imbibe values like honesty, integrity and truthfulness for life. Various Academic & Non-Academic Clubs, Outbound Educational Programmes, and Sparks – an initiative for instilling great values & virtues – enrich EuroSchool students with vivid experiences that enhance their personality and help them discover themselves.


Learning is Fun

EuroSchool envisions a wise world led by intelligent youth. The institution has one of the best in-class infrastructures in the country to nurture the aspirations and dreams of young children. Through its balanced schooling concept, EuroSchool strives to develop 9 kinds of intelligence, facilitated by encouraging kids to participate in the different clubs steered by experts!

Awards and Accolades

Awards and Accolades

Prestigious International Award by British Council

Prestigious International Award by British Council




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