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Presenting the 5th EuroSchool in Bengaluru

According to research, nature-inspired learning enhances creativity, cooperation, critical thinking, leadership, self-discipline and physical fitness in children; and encourages them to become independent learners too.

Set amidst 5 acres - EuroSchool Bannerghatta - integrates outdoor learning experiences with modern amenities. Surrounded by fruit orchards, the school comprises nature-inspired learning spaces, a dedicated day boarding with an after-school plan and nutritious meals, among a range of other world-class facilities, designed to nurture your child’s journey of self-discovery.

EuroSchool Bannerghatta | CBSE Board | Jr.KG to Grade 7

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For over one and a half years, our children have been indoors. Outdoor activities and sports have been minimal or non-existent. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to introduce them to much-needed outdoor learning experiences. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a school that's inspired by Mother Nature - EuroSchool Bannerghatta.

Numerous research studies have reported the benefits of exposure to nature:

  • Individuals who spent at least ≥120 mins in nature, show high health and well-being levels 1
  • Individuals who took a memory test after a walk in greenery, performed 20% better 2, 3
  • Individuals (between 9-15 yrs) who accessed more green spaces - woods and parks, were 17% less likely to experience behavioural and emotional issues 4, 5

EuroSchool Bannerghatta reflects a shift from conventional schooling to a more nature-inspired one. The school will be a home-away-from-home, with a first-of-its-kind day boarding facility. This comprises an engaging after-school plan that enables revision of concepts learned at school, under the supervision of a teacher along with nutritious meals. Students can choose 2 specialised courses provided by world-class partners, that are designed to build 21st century skills and competencies. Every aspect of the school is designed to enable children to learn from and around Mother Nature - the true catalyst and world's best teacher.

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EuroSchool Bannerghatta | CBSE Board | Jr.KG to Grade 7

9004473822 / 9004472922

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