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Submitted by admin on February 11, 2022

It is said there is no place like Home for comfort and protection but for our children School was like Home and we would attribute this to our children’s favourite teacher, principal and mentor, Ms Geeta Agarwal. She has managed to create a trust-filled space where learning and bonds of respect thrive. Her willingness to openly accept children as they are, brings out their best side- be it in academics, extra-curricular activities or conduct.

Geeta Ma'am has the unmatchable ability to understand each child and deftly workaround to convert their weakness into strengths to achieve excellence. Through her steadfast principles and egalitarian views, she has made her way to young impressionable minds- preparing them to stand up for their beliefs in the real world. She exemplifies the qualities of equality, honesty and rationality - The role model children look up to and emulate. Not only our children, we’re sure each child in the school carries Geeta Ma’am and all her guidance in their hearts as they strive each day towards excellence.

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Parent of Esther (Alumina) and Ethan Grade 12, EuroSchool Airoli
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Biji Abraham & Suma Biji