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EuroSchool Bannerghatta

Best CBSE School in Bannerghatta, Bangalore - Nature Inspired School

Set amidst 5 acres of lush land, EuroSchool near Bannerghatta, Bangalore integrates outdoor learning experiences with new-age amenities for enhanced learning outcomes in students. The school comprises nature-inspired outdoor learning spaces and dedicated day boarding with an after-school plan that includes nutritious meals and a range of other world-class facilities, designed to nurture a child’s journey of self-discovery. Affiliated to the CBSE board, the school pedagogy is designed to seamlessly transition between indoors and outdoors for better learning engagement with students. Most of the indoor classrooms are also designed to overlook the green outdoor settings along with best-in-class sports facilities and several other amenities.

Over 25% of our learning experiences are delivered outdoor*

EuroSchool envisions a wise world led by intelligent youth who are identified not merely by their good grades or ranks but rather by virtue of their courage to shoulder the onus and make wise choices. This vision lies on the blueprint of holistic development which incorporates experiences that cater to Multiple Intelligences, thus reaching out to each child differently and effectively. This is facilitated by encouraging kids to partake in the different activities steered by experts.

Experience and discover the essence of SOUL (School Outdoor Learning) at EuroSchool Bannerghatta!


Learning is in our Nature


School Leader at EuroSchool Bannerghatta, Bangalore

Ms. Seethalakshmi

With educational instruction, we figure out our general surroundings, and the world within us, and comprehend our place within this world. The school's motto, 'Discover Yourself,' emphasises our firm conviction that every individual is required to observe and find themselves. We believe it is best upheld in an environment closest to nature. At EuroSchool Bannerghatta, we want students to complement classroom learning with real-life examples that make learning relevant. We want to ensure that a wide range of cognitive abilities, including observation and focus, critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, and creativity, are developed early through Nature-based learning. Students also develop a better awareness of nature and a greater appreciation for their surroundings due to this process. The importance of life skills like responsibility, sensitivity, and interpersonal and social skills is also given a lot of importance here.

Certified activities led by world-class partners set us apart as we ensure well-balanced schooling or holistic learning in the true sense. We are committed to facilitating the next generations of global citizens with experiences that will encourage young learners to imbibe an appreciation for the Indian ethos while also going back to their roots as they are connected to nature, our first teacher. Our learning scheme promotes high achievement standards and provides space for our students to flourish.

We welcome you to explore the difference we promise!


Discover the Joy of Learning!

At Euroschool Bannerghatta, it’s not merely about grades or ranks, but about the holistic development of each child through multiple intelligence and through experiential learning in the Outdoors! This is facilitated by encouraging kids to partake in the different clubs steered by experts. We also believe that it’s a time to give back to Nature by sensitising the students through various Nature Based programs. “Going back to roots” combined with new-age learning, curriculum, and sustainable infrastructure is the ethos of this venture!

Best in Class School Amenities

Nature Inspired Classroom
Half Olympic size Swimming Pool
Cricket Pitch
Basketball Court
Football Ground
Skating Rink
Multipurpose Hall
Percussion Classroom
Guitar Classroom
Keyboard Classroom

Our Campus Near Bannerghatta, Bangalore

Skill Up To Succeed With World Class Partners



Nature inspired classroom

For over one and a half years, our children have been indoors. Outdoor activities and sports have been minimal or non-existent. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to introduce them to much-needed outdoor learning experiences. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a school that's inspired by Mother Nature - EuroSchool Bannerghatta.

World- class Sports Facilities

Numerous research studies have reported the benefits of exposure to nature: - Individuals who spent at least ≥120 mins in nature, show high health and well-being levels 1 - Individuals who took a memory test after a walk in greenery, performed 20% better 2, 3 - Individuals (between 9-15 yrs) who accessed more green spaces - woods and parks, were 17% less likely to experience behavioural and emotional issues.

Centre of Well-being- Nurturing Mindfulness

EuroSchool Bannerghatta reflects a shift from conventional schooling to a more nature-inspired one. The school will be a home-away-from-home, with a first-of-its-kind day boarding facility. This comprises an engaging after-school plan that enables revision of concepts learned at school, under the supervision of a teacher along with nutritious meals. Students can choose 2 specialised courses provided by world-class partners that are designed to build 21st century skills and competencies. Every aspect of the school is designed to enable children to learn from and around Mother Nature - the true catalyst and world's best teacher.


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