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EuroSchool is powered by the Lighthouse Learning Group, one of India’s leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education service providers The Group is committed to building a robust foundation & new-age skills in future generations with student-centered goals that cover a network of over 1,600 Pre-Schools and 54 Schools through its services, the Lighthouse Learning Group delivers the joy of learning to over 175,000 children every day.

Discover Yourself

A journey of self-discovery is not just about finding one's interests and passion, it's about understanding one's strengths and weaknesses and using self-knowledge to guide their decisions and actions. It’s essential to teach children how to be self-aware. After all, it is one of the core aspects of social emotional learning that kids and young students need to master from a young age. When children try new things and take risks, they learn valuable skills such as resilience, perseverance, and problem-solving.




Our Schools

Children are the future of the world. When our students are exposed to diverse learning experiences, they discover their potential and build a better world. 

Our Curriculum

Building 21st Century Learners & Leaders

1st school to launch a New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 powered curriculum. Designed by Cerebrum – EuroSchool’s in-house team of curriculum experts – the NEP 2020 powered curriculum encompasses the best features of the NEP 2020 and goes beyond it to promote experiential, opportunity-driven independent learning experiences.

This NEP 2020 powered curriculum is based on the 7E Instruction Design Principle i.e. Engage, Explain, Elaborate, Explore, Evaluate, Extend and Experience, placing equal emphasis on ethical, rational and creative thinking. The updated content framework also includes the 4C’s of 21st Century learning skills – Critical thinking, Creativity.

Life at EuroSchool

Programs beyond academics in collaboration with world class partners

Biji Abraham & Suma Biji Parent of Esther (Alumina) and Ethan Grade 12, EuroSchool Airoli

It is said there is no place like Home for comfort and protection but for our children School was like Home and we would attribute this to our children’s favourite teacher, principal and mentor, Ms Geeta Agarwal. She has managed to create a trust-filled space where learning and bonds of respect thrive. Her willingness to openly accept children as they are, brings out their best side- be it in academics, extra-curricular activities or conduct.

Shailvi Singh Parent of Prisha Ghatnekar - Grade 7 C, EuroSchool, Yelahanka

We are delighted to inform you that Prisha Ghatnekar (of 7-C) participated in Badminton Tournament held at White Peacock Badminton Academy in Sahakar Nagar on 26 Jan 2022. She stood winner in the Under 13 Girls category (pics attached). This would not have been possible without the continuous support from the school which made sure that she can attend morning 4.30 AM and evening 4.00 PM training sessions..

Aayush Saxena Parent of Misha Saxena - Grade 1 A

This is a humble appreciation and thank you note for the event conducted on 28th October 2021 on the occassion of Grand Parents day.It was one of the most enjoyable event conducted by the class teacher of our ward (Misha Saxena - 1A) - Miss Ruchi Mehrotra. Our whole family at home and away joined the meeting and had a memorable and joyful experience from start till end.Really appreciate the efforts that teachers are taking..

Parent of Maira Runglecha Senior KG

Thank u so much mam for d wonderful virtual grand parent's day celebration... That was amazing. Very well organized... Games, art attack dance was fun. In this way we remember our childhood days. These are d only moments by which we have great bonding with each other. Maira was so excited when she hears there is grand parent's day. Every time she was reminding to dadi dadu that there is celebration we have to dress up, we have to sit together...

Our Presence

This FAQ section is your hub for quick answers on our educational programs, enrollment, and contact details.


Q1. Where are EuroSchools located?

EuroSchool has a network of eighteen K-12 schools across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Surat. Our campuses in Bangalore are in places like Chimney Hills, Yelahanka, Bannerghatta, Whitefield, HSR, and Electronic City. Mumbai hosts campuses in Airoli, Thane, Upper Thane, Dombivli, and Balkum. Similarly, in Pune, there are campuses in locations like Undri, Kharadi, and Wakad. Hyderabad has campuses in Metro Garden and Hitech City.

Q2. Why Choose EuroSchool?

Euroschool follows a NEP 2020 curriculum that is focused on developing critical 21st-century learning skills. We use the LRPAX model—Learn, Reinforce, Practice, Apply, Xperience—for a full learning mix of studies and fun activities.

Q3. How can I apply for admission to EuroSchool?

To apply for admission to EuroSchool, start by scheduling an online consultation with our counsellors. Additionally, refer to our school prospectus to understand what we offer our students. Subsequently, gather essential documents, including your child’s school leaving certificate and admission form, and send them to us via email.

Q4. How can I get in touch with EuroSchool for more information?

We welcome any inquiries you may have about any of our EuroSchool campuses. You can readily connect with us for additional information or queries by dropping us an email at connect@euroschoolindia.com.

Q5. What are the programmes offered by EuroSchool

At EuroSchool, our tailored programmes are crafted to unleash the potential of every child. We welcome admissions from Nursery To Grade 12. 

  • The Aspire programme is seamlessly woven into the curriculum, offering every child the chance to acquire new skills guided by international experts and trainers, within their regular school hours. 
  • Our digital learning initiative, ARGUS, facilitates personalised learning, catering to each child’s unique style and pace. 
  • Alongside academic excellence, our co-curricular activities and advanced infrastructure empower holistic development, nurturing skills beyond just textbooks. 
  • Programmes such as Skill Building, New-Age Sports, Fine Arts, Outbound Education, and Leadership Lessons further complement our curriculum, encouraging students to explore diverse interests and learn from industry leaders.

Admission Enquiry