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EuroSchool, India's most respected education brand (Education World Grand Jury School Ranking 2023-24), offers the highest quality education in its ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) school in Bangalore. Our schools are renowned for their academic rigour and holistic approach to education. EuroSchool Bangalore, situated amidst the dynamic backdrop of India's tech hub, offers modern facilities, experienced educators, and diverse extracurricular opportunities. Committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals, EuroSchool prioritises critical thinking, creativity, and character development, thereby preparing them for the future.

List of ICSE Board Schools in Bangalore

EuroSchool HSR Layout (ICSE)

At EuroSchool HSR Layout, Bangalore, we nurture students’ skills and help them discover their true potential. In fact, we are the first school in HSR Layout, Bangalore, to introduce balanced schooling, where we strive to maintain the perfect balance between academics, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. At EuroSchool HSR Layout, we offer education from nursery to Grade 12, in affiliation with the ICSE Board. One of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore, EuroSchool HSR Layout is recognised in the lists of Top 20 Schools in Bengaluru for ICSE Curriculum and Top 10 Schools Zonewise - ICSE Curriculum, Kormangala Plus, in the Times School Survey 2023.

Why Choose An ICSE Board School in Bangalore?

EuroSchool stands out as one of Bangalore's top ICSE schools. This can be credited to our focus on giving students a well-rounded education. We take pride in our excellent infrastructure facilities and qualified educators, ensuring a great learning environment. At EuroSchool, safety of our students is a priority, making us the first school in India certified as a safe school by Bureau Veritas. Our schools are constantly under the surveillance of CCTV cameras, while our 350+ school buses are equipped with GPS trackers, ensuring our students’ overall safety. From nursery to Grade 12, our ICSE school in Bangalore is equipped with everything students need in order to flourish. With experienced educators, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and a strong academic record, EuroSchool is a top choice for education in Bangalore.

ICSE Board Curriculum in Bangalore

At EuroSchool HSR, we follow the ICSE curriculum from nursery to Grade 10 and the ISC curriculum for Grades 11 and 12. Our focus is on providing comprehensive academic development for your child. Our well-qualified educators dopt a personalised approach to help each student achieve their goals and realise their full potential.

EuroSchool, with a network of 17 campuses across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, aims to build a strong educational foundation for our students and equip future generations with modern skills. Moreover, our ICSE school in Bangalore offers students the best-in-class amenities including modern laboratories, reading rooms, computer labs, playgrounds with professional sports coaches, and technology-enabled smart classrooms to ensure their holistic development.

Admission Process for the ICSE Board EuroSchool in Bangalore

  • Step 1: Online Counsellor Consultation
    Begin by arranging an online consultation with one of our dedicated school counsellors. This virtual session allows parents to gain insights into our school's offerings.
  • Step 2: Review the School Prospectus
    Following the consultation, parents are encouraged to review our comprehensive school prospectus to familiarise themselves with our educational ethos and offerings.
  • Step 3: Admission Form and Documents
    Next, parents need to prepare the necessary documents, including their child's birth certificate, address proof, school leaving certificate and admission form, and submit them via email to our admissions office.
  • Step 4: Child Assessment Session
    Upon receiving the documents, our team will assess the child's abilities and identify areas for potential growth. We will then promptly reach out to the child’s parents to discuss further steps in the admission process.

Learn more about the admission process for our ICSE school in Bangalore on the school admission page of the website.

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FAQs on ICSE Schools near Bangalore

1. What factors should you consider when selecting a good ICSE school in Bangalore?

When deciding on an ICSE school in Bangalore, evaluate its academic standing, the credentials of its educators, the calibre of its infrastructure, the range of extracurricular opportunities provided, and the support systems extended to students. Conducting research on the school’s achievements, touring the campus, and seeking input from existing parents can be beneficial. Additionally, prioritise institutions that emphasise holistic growth and foster a supportive educational atmosphere.

2. How can you stay updated on your child’s academic journey in ICSE schools in Bangalore?

Ensuring your child’s progress is on track is crucial for their development. At EuroSchool, we facilitate continuous communication between parents and teachers to monitor your child’s growth effectively. Participating in our regular parent-teacher meetings offers valuable insights into your child’s academic and personal development. Moreover, we provide convenient access to our parent portal app, enabling you to engage with teachers and track your child’s progress anytime, anywhere. Additionally, our detailed report cards provide comprehensive feedback on your child’s achievements and areas for improvement, ensuring you remain well-informed about their academic journey.

3. How can you join the best ICSE school in Bangalore?

EuroSchool is considered one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore. To apply at our ICSE school in Bangalore, start by scheduling a meeting with one of our counsellors to learn about the school. Next, submit the necessary documents and sign up for a Child Skill Assessment Session. This session helps us learn about your child’s strengths and areas where they may need support. For further details on the application process, please visit our admission page on the website.

4. Are ICSE board exams difficult?

The ICSE board exams are widely regarded as rigorous and demanding. Students undertaking these exams must dedicate themselves to thorough study and have diligent preparation to achieve high scores.

5. What types of extracurricular activities are available at the top ICSE schools in Bangalore?

EuroSchool Bangalore, recognised as one of the best ICSE schools in the city, prioritises both academics and extracurricular engagement. Our exceptional campus features expansive outdoor grounds, multipurpose halls, modern computer labs, football facilities, dedicated music classrooms for guitar and percussion, and a spacious swimming pool.

6. Is Kannada compulsory in good ICSE schools in Bangalore?

To promote the significance of our rich cultural heritage, Kannada has become a mandatory language in all ICSE board curriculums for schools across Bangalore.

7. How does EuroSchool stand out from other ICSE schools in Bangalore?

EuroSchool HSR Layout, one of the top ICSE schools in Bangalore, stands out from other schools in the city due to the following reasons:

  • Safety Standards: Our ICSE school in HSR Layout is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure our students’ safety during school hours. Moreover, our 350+ school buses are GPS-tracker-enabled, ensuring our students’ safety while travelling to and from the school.
  • Amenities: EuroSchool HSR offers students the best amenities like indoor and outdoor courts for badminton, football, and other sports, a swimming pool, a 300-seater auditorium, modern science labs and a library.
  • Qualified Educators: EuroSchool’s highly skilled educators undergo a 60-hour teacher training and assessment program that helps them enhance their skills and stay aligned with the latest teaching practices.
  • Modern Learning: We offer students various modern learning programs like ARGUS- our digital learning ecosystem, and ASPIRE- EuroSchool’s leadership and skill development program, to aid their holistic development.

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