ICSE Schools in Mumbai

EuroSchool is one of the leading ICSE schools situated in Mumbai. Our holistic and comprehensive teaching practices offer overall development and effective learning experiences. Our ICSE schools in Mumbai are renowned for offering well-thought curriculam, extra-curricular activities, technologically advanced academic resources, and endless learning opportunities that help them excel in all aspects of life.

Choose EuroSchool to introduce your child to a world of holistic and fruitful academic learning that fosters the all-around development of a student to help them excel professionally and personally.

List of ICSE Board Schools in Mumbai

EuroSchool Airoli (ICSE)

As one of the premier schools in the Airoli area of Navi Mumbai, EuroSchool has established itself as one of the distinguished ICSE schools across the city. With modern and new-age educational facilities, we focus on providing comprehensive and efficient learning experiences to all our students. Our Airoli campus is stocked with amenities such as a 300-seater auditorium, football field, skating rink, digitally enabled classrooms, playgrounds, music rooms, a fully functional library, and modern laboratories. The upcoming EuroSchool Airoli phase 2, with its significant expansion, will introduce students to new cutting-edge schooling amenities, including a 500+ seater auditorium, child-friendly play areas, AI labs, and more, elevating the learning experience.

EuroSchool Ghodbunder Thane (ICSE)

EuroSchool Ghodbunder Thane is one of the leading ICSE board-affiliated schools in Mumbai. With the latest and technologically advanced teaching practices, our team of dedicated educators focuses on offering dynamic and personalised learning experiences to all our students. Our campus consists of digitally and technologically enabled classrooms, GPS-enabled school buses, music rooms, sports courts, a multi-purpose activity hall, a skating rink, advanced laboratories, and a fully functional library, distinguishing us as one of the leading ICSE schools in Mumbai.

Why Choose ICSE Board School in Mumbai

The quality of education is the foundation of all reputed ICSE schools in Mumbai. At EuroSchool, we strive to build a holistic teaching environment for students that helps them elevate their learning abilities and skills.

With our new-age and advanced educational amenities, we focus on redefining the education system for students to excel in every field and become successful future leaders. Our modern academic curricula are fabricated keeping in mind advancements in the global education system and extra-curricular activities that keep young students engaged and active throughout their journey with us.

Our ICSE schools in Mumbai offer all-round education facilities to students from primary to higher secondary grades that help them become better human beings and successful leaders to face uncertain modern world challenges.

ICSE Board Curriculum in Mumbai

Being a part of the LightHouse Learning group, EuroSchool is dedicated to offering educational facilities from early childhood to higher secondary to all our students. Our ICSE-affiliated schools in Mumbai, follow a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum to give students a complete and efficient learning experience throughout their journey with us.

The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE) board conducts national-level examinations up to 10th class. Along with mainstream subjects like Mathematics and Science, the board also gives equal importance to other subject streams such humanities and commerce, helping students cultivate analytical abilities and an in-depth understanding of the extensive and complex syllabus.

The board is most suited for students who aspire to take up courses from foreign universities or enrol into foreign colleges for higher studies. All our ICSE board schools in Mumbai are designed to offer an advanced and well-structured academic curriculum to all the students of EuroSchool.

Admission process for ICSE Board Schools at EuroSchool in Mumbai

A good school is always the one that promotes a simple and hassle-free admission procedure. Get your child enrolled for an advanced and modern learning approach with EuroSchool by following a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Counselling Sessions
    To begin with the admission process, ensure to schedule a counselling session with one of our counsellors who will assist you throughout the admission operations.
  • Step 2: School Prospectus and Brochure
    Next, collect the school prospectus and brochure that contains comprehensive information and details on our institute.
  • Step 3: Admission form
    Following the above step, submit the admission form along with the necessary information and documents mentioned on the form.
  • Step 4: Child Skill Assessment
    For the final step, ensure to enrol your child for our exclusive Child Skill Assessment test that will help determine your child’s unique learning abilities and skills before they get on board with us. After reviewing all the documents, our team will contact you. Visit our school admission page to learn more about the process.

All Schools in Mumbai

Following is the list of all our schools in Mumbai

FAQs on ICSE Schools near Mumbai

1. What are the top ICSE schools in Mumbai?

With many years of experience in the educational industry, EuroSchool is trusted to be one of  the best ICSE schools in Mumbai.  Along with the advanced ICSE board curriculum, all our campuses are also equipped with modern and technologically advanced learning amenities. At EuroSchool, we consist of a team of highly qualified and trained educators who are dedicated to offering excellence in education and all-round development to the young students at EuroSchools.

2. What are the factors I should consider when choosing the best ICSE school in Mumbai?

When it comes to finding the most suitable school for your child, opt for ICSE schools in Mumbai that come with rich expertise and reputation. Look for schools that offer modern teaching practices, invest in extra-curricular activities, and maintain transparency in communication with parents and students.

3. Which ICSE schools in Mumbai offer the best extra-curricular activities?

At EuroSchool, we pay equal importance to theoretical teachings and co-curricular activities. Our top-notch campuses consist of outdoor grounds and courts for different sports activities such as cricket, basketball, football, tennis, and more that allow students to stay fit and active throughout. Additionally, our Mumbai campuses are also equipped with a music classroom, a skating rink, and a multi-purpose hall to keep your child active and engaged in our fun extracurricular activities.

4. How can we monitor our child's educational progress with EuroSchool?

Parents are provided with comprehensive academic progress details of our students during the periodic parent-teacher meeting sessions. During these sessions, parents are welcome to raise queries and ask questions to get information on their child’s growth and learn more about our institute.

5. What is the joining process for ICSE schools in Mumbai?

At EuroSchool, we follow a simple and hassle-free admission process. To join our ICSE schools near Mumbai, book an appointment with one of our counsellors and follow the mentioned steps on the school admission page of our website. 

6. How many ICSE schools are there in Mumbai?

Mumbai is home to some of the world-class educational institutes across the nation. Currently, EuroSchool has two ICSE board schools situated in the Metropolitan region of Mumbai City. Learn more about our faculties and ICSE board campuses by exploring the EuroSchool website. 

7. What sets EuroSchool Mumbai apart from other institutions?

As one of the leading schools across the city, we pay utmost attention to the overall-development and educational growth of our students. Here are the following factors that set EuroSchool apart from others: 

  • Unique learning programs: With our unique learning programs- ARGUS and ASPIRE we ensure our students avail the benefits of the modern learning environment. ARGUS, a digital learning ecosystem enables learning anytime and anywhere for our students. Students can easily get access to digital textbooks, live classes, assessments, frequent online quizzes, and more through this program. On the other hand, ASPIRE is a skill-development program that goes beyond academic learning. The programs consist of three different skill development levels, to allow students to explore their interests from different fields, second, attend a one-on-one session with industry experts to grow professionally, and third, a special focus training program to help them understand their strengths and master a particular skill. 
  • Skilled and trained educators: All educators at EuroSchool are teachers at heart. We conduct a special 60-hour training program for educators to help them harness their skills, keep them updated with modern learning requirements, and help them become the best versions of themselves.
  • Student Safety and Security: At EuroSchool, we ensure all our students are always safe and secure. Our campuses are under the supervision of CCTV cameras and advanced security measures. Additionally, we also have GPS-tracker-enabled school buses to ensure your child travels safely to and from our campuses. 
  • Modern school amenities: To ensure your child gets the best educational and development experience, our campuses consist of standard school amenities such as a 300-seater auditorium, modern laboratories, a library, a football field, a percussion room, and more. 

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