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About EuroSchool


Our Story

Children are the future of the world. When our students are exposed to diverse learning experiences, they discover their potential and build a better world. This was the founding principle of The EuroKids International Group in 2001. Taking this principle forward, we set up our 1st EuroSchool in 2009. We have now grown into a massive network of schools across major cities across the country.

At EuroSchool, our initiatives and energies are focused on fostering a schooling ecosystem that delivers the joy of learning to every child through our highly trained teachers. Moulding children into the best versions of themselves is our unwavering commitment. For this, we employ our balanced schooling philosophy and use innovative teaching methods to enable every child to discover his or her true self. Our institution is built on the fundamentals that great quality teaching shapes the right characteristics in a child. Our highly motivated teachers follow a personalized approach to help realise each child’s goals and true potential and work hard to create the best schooling experience possible. Our teachers teach because they enjoy teaching, having taken it up as a career of choice. Our teacher training complements this love for teaching and enhances the delivery of our well researched & curated curriculum. At EuroSchool, we are teachers at heart.

EuroSchool is powered by Lighthouse Learning Group, India’s leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education group. Our group is committed to building a robust foundation and new-age skills in future generations with student-centered goals for its portfolio of brands including 1600+ Pre-schools and 54 K-12 Schools. We ignite the love for learning in 175,000+ children every day with a talented workforce of over 15000 across our offices and campuses.

The Team Bonding

Good teachers are the pillars of a school

EuroSchool has become children’s choice of school because of gifted teachers. EuroSchools are driven by a force of 1000+ mentors who are fuelled with passion and whose hearts are filled with compassion. They drive innovation in children by going beyond the call of duty to inspire our students into becoming the best version of themselves!

Our Journey

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