Nurturing Mindful Growth, Health and Well-Being

Nurturing Mindful Growth, Health And Well Being

At EuroSchool, we believe that a healthy mind is a learner’s workshop. The promise of all-round development of a child doesn’t end at academics & extracurricular activities but also extends to mental & physical wellbeing. The Centre Of Wellbeing provides a host of support services to our students, staff and teachers aimed at ensuring overall mindfulness and resilience.

  • Professional counsellors on call
  • Sessions by experts: psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, motivational speakers etc
  • Complete confidentiality on counselling
  • Regular health checks by experts: physical, mental, emotional

Light School Bags

Through this initiative, we mandate that a student carries a schoolbag that weighs only 10% of his or her body weight, so that the only thing weighing on their tiny shoulders is the responsibility of discovering their true potential.

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