Our Commitment to Safety

India’s 1st BVQI Safe-Certified School Network!

To foster a learning space where there is all-round development of every child, we place special emphasis on security and safeguarding. At EuroSchool, we are proud to be India’s 1st Certified Network of Safe Schools, ensuring the safety and wellness of our students. We have safety marshals across all our campuses and school transportation to ensure the protection of children at all times. There is a sick bay with a dedicated nurse in each school to take care of medical needs swiftly. We also have partnerships with prominent hospitals for more serious medical attention, if the need arises.

  • BVQI Safety Certification
  • 100% fully vaccinated staff across our school network
  • 355+ CCTV cameras across 14 schools
  • Anti-bullying policy
  • Safety Marshalls (on campus & in school buses)
  • Medical Support on campus
  • Frequent safety drills, fire drills
  • Workshops on first aid & emergency preparedness

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