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Explore. Elevate. Excel

A programme that is designed & delivered by multiple globally recognised partners to help EuroSchoolers reach their full potential. The objective of the programme is to equip our students with new skills under the guidance of international experts and professional trainers.

The programme is integrated within the curriculum and is a part of their schooling hours. Under ASPIRE, EuroSchoolers can explore various skill development programmes that go beyond academics - Sports, Performing Arts, 21st Century Skills, Sustainability.

Programmes introduced under ASPIRE will widen the scope of learning and help EuroSchoolers build and master important skills like Leadership, Financial Literacy, Logic & Communication along with application based modules like STEM Education, Drone Tech and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

The 3 levels of the ASPIRE Programme

  • Explore - Children explore their interests in various fields, allowing them to understand their strengths and where they're most likely to thrive.
  • Elevate - Identifying students' strengths and helping them to further specialise in it through focused training and master a particular skill.
  • Excel - Access to professional level, one-on-one training with the help of world-class partners and their progressive teaching techniques.

Some of our Global Partners :


Bhosale's Taekwondo & Fitness Academy
Taekwon-do Association of Karnataka
Sportz Village

Performing & Fine Arts

Helen O'Grady
Brian's Academy of Dance

Skills & Competencies

Drone Wars
in schools