CBSE Schools in Bangalore

EuroSchool, which has some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, offers unparalleled and holistic education to your child that helps them excel in every sphere of life. We focus on shaping critical thinkers and highly intuitive individuals who aspire to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

With an advanced academic curriculum and a children-first approach, our CBSE schools in Bangalore foster a learning environment where students work on their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

List of CBSE Board Schools in Bangalore

EuroSchool Chimney Hills (CBSE)

One of the top schools in Chimney Hills, EuroSchool offers modern education as per the CBSE Board curriculum that helps students enhance their skills and abilities. At EuroSchool Chimney Hills, our students enjoy the best-in-class amenities. These include digitally enabled classrooms, a library, modern science laboratories, sports grounds for cricket, basketball, football, and tennis, a skating rink, a swimming pool, etc.

EuroSchool Chimney Hills is regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore and is featured in the Times School Survey 2023’s lists of Top 25 Schools in Bengaluru for CBSE Curriculum and Top 10 Schools Zonewise - CBSE Curriculum, North Side Plus.

EuroSchool Electronic City (CBSE)

Considered as one of the premier CBSE schools in Electronic City, EuroSchool offers a well-structured and progressive academic curriculum from nursery to class 7, that aligns with the set standards and guidelines of the CBSE Board. The EuroSchool Electronic City campus sprawls over 3 acres and consists of digitally-enabled classrooms, a multipurpose hall, an AI lab, art and music rooms, and much more.

EuroSchool Yelahanka (CBSE)

Situated in the Metropolitan region of Bangalore, EuroSchool Yelahanka provides the best-in-class school amenities and educational facilities to help enhance the learning abilities and skills of our students from nursery to class 12. These include a skating rink, a cricket ground, basketball and tennis courts, science labs, and other facilities that play a vital role in elevating the overall experience of a student. The school stands out among other schools in the city to become one of the top schools in Yelahanka. Ranking among the Top 20 Schools in Bengaluru for CBSE Curriculum and Top 10 Schools Zonewise - CBSE Curriculum, North Side Plus in the Times School Survey 2023.

EuroSchool Bannerghatta (CBSE)

EuroSchool Bannerghatta ranks among the Top 10 Emerging Schools in Bengaluru for National Curriculum (Times School Survey 2023-24). With top-notch amenities and educational facilities, EuroSchool Bannerghatta offers education for students from nursery to class 9. Our campus also offers a dynamic curriculum as per the CBSE Board guidelines and accommodates young students to comprehend complex concepts with ease and at a much faster pace.

Moreover, the EuroSchool Bannerghatta campus ranked 1st in Bengaluru, Karnataka and 3rd in India in the Campus Architecture and Designs category of the Education World India School Grand Jury Rankings 2023-24 to become the best school in Bannerghatta.

EuroSchool Whitefield (CBSE)

EuroSchool Whitefield campus ranks among the Top 20 Schools in Bengaluru for CBSE Curriculum as per the Times School Survey 2023. Our campus promotes a child-centric approach that pays utmost importance to the holistic development of young children. The campus is equipped with modern-age amenities such as digitally-enabled classrooms, a multipurpose hall, various sports courts, modern laboratories, a fully operational library, and so much more!

Why Choose a CBSE Board School in Bangalore

Choosing the right school for your little ones can be challenging, especially if you are looking for an institute that pays equal importance to theoretical teachings and extra-curricular activities. At EuroSchool, we follow holistic and modern teaching programs that foster the all-round development of young minds.

Our CBSE Board schools in Bangalore, serve as an excellent blend of theoretical and practical learnings that boost the confidence and critical thinking abilities of a student. Whether your child aspires to pursue professional careers in fields such as engineering, medicine, or research, or is more interested in arts and creativity, our comprehensive curriculum will help them reach their goals.

CBSE Board Curriculum in Bangalore

As a part of the LightHouse Learning group, EuroSchools strives to offer a comprehensive learning environment to young minds. Our CBSE Board curriculum is designed to provide well-structured and progressive learning facilities for students from primary to higher secondary grades.

The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts national-level exams for students up to class 12. The CBSE Board’s well-structured curriculum helps young students become experts in learning complex and challenging concepts, especially in subjects like Mathematics and Science.

So, if your child wishes to pursue a career in the fields of engineering and medicine, choosing CBSE schools in Bangalore can be the most ideal for your child’s educational development. All our CBSE Board schools in Bangalore are equipped with well-structured and advanced learning curriculums designed to help students excel in their school and competitive exams.

Admission Process for CBSE Board EuroSchools in Bangalore

Get your child enrolled in one of the top and leading schools in Bangalore with just a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Counselling Session
    Book an exclusive online counselling session with one of our experts and discover vital facts about our institute.
  • Step 2: Collect the School Prospectus and Brochure
    Following this, get our school prospectus and brochure to understand the educational facilities we offer for your child.
  • Step 3: Admission Form Submission
    E-mail the admission form and the necessary documents mentioned on our form for an effective and smooth onboarding process.
  • Step 4: Enrol For Child Skill Test
    Ensure to get your child enrolled for our Child Skill Assessment Session which will help us understand your child’s unique requirements and needs.

To learn more about the admission process for our CBSE schools in Bangalore, explore the school admission page on the EuroSchool website

All Schools in Bangalore

List of our schools in Bangalore to choose from:

FAQs on CBSE Schools near Bangalore

1. Which school is good for CBSE in Bangalore?

A good CBSE school in Bangalore should offer advanced educational facilities, promote extracurricular activities, and maintain transparency in communication with parents and students. At EuroSchool, we offer modern education resources with a perfect blend of practical and theoretical teachings, digital-enabled classrooms, fun extracurricular activities, and advanced learning amenities that offer a holistic learning experience to young minds.

2. Is Kannada mandatory in Bangalore CBSE schools?

Yes, it is mandatory to teach Kannada in all CBSE schools across Bangalore. Learning Kannada helps students get familiar with the regional language and preserve the cultural-linguistic heritage of the state.

3. How do I decide which CBSE school is best for my child in Bangalore?

Read online reviews, conduct some research, and determine whether the educational facilities offered by the school align with your child’s goals and aspirations. Look for CBSE schools in Bangalore that offer new-age educational teachings and maintain holistic learning environments for your child.

4.How can I track my child’s academic progress with EuroSchool?

With EuroSchool, parents can effortlessly track the accurate and precise academic progress and development of their child during our parent-teacher sessions. During these sessions, parents are free to ask questions and queries revolving around the educational growth and development of their child.

5. What is the joining process for CBSE schools in Bangalore?

At EuroSchool, we follow a flexible and hassle-free admission process. To enrol your child in our institute, all you need to do is book a counselling session with one of our counsellors, get the school prospectus, and submit the admission form online. To learn more about the EuroSchool admission process, explore the school admission page on our website.

6. What sets EuroSchool apart from other CBSE schools in Bangalore?

EuroSchool stands out from its counterparts in Bangalore for the following reasons:

  • Safety Standards: Ensuring the safety of our students is paramount. Our CBSE schools in Bangalore are equipped with CCTV cameras to monitor school premises, while our fleet of 350+ school buses is equipped with GPS trackers, guaranteeing student safety during transit.
  • Amenities: EuroSchool provides top-notch amenities, including indoor and outdoor sports courts for activities like tennis and football, a swimming pool, a multipurpose auditorium, modern science labs, and a well-stocked library.
  • Qualified Educators: Our educators are highly skilled and undergo a rigorous 60-hour training and assessment program to continually enhance their teaching abilities and stay abreast of the latest educational practices.
  • Modern Learning: We offer students access to various modern learning initiatives such as ARGUS, our digital learning platform, and ASPIRE, a leadership and skill development program designed to foster holistic growth.

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