CBSE Schools In Mumbai

Situated in Mumbai, the hub of renowned educational institutes, EuroSchool is fabricating the dreams of thousands of students across the city. Our unparalleled learning amenities and advanced children-centric approach help students develop critical thinking abilities and become their best selves in every field. Our CBSE schools in Mumbai are equipped with world-class amenities and modern teaching resources to elevate the overall learning experience and development of young generations!

Join us in the mission of empowering the academic aspirations and the future success of the youth!

Why Choose CBSE Board School in Mumbai

Every child deserves access to the highest standard of education which will equip them to live a life of fulfilment and success. At EuroSchool, we are on a mission to bring the world’s finest educational facilities to Mumbai. Our CBSE board curriculum offers students a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, enabling them to comprehend the concepts much more easily and at a faster pace.

We strive to offer personalised educational experiences to young minds that help them excel professionally and personally. By choosing EuroSchool, a leading CBSE board school in Mumbai, your child will get remarkable opportunities to flourish and explore their best potential with modern and advanced learning resources.

From primary to secondary schooling, we ensure a solid academic foundation for students while taking utmost care of their all-round development as well as their emotional well-being.

List Of CBSE Schools In Mumbai

EuroSchool Balkum Thane (CBSE)

Situated at Balkum in Thane, our campus is designed to offer new-age education and learning opportunities to students. At EuroSchool Balkum, Thane, we offer a digital learning experience that allows students to visualise and comprehend challenging concepts with ease. Our CBSE school in Balkum, Thane is equipped with modern amenities, a home ground, sports courts, and other school amenities that help elevate the learning abilities and skills of young students

EuroSchool Dombivli (CBSE)

One of the best CBSE schools in Dombivli, our EuroSchool campus is equipped with modern learning amenities, technologically advanced classrooms, new-age laboratories, a fully functional library, sports courts, an activity hall, a music classroom, and more, that help them explore the full potential of their learning abilities.

EuroSchool Upper Thane (CBSE)

EuroSchool Upper Thane campus is equipped with the best-in-class infrastructures that nurture a meaningful and healthy learning environment for young minds. It is one of the best schools in Upper Thane with top-notch campus having outdoor ground, a percussion classroom, a skating rink, a swimming pool, digitally enabled classrooms, and GPS-enabled buses that offer complete security and safety for students across and beyond our campus.

CBSE Board Curriculum in Mumbai

Our CBSE board curriculum offers a well-structured syllabus that focuses on the all-round development of students’ personalities and intellect. The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts national-level exams for students up to 12th class. The CBSE curriculum offers a specialised learning experience to help students grasp challenging concepts of mathematics and science.

Hence, the board is best suited for students who aspire to pursue professional careers in the field of engineering and medicine or preparing to appear for competitive national-level examinations such as IIT-JEE and NEET. All our CBSE board schools in Mumbai are streamlined to offer well-structured and advanced learning curriculums to help students prepare and achieve desirable results for their competitive exams.

Admission Process For CBSE Board Schools At EuroSchool

At EuroSchool, we understand the significance of choosing the right and trustworthy institute for your little ones. Maintaining utmost transparency and confidentiality while taking students on board with us, our hassle-free admission process includes a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Meet a Counsellor
    The first step is to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced counsellors who will assist you in understanding more about our institute and the educational facilities that we have to offer.
  • Step 2: Acquire School Prospectus and Brochure
    Following the first step, ensure to collect our exclusive school prospectus and brochure that holds comprehensive information and details you want to know about our institute and admission process.
  • Step 3: Submit The Admission Form
    Ensure to share correct and reliable information and fill in the necessary details mentioned on the admission form. Admission forms can be submitted online on our portals or offline to our faculties.
  • Step 4: Child Skill Assessment Sessions
    Lastly, enrol your child for unique skill assessment sessions that will help us understand the unique needs, requirements, and learning skills of your child before they get on board with us. Learn more about the admission process for all our CBSE schools in Mumbai on the school admission page of the website.

All Schools in Mumbai

The quality of education is the foundation of EuroSchool. Here is the list of our schools in Mumbai

FAQs on CBSE Schools near Mumbai

1. What are the best CBSE schools near Mumbai?

Currently, EuroSchool in Mumbai is one the leading and most reputable institutes across the city. We promote a children-centric approach that pays attention to both the mental and physical development of young children. Our CBSE-affiliated schools in Mumbai are equipped with new-age laboratories, a library, furnished and technologically advanced classrooms, sports and activity courts, GPS-enabled buses, and more. 

2. Are there any good CBSE schools for classes 11 and 12 in Mumbai?

You can find some standard CBSE schools in Mumbai that offer satisfactory and reliable learning experiences to students of higher secondary classes. EuroSchool Mumbai is one of the leading schools across the city which has successfully made it to the list of best CBSE schools in Mumbai. However, our CBSE Mumbai campuses offer education facilities from only nursery to class 7 students. To learn more about our board curriculum, get in touch with one of our representatives today!

3. Do CBSE schools in Mumbai offer any extra-curricular activities?

Yes! At EuroSchool, we pay utmost importance to the physical growth and development of our students. Our top-notch Mumbai campus has an outdoor ground, a music classroom, a swimming pool, courts for various sports activities such as cricket, basketball, football, and so much more to boost both the physical and mental abilities of students at EuroSchool

4. What is the admission process for CBSE schools in Mumbai?

Begin by scheduling a counselling session with one of our experts and collecting the school prospectus. Following this, submit the admission form and ensure to sign up for the Child Skill Assessment Session. This will make us familiar with the unique skills and learning abilities of your children. Learn more about our admission process for CBSE schools in Mumbai by exploring the Admission page on the EuroSchool website. 

5. How can we track our child’s academic progress with EuroSchool Mumbai?

At EuroSchool, we conduct periodic parent-teacher meeting sessions to offer regular feedback and share the educational progress of your child. During these sessions, parents are given comprehensive details revolving around the educational progress of a student. 

6. Is Marathi compulsory in CBSE schools in Mumbai?

Yes, as per recent amendments in The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) board curriculum, Marathi is a mandatory language in all CBSE schools across the Maharashtra State.

7. What makes EuroSchool Mumbai unique?

Here are the following reasons that make EuroSchool Mumbai stand out from other institutes across the city: 

  • Training programs for educators: We conduct a 60-hour training program for our educators to help them improve their skills, stay updated with international education standards, and more. 
  • Safety and security: We put a strong emphasis on creating a safe and secure learning environment for students. All our Mumbai campuses are always under the supervision of surveillance cameras and advanced security measures, along with GPS-tracker-enabled school buses for safe and secure transportation of our students. 
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Our campuses consist of world-class facilities such as modern laboratories, a library, sports courts for various events, a percussion room, and more to ensure our students get all-round development. 
Distinct learning programs: Our distinct learning platforms like ARGUS and ASPIRE are meticulously fabricated to offer the best learning experience to our students. ARGUS, our digital learning ecosystem provides students access to digital learning through live classes, digital textbooks, frequent online quizzes & assessments, and so much more. ASPIRE, our skill development initiative, provides all-round skill development opportunities for our students. The program, which has a phase-by-phase approach to skill building, begins with assisting the students in understanding their fields of interest. Next, they are given the opportunity to connect to industry experts through one-on-one sessions. This follows with the students identifying their strengths and mastering a particular skill through focused training.

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