Online Percentage Calculator

What is an Online Percentage Calculator?

An online percentage calculator is a tool designed to help students easily and effectively calculate accurate overall percentages obtained by them in an academic exam. This means students can anytime calculate their academic performance without worrying about manual errors or miscalculations.

How To Find Percentage On a Calculator?

Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to calculate the percentage:
Step 1: Enter the right numbers for each input field.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Submit’ button and wait for the result
Step 3: The final percentage of the inputs will be displayed on your screens within a fraction of seconds.

Percentage Calculator

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What is Meant By Percentage?

In Mathematics, percentage means a number or ratio that is calculated by the fraction of 100. The term ‘Percentage’ is identified or represented by the symbol ‘%’

Formula To Find Percentage

The formula for percentage is:
Percentage Formula = (Specific Value/ Total) x 100

How to Calculate The Percentage Of a Number?

Using the formula mentioned above, you can easily calculate the percentage for any given number or portion.
Let’s take a few examples

Example 1
Calculate the percentage of 25 of a total of 50.
Percentage Formula = 25/50 x 100 = 50%

Example 2
Calculate the percentage of 30 of a total of 80.
Percentage Formula = 30/80 x 100 = 25 %

How to Calculate Profit Percentage?

The profit percentage formula is:
Profit Percentage formula = (profit/cost price) x 100
Let’s take a few examples.

Example 1

Purchasing price = Rs 2,000
Selling price= Rs 2,500
Profit = 2,500- 2,000 = Rs 500
Profit Percentage formula = (profit/cost price) x 100

(500/2000) x 100 = 25%

Example 2

Purchasing price = Rs 300
Selling Price = Rs 500,
Profit = 500- 300 = Rs 200
Profit Percentage formula = (profit/cost price) x 100

(200/300) x 100 = 66.67%

How to Calculate Average Percentage?

To calculate the average percentage, add up all the individual percentages and divide the total by the set of numbers.

Let’s look at some simple examples.

Example 1
Marks obtained by Rohan in
Maths = 70 %
Science = 60% Social Studies = 80%

(70+60+80)/3 = 70%

Example 2
The profit percentage earned by Ritika after selling three products
Bed =20%
Furniture= 30%
Table =10%

(20+30+10)/3 = 20%


Q1. How to calculate percentages online?

To calculate percentages online, all you need to do is mention the correct values in the different inputs and click on the ‘Submit’ button. The online calculator will provide accurate results that are generated in less than a minute.

Q2. What is the percentage formula?

One can easily calculate percentages by dividing a specific value by the total value and multiplying by 100. The formula to find a percentage is: (specific value/ total value) x 100

Q3. What is the easiest way to calculate percentage?

The easiest way to calculate percentages is by using an online percentage calculator from a reliable website. Use the EuroSchool percentage calculator to instantly get accurate results on your internet devices.

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