Online Simple Interest Calculator

What is an Online Simple Interest Calculator?

EuroSchool’s online simple interest calculator is a tool created to help determine simple interests quickly and easily. The tool takes numerical inputs and digitally calculates simple interest for given situations

How To Find Simple Interest on Calculator?

Here are the steps to use EuroSchool’s Online Simple Interest Calculator:
Step 1: Fill in the inputs correctly as per the requirements.
Step 2: Click the ‘Submit’ button to the final output.
Step 3: The simple interest for the sum will be displayed on your screen.

Simple Interest Calculator

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What is meant by Simple Interest?

The term ‘Simple Interest’ is the method of calculating interest on a loan or investment, with the same or fixed rate of interest over a specified period.

Formula To Find Simple Interest

The formula for deriving simple interest is:
Simple Interest: P x R x T
P is the principal amount.
R is the rate of interest.
T is the total time period the money is invested or borrowed for.

How to Calculate Simple Interest On a Number?

Using the formula mentioned above, you can calculate the simple interest amount for an investment. Here are some examples to understand the concepts more profoundly.

Example 1

P= Rs 1,000
R= 5% (5/100=0.05)
T= 3 years

Simple Interest formula= P x R x T

1000 x 0.05x3 = Rs 150

Example 2

P= Rs 500
R= 3% ( 3/100 = 0.03)
T= 2 years

Simple Interest formula= P x R x T

500x0.03x2 = Rs 300

How to Calculate Rate of Interest?

The rate of interest in the simple interest concept is calculated using the below-mentioned formula:
R= 100 x Simple Interest/ P x T

Here are some examples to comprehend the concept

Example 1
Simple Interest (S.I) = Rs 1,000
P= Rs 7,000
T = 2 years

Rate of interest formula= 100 x Simple Interest/ P x T

100 x 1000/7000 x 2 = 7.14%

Example 2
Simple Interest (S.I) = Rs 3,000
P= Rs 8,000
T = 3 years

Rate of interest formula= 100 x Simple Interest/ P x T

100 x 3000/ 8000 x 3 = 12.5%

What Are The Benefits of Using Simple Interest Calculators?

  • EuroSchool Simple Interest Calculator determines the simple interest amount within fraction of seconds.
  • A hassle-free, accurate, and quick process to calculate simple interest amounts on your internet devices.


Q1. How do I calculate simple interest?

One can anytime and anywhere calculate simple interest using EuroSchool’s simple interest calculator online.

Q2. What is the simple interest rate?

The simple interest rate is the percentage of the principal amount that is charged or earned as interest over a specific period of time.

Q3. What is the formula for simple interest?

The formula for calculating simple interest is: Principle x Rate x Time / 100

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