Online Inches to Centimetres Converter

What is an Online Centimetres to Inches Converter?

EuroSchool’s online cm to inches converter is a tool that converts centimetres to inches without any complicated calculation. Moreover, this tool can also be used as an inch to centimetres converter.

How to use Inch to Centimetres Converter Online?

The inch to centimetre converter is a valuable educational tool that helps in students’ learning, comprehension, and practical skill development. Before we understand how you can use this converter, we must know the value of 1 inch in centimetres and 1 cm in inches.
1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 cm= 0.393701 inches
Now, let’s look at the steps to use our inch to cm converter:

1. Enter the inch value in the input field.
2. Click the ‘Convert to cm’ button to get an output in centimetres.
3. Click the ‘Reset’ button to enter a different value.

To use the cm to inches converter, you must use the following steps:
1. Enter the cm value in the input field.
2. Click the ‘Convert to inch’ button to get an output in inches.
3. Click the ‘Reset’ button to enter a different value.

Inches to CM Converter

What are the Benefits of Using Inch to Centimetre Converter?

The Inch to Centimetre Converter offers numerous benefits for students. Some of these are discussed below :

  • The inch to cm converter improves efficiency by providing quick and accurate conversions without manual calculations.
  • It aids in understanding the metric system.
  • The cm to inches converter enhances problem-solving skills by simplifying complex calculations.
  • The converter also helps in developing technological literacy, preparing students for an increasingly digital world.

Example of Inch to Centimetre Converter

5.20 Output:

Example of Word to Number Converter

8.15 Output:


Q1. What size is 1 inch in cm?

The value of 1 inch is approximately 2.54 cm.

Q2. What size is cm in inches?

The value of 1 cm is approximately 0.393701 inches.

Q3. What size is 7 inches in cm?

7 inches = 17.78 cm

Q4. What size is 12 cm in inches?

12 cm = 4.72441 inches

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