EuroSchool ICSE Class 1 Syllabus

ICSE class 1 serves as the foundational year for young students where they are introduced to formal education. It is the beginning of their academic journey, playing a vital role in shaping future learning. The ICSE class 1 syllabus is crafted with careful contemplation of educational principles, the average learning capacity of children, and activities that keep them engrossed throughout.

The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE) board is a globally recognised education board, renowned for offering holistic learning experiences to students. The ICSE class 1 syllabus is designed to ensure well-rounded development of students through a fun and children-centric approach.

Objectives of ICSE Class 1 Syllabus

Building a strong foundation for young minds, here are some key objectives of the ICSE class 1 syllabus:

  • The curriculum focuses on the holistic development of students by introducing them to interactive and engaging learning sessions.
  • The curriculum is student-centric, focusing on enhancing the reading, speaking, and learning skills of children. 
  • Students at a young age are introduced to the theoretical concepts of computers, promoting modern learning approaches.
  • The curriculum encourages creative learning through activities like drawing, colouring, and more.

ICSE Class 1 Detailed syllabus

Here is the overview of the ICSE class 1 syllabus:

  • English
  • English is one of the prominent subjects in ICSE class 1 syllabus. Learning English at a very young age helps students develop essential speaking abilities, working on their English reading and writing skills, and adapting the fundamentals of modern education.

  • Mathematics
  • The syllabus of ICSE class 1 is designed to introduce children to linking basic concepts of mathematics to day-to-day life experience. This approach helps them develop interest and quickly grasp the basic concepts of mathematics.

  • Second Language
  • The curriculum puts a strong emphasis on learning the regional language and preserving the cultural-linguistic heritage of the country. The second language or regional language may differ from state to state across the nation.

  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Studies provides significant knowledge to students about the environment they live in and the processes involved. The subject revolves around the basic concepts of plants, animals, human beings, and more.

  • Computer Studies
  • The subject provides an overview of basic computer operations through theoretical representations. Learning concepts of computers at an early age will make students familiar with the concept of digital learning.

  • Arts Education
  • The syllabus of Arts Education is designed to help students discover fun and interesting methods of drawing, colouring, and crafts.

FAQs on Class 1 ICSE Syllabus

Q1. What are the subjects for ICSE board Class 1?

The ICSE class 1 syllabus primarily comprises six subjects, including Maths, English, Second Language, Environmental Studies, Computer Studies, and Arts Education.

Q2. What is the Mathematic syllabus for class 1?

The ICSE class 1 maths syllabus covers basic concepts of topics such as reading and writing numbers, counting numerical, easy addition and subtraction using colourful images, and other related topics.

Q3. Where can I find the ICSE syllabus for Class 1?

Explore the pages dedicated to each class syllabus on our website to get a detailed insight into the ICSE class 1 syllabus. We have provided details subject-wise to help you discover topics that will be covered in the classroom sessions.

Q4. How to prepare for the ICSE class 1 exam?

To prepare your child for ICSE class 1 examinations, conduct regular revision on topics taught to your child in the classroom. Regular revision helps children work on their concentration levels and memorise concepts quickly and effectively.

Q5. Who designs the ICSE class 1 syllabus?

The syllabus is carefully developed by the education experts and committee members of the board. The CISCE board is responsible for governing and establishing the advanced and holistic ICSE curriculums and examinations.

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