ICSE Syllabus for Class 2

As a student gets promoted to class 2, they are introduced to new concepts of core subjects included in their curriculum. The class 2 curriculum of the ICSE board is formulated to help students develop and work on their reading, writing, and learning skills through interesting and playful concepts.

The ICSE board curriculum for class 2 is designed to sharpen and develop the minds of students by linking real-life experiences with modern teaching approaches. Some of the topics of Mathematics are taught with mind games and puzzles, allowing students to test their potential without getting bored.

Objectives of ICSE Class 2 Syllabus

The objective of the ICSE class 2 curriculum is to encompass various aspects of a student’s overall development. The following are the primary objectives of the class 2 curriculum:
  • The ICSE class 2 sets the stage for more detailed concepts and theories of subjects that were introduced in the previous class.
  • The curriculum of ICSE class 2 focuses on fostering social skills and early-age learning abilities.
  • The ICSE class 2 syllabus emphasises a balanced teaching approach to academic and extra-curricular activities, keeping young students interested throughout.

ICSE Class 2 Detailed syllabus

Following is a brief overview of the ICSE class 2 syllabus.
  • English

    The ICSE board places a strong emphasis on English language proficiency. The curriculum is designed in a way to ensure all the basic concepts of English are understood and practised by students from the very beginning of their formal education. 

  • Math

    Mathematics holds significant importance in the ICSE class 2 syllabus. The curriculum introduces students to basic mathematical operations such as numbers, basic addition and subtraction, shapes, time, and geometry,  encouraging problem-solving attitudes in students. The syllabus also helps students analyse and solve math problems revolving around real-world situations. 

  • Environmental studies

    Environmental studies in ICSE class 2 plays a crucial role in fostering environmental awareness and knowledge in young minds. The subject helps them get a better understanding of their environment, including plants, animals, and humans. Learning about environmental fundamentals helps students relate real-life events with academic theories. Students are taught about food, shelter, basic transportation, communication, and other related topics. 

  • Second Language 

    Along with developing strong proficiency in English, the ICSE class 2 syllabus also promotes the idea of being aware of regional languages. The approach plays a significant role in keeping students attached to their roots and introducing them to new facts about the region they reside in. 

  • Computer Studies 

    In this modern technology era, it has become extremely important for students to be familiar with computers. The class 2 curriculum is more focused on teaching students the basic concepts of computer operations through theoretical representation. However, following the next classes, students are introduced to practical learning. 

  • Arts Education 

    Arts education is the best method to include fun and amusing activities in the curriculum. This subject ensures students explore the full potential of their creative thinking through drawing, colouring, crafts, and more. 

FAQs on Class 2 ICSE Syllabus

Q1. Which topics are covered in the ICSE class 2 math syllabus?

The class 2 mathematics subject covers the fundamentals of simple addition, subtraction, shapes, multiplication, number operations, and more. The curriculum also includes brainstorming puzzle questions, allowing students to analyse concepts more profoundly.

Q2. Which subjects are part of the ICSE class 2 syllabus?

The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE) class 2 syllabus typically includes a range of subjects that offer well-rounded development to students at an early age. English, Math, Environmental Studies, Arts Education, Second Language (regional language), and Computer Studies are the six subjects included in the ICSE class 2 syllabus.

Q3. What is covered in the grammar syllabus for ICSE class 2?

In ICSE class 2, students are introduced to concepts of nouns, plural and singular words, adjectives, articles, verbs, and more, providing a basic understanding of how grammar works.

Q4. Is the 2nd language compulsory in the ICSE board?

 Yes, as per recent guidelines issued by the education board, 2nd or regional language is made compulsory in the ICSE board across the nation. This approach allows students to be more familiar with regional languages and preserve the age-old heritage culture.

The ICSE class 2 book published by the board covers all the necessary topics and after-chapter questions to help students comprehend different theories effectively. Students can also refer to workbooks provided by the schools to complement their learning experiences.

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