ICSE Syllabus for Class 6

In class 6, the syllabus of core subjects such as Science and Social Studies are further classified into significant themes. Dividing the subjects into different themes or sections allows students to comprehend concepts more profoundly and precisely.

The ICSE class 6 syllabus is regularly updated to align with international educational standards. Continue reading to know about the detailed ICSE syllabus dedicated to class 6.

Objectives of ICSE Class 6 Syllabus

The ICSE board curriculum incorporates subjects and extra-curricular activities that offer all-round development of student’s skills and knowledge. Here are the objectives of the ICSE class 6 curriculum:
  • The curriculum introduces students to more specialised themes or sections of different core subjects.
  • The curriculum goes beyond rote learning with concepts using real-life scenarios. This approach encourages students to understand topics thoroughly.
  • The ICSE class 6 syllabus is well-structured, including theoretical and practical classroom learning sessions.

ICSE Class 6 Detailed syllabus

Here is the overview of the ICSE class 1 syllabus:
  • English 
  • The English syllabus of the ICSE class 6 focuses on fundamentals of grammar, letter writing, composition writing, figures of speech, understanding tenses, and more. The syllabus also consists of poems and short stories of different genres, helping students with their English reading and speaking abilities.

  • Mathematics
  • The syllabus consists of a range of concepts, including algebra, arithmetic, statistics, geometry and mensuration, ratio and proportion, fractions, and data handling. All the concepts included in class 6 Mathematics are necessary to prepare students for complex and advanced concepts included in higher classes.

  • Science
  • The syllabus of class 6 science is classified into three themes or sections: Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. These sections comprise the introductory concepts of the human body, plant life, health & hygiene, simple machines, light, magnetism, ways of measurement, fundamentals of chemistry, and other related aspects of science.

  • Social Studies
  • The subject is divided into two themes: Geography and History & Civic. The Geography section of the subject consists of concepts revolving around landforms, representation of geographical features, and minerals. Whereas, the History & Civic section of the subject covers topics revolving around Vedic civilisation, the Gupta Empire, the Mauryan Empire, and more.

  • Second Language
  • The Second Language topics and syllabus structure may differ from one state to another. However, the common elements included in the syllabus structure consist of short stories, poems, and grammar.

  • Arts Education
  • Students of class 6 learn the fundamental concepts of different forms of objects, colouring compositions, identifying different geometrical shapes, and drawing objects using sets of tools and techniques.

FAQs on Class 6 ICSE Syllabus

Q1. What is the English syllabus for ICSE class 6?

The ICSE English syllabus for class 6 includes a range of topics such as short stories, poems, grammar, and creative writing. All topics included in the class 6 English syllabus are formulated to help students work on their English writing, reading, speaking, and learning skills.

Q2. What subjects are included in the syllabus for ICSE class 6?

The overall comprehensive syllabus of ICSE class 6 comprises 7 main subjects, including Maths, Science, Social Studies, English, Second Language, Computer Studies, and Arts Education. Science and Social Studies are divided into further different sections or themes to help students differentiate and comprehend each topic better. 

Q3. What is the passing percentage for ICSE class 6?

The standard passing percentage for the ICSE board is 35%. Students who fail to attain 35% in any of their academic years in the ICSE board, will be required to reappear for the same examination to become eligible for promotion to higher classes.

Q4. Is the ICSE board accepted in universities in the USA?

Yes, The ICSE board is accepted in most universities in the USA. The ICSE board syllabus is crafted as per the global standards, allowing students to explore career opportunities across the world.

Q5. What chapters are included in Maths ICSE class 6?

The syllabus of Math ICSE class 6 focuses on the concepts of number system, basic Algebra, arithmetics, geometry, statics, and basic concepts of mensuration. The curriculum of the syllabus is regularly updated based on modern learning needs and requirements for a student’s growth. 

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