Best Pre Primary Schools for Kids

Navigating the world of pre-primary education can be daunting for parents. Choosing the right school is pivotal, as these early years not only lay the groundwork for a child's academics, but also for personal development.

When choosing the best pre-primary school for kids, factors such as a dedicated and well-trained faculty, a safe and nurturing environment, a curriculum that's child-centric, and a strong emphasis on moral and value education are vital. EuroSchools in India recognise and cherish the uniqueness of each child, encouraging them to be inquisitive and imaginative. It stands out as the best choice among international schools in India to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning. .

List of CBSE Pre Primary Schools in India

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Why Choose EuroSchool for Your Child?

EuroSchool is part of Lighthouse Learning, one of India's leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education Groups. Our Group is committed to building a robust foundation & new-age skills in future generations with student-centred goals that are aligned over our network of over 1,400 Pre-Schools and 52 Schools. Lighthouse Learning Group delivers the joy of learning to over 170,000 children every day and employs a talented workforce of over 10,000 people across its office and campuses located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad.

Our education system is tailored to help children come out with flying colours. We also provide a variety of personal well-being programmes such as ARGUS, ASPIRE, Centre Of Wellbeing, Cerebrum and more that aim at fostering a safe space for growing children. EuroSchool offers education at all levels and with equal priority, starting with nursery admission and continuing through junior and senior kindergarten, primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools.

Pre-Primary School Admission in India

Here are certain factors you must think about before considering the top pre-primary schools in India -

  • Step 1 - Research and Selection: Research various schools in your vicinity. Make sure you check factors such as curriculum, faculty qualifications, infrastructure, fees, and past reputation.
  • Step 2 - Acquisition of Admission Forms: Most schools release their admission forms between October and January. You can get it from the school's office directly or their official websites.
  • Step 3 - Submission: Fill the form along with necessary documents like birth certificate, address proof, and photographs and submit it before the deadline.
  • Step 4 - Interactive Session: Many schools conduct interactive sessions with parents and sometimes with the child. This isn't an interview but a casual interaction to understand the child's background and ensure a smooth transition for the child.
  • Step 5 - Admission Criteria: While some schools have a first-come-first-serve policy, others might give preference based on vicinity to the school, sibling priority, or alumni parents.
  • Step 6 - Announcement of Selected Candidates: Schools usually release the list of selected candidates a few weeks after form submissions. This could be displayed on the school's notice board or on their website.
  • Step 7 - Payment of Fees: Once selected, parents are required to pay the admission fee and other charges within a specified period to secure the child's spot.
  • Step 8 - Orientation: Post-admission, schools often organise orientation sessions for parents and students to acquaint them with the school's environment, ethos, and practices.

Pre-Primary School Admissions Open for AY 2023-2024

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Pre Primary School Curriculum

EuroSchool's pre-primary curriculum integrates holistic development with engaging pedagogies, ensuring a balance of academics and character-building for young learners.


EuroSchool offers an environment where children can explore, play and learn. We focus on fostering creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning. We also have a favourable teacher-to-student ratio so that every child gets proper attention. Our nursery program is a unique blend of essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, and social skills in a logical and natural sequence. We have monthly themes, weekly topics, and daily activities, which include art, music, dramatic play and social interaction.

Junior KG & Senior KG

Kindergarten consists of two crucial years - junior and senior KG.

  • Junior KG: EuroSchool’s junior KG program lays emphasis on encouraging children to realise their inner potential while learning and growing at their own pace. We have activities that promote language development and instil confidence in the children to verbalise their thoughts, feelings, and impressions of the world around them. We have specifically designed this curriculum to deliver a personalised approach geared to your child's preschool and kindergarten essentials based on your kid’s age.
  • Senior KG: In the Senior KG program, EuroSchool lays emphasis on building vocabulary and applying the concepts which the children have already learnt in Junior KG. Children learn to read and write, using innovative learning methods and tools designed especially for this age group. We start teaching complex subjects like maths using a child-centric approach. The focus of this program is on enhancing the attention span of the children with a view to accelerate their learning process and prepare them for extensive studies in the future with this kindergarten program.

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