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Let your child discover their true potential from a universe of possibilities. At EuroSchool, our aim is to motivate children to unearth their latent talent, determine their areas of interest, hone their individual skills, thereby discovering various facets of their persona. Throughout the journey of self-discovery, they are inspired to develop their abilities, transforming themselves into responsible citizens of the future.

One of the best schools in Pune, EuroSchool Wakad, has a well-designed layout and a specially crafted spacious environment that offers a great ambience to nurture young minds. EuroSchool Wakad provides curriculum in accordance with the ICSE Board..

All top facilities now available at EuroSchool ICSE School in Wakad, Pune

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune provides the best school education by offering a wide range of experiences through:

  • Specially designed modern laboratories
  • Reading rooms and libraries
  • State of the art computer labs
  • Multi-purpose playgrounds
  • Professional sports coaches, and
  • ‘Smart-class’ technology-enabled classrooms

Balanced Schooling

EuroSchool advocates the concept of Balanced Schooling. It is the very foundation of our Pedagogy, that aims at providing holistic development to the children, in a conducive and comprehensive learning ecosystem. This approach to learning, aspires to create confident and responsible individuals through a combination of Academics and Co-Curricular activities. LRPA forms the crux of our pedagogy at EuroSchool; where students Learn – Reinforce – Practice – Apply knowledge, concepts and skills. This pedagogical model enables the student to become an independent learner, aided by technology and facilitated by the teacher. In this journey of self-discovery, children are guided by our expert educators through engagement programmes which build 21st-century skills like lateral and critical thinking, creativity and reasoning.

Our educators work closely with students to foster synergy and equanimity. They are more like mentors who guide students in their formative years. To teach the 21st-century student, teachers have to become 21st-century learners themselves. They are able to do so through programmes like 60 Hour Teacher Training programme, EuroSchool Teacher Assessment Test, a curriculum communication platform like Argus and Report Bee which is a student report and performance sharing platform. The teachers at EuroSchool are assisted in their endeavour by CEREBRUM which is the Academic Research and Development Wing at EuroSchool. It is the centre for innovation and pedagogy and is responsible for the academic and non-academic initiatives. It comprises a team of highly motivated and experienced experts who ideate, conceptualise and implement new and advanced ideas of teaching methodologies and practices.

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Our curriculum is oriented towards creating competent global citizens, rather than students who just pass the grades with relevant marks. We thus encourage students to partake in clubs that help impart value education and build general knowledge. Through this approach we put focus on current international best practices with special emphasis on the way knowledge is imparted.


The Astronomy Club aims to introduce and familiarise students to the celestial world.The purpose of this club is to increase the student’s awareness of the cosmos through observation of outer space. Students get an introduction to famous astronauts, the Zodiac Signs and the 12 constellations. They learn about the solar system, asteroids, meteors, meteorites, comets and phases of the moon. They get the opportunity to discover the space shuttle and its various parts and the astronaut suit with the help of videos.


The History and Heritage Club aims to learn about the local history and heritage of a specific region. Every area, city, state and country is characterised by events and personalities that helped shape it. Understanding the local flavours, traditions, people, the way of living, landmarks and monuments form a part of this club. This club enables students to gain awareness about places that they interact with while learning about the historical and cultural importance.


Revisiting the food pyramid is essential for students as they familiarise themselves with the different food categories and different types of nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Students learn to make simple dishes like salads, healthy juices, sandwiches, etc. and in turn determine the nutritive value of all the recipes after making it. As a broader dimension to the scope of the club, important aspects like good eating habits, table manners and a daily routine of exercise, water and sleep are also tackled.


The Robotics Club offers students the opportunity to work with AI technologies and innovations. Students are introduced to the basics of robotics and its application in various fields. The robotics kits allow students to assemble numerous 3D models including vehicles of different types. Students are introduced to various tools and programming language CIMPLE to increase the efficiency of creating automation and intelligent machines.



The Beyond Academic module runs on the concept of clubs. The underpinning idea of clubs is a voyage of self-discovery and understanding. They form an integral part of all EuroSchools and find a place within regular school hours. Clubs are conducted with the same spirit of commitment and excellence as academics as they impart value education and build general knowledge amongst students.


These clubs put a focus on the ambitions and talents of young students that go beyond academic curriculum.

  • Guitar & Keyboard
  • Dance
  • Art and Craft
  • Drums
  • Foodies


Students are encouraged to participate in the sporting activities of their choice and are also provided with specialised infrastructure and coaching to help propel their talent.

  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Basketball
  • Lawn tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Gymnastics


  • The International School Award (ISA) provides a supportive and motivational framework to guide international learning activities that the school conducts.
  • Europe meets India (EUMIND) is a network of schools in India and Europe to promote intercultural learning, global citizenship, social responsibility and ecological awareness.
  • International Award for Young People (IAYP) is the most adaptable and successful youth empowerment program which establishes capacity for identifying hard issues and challenges associated with youth.


  • EuroSchool organises educational trips to places that build curiosity and the urge to explore various themes.
  • We plan trips with a set focus and specific objective.
  • The programme has an aim to provide experiential learning beyond the school environment.


  • Sparks is an initiative that aims at instilling great values and virtues which is of paramount importance through motivational speeches and interactions.
  • Students get the opportunity to meet accomplished individuals who are not part of the school but influential people in the society.


  • EuroSchool offers its students the opportunity to compete in
  • Hues – An Inter EuroSchool Art competition.
  • The Debate – An Inter EuroSchool competition for public speaking.
  • Omaggio – An Inter EuroSchool choral competition.

our campus

70+ digitally enabled classrooms with finger touch-based learning systems that will allow educators to teach through pictures, diagrams, videos and animations.

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A large campus with areas dedicated towards sporting facilities for swimming, tennis, and basketball. The school also has facilities for indoor sports like chess, carom and table tennis.

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CCTV cameras on the campus and GPS enabled buses makes it a safe school for children.

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A Mumma’s Box Catering Facility is available which provides nutritional and healthy meals. A sick bay with a dedicated nurse is also present on our campus for the benefit of our students.

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A vast well-stocked library and a German-engineered Science laboratory are made available to our students to help them in their academic journey.

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Safety Marshalls &
Safety Training Drill
For Staff

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Fire Safety

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CCTV Monitoring For
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Verification Check For
School Staff


Mallakhamb coaching at EuroSchool Airoli
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Educational Excellence

The school life of every EuroSchool student is positively impacted by the various endeavours we undertake for their overall development.

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Community Building

Not just cultural exposure, but a strong sense of community building is also essential for students.

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Personal Well-being

We believe children can only grow and achieve educational excellence within a healthy and safe environment.

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Skill Development

A strong sense of community building can only come with the help of right traits of team work, mutual respect,

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Cultural Exposure

Though we ensure that students learn amidst a safe environment, we make sure they gain

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Lifelong Learning

Apart from skill development, programmes under Lifelong Learning go a long way in helping

At The EuroSchool

School Educators
EuroSchool Teacher At EuroSchool Wakad, Pune
Educators Profile

Mr. Pradeep Khaladkar - Head Administrationknow more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher

Ms. Apara Sanjeev Mandpe- Eurojunior Coordinator know more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher

Ms. Shabana Mursal - Coordinator (EuroSenior & Grade 1)know more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher

Ms. Deepika Satija - Coordinator (Grade 2 & 3)know more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher

Ms. Aditi Vadera - Coordinator (Grade 4 & 5)know more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher

Ms. Neha Gupte - Coordinator (Grade 6 & 7)know more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher

Ms. Geeta Lakkad - Coordinator (Grade 8, 9 &10) know more

EuroSchool Wakad, Pune - Teacher


  • The School is resumed for Grade 9 & 10 from January 18th 2021

  • Admissions open for the Academic Year 2021-22

  • The School introduces the digital literacy skills, ‘THE MOS LEAGUE & ICT JR. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS’.

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    The Centre for Excellence is established to curate the best of Experiential Learning Programs

  • Blue Clip Art of Trophy

    For Career Guidance and Counseling the School has partnered with CIALFO.

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    The Investiture Ceremony of the newly elected senate members for the academic year 2020-21 was held at EuroSchool, Wakad in August 2020.

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Parent Connect

We work meticulously with parents to co-curate the growth & development of young students at our schools.


A dedicated app for parents enabling them to stay connected with multiple aspects of the child’s schooling like homework, events & activities, sharing of feedback & remaining connected with fellow parents.


Connect is a newsletter, sent across once in 2 months, with an aim to bridge the gap between pedagogy & practice. This initiative is undertaken to share best practices with a hope to work towards a standard pedagogy.

Report Bee

The online report card system, allows parents to view the progress status of the child online, analyse strength areas and ascertain areas of improvement.

Back To School

For parents who still view academic life through an old lens, this works as a refresher course with the purpose to get them Back to School with a 2-level course of Phonics Programmes.


EuroSchool STORY

An extension of the thought and market leadership that EuroKids established in the domain of early childhood education, EuroSchool takes forward the legacy of contemporary education delivered with exemplary dedication, excellent infrastructure, high levels of safety and Balanced Schooling.

EuroKids International, India’s leading Early Childhood Care & Education Company encompasses of Pre-Schools, DayCare, K-12 schools and Online Teacher Training platform - EuroVarsity. Our endeavor is to recognise the capabilities of children and work towards providing them with an environment that will facilitate their holistic development. We understand what a child needs and help them map out their path to a successful tomorrow.


It’s always great to connect with like-minded individuals, who are passionate towards school education. We are on the path to reinvent education in the schooling space by make learning fun for our students. If you too share this happy desire then join us on this exciting path ahead. Look forward to you writing into us at:

Educational Excellence

Discovering themselves comes to EuroSchool students through various endeavours that we undertake for their all-round development. From Hooked on Books that fosters a love for reading, a Science Journal that involves experiments, and Go Green, a skill-based assessment test for measuring the students’ understanding of concepts, to an Olympiad that involves competitive exams and Altius that builds their confidence and helps them become independent learners, we ensure EuroSchool students are on the path to educational excellence.

Community Building

Not just cultural exposure, but a strong sense of community building is also essential for students. So that they develop qualities like good character, citizenship, fairness, concern for others and personal responsibility. Global programmes like ISA, EUMIND and IAYP offer EuroSchool students the opportunity to contribute towards community building.

Personal Well-being

We believe children can only grow and achieve educational excellence within a healthy and safe environment. Aptly, EuroSchool has advanced security procedures which make students feel safe and succeed academically, emotionally and socially. Our Weight Loss Programme aims at minimizing the weight of the school bags and the Safe School initiative aims at creating a safe environment for children.

Skill Development

A strong sense of community building can only come with the help of right traits of team work, mutual respect, communication and stress management. The EuroSchool curriculum includes opportunities & activities that help students develop life skills for facing the challenges of everyday life with a positive attitude. And sport is an active part of it. Learning, practicing and mastering the basic skills of sport is one of the foundations of coaching, sports performance and athletic training provided at EuroSchool.

Cultural Exposure

Though we ensure that students learn amidst a safe environment, we make sure they gain exposure to different cultures. So that they learn to appreciate and respect them. Through our Science Quizzes, Math Club competitions, Spelling Bees, Hues, The Debate and Omaggio, we offer students enough avenues for gaining substantial experience, skills & talent, analyzing & evaluating outcomes, and discovering personal aptitude.

Lifelong Learning

Apart from skill development, programmes under Lifelong Learning go a long way in helping students obtain conceptual mastery and imbibe values like honesty, integrity and truthfulness for life. Various Academic & Non-Academic Clubs, Outbound Educational Programmes, and Sparks – an initiative for instilling great values & virtues – enrich EuroSchool students with vivid experiences that enhance their personality and help them discover themselves.

Ms. Renuka Dutta – PRINCIPAL

An Alumni of Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Mumbai, Renuka Dutta started her career in the field of Education in 1986. She is a passionate educationist whose dynamic career spans over a period of three decades. She has worked in prestigious institutions, PAN India, where she has gained diverse experience in wearing different leadership hats, both in Teaching and Administrative scope of work. Since the last decade, she has been in the position of a school leader.

Her expertise encompasses being a founder Principal of schools as well as a college, focusing on areas of academics, curriculum development, marketing, administration, etc. She has served in CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, HSC boards. She has been appointed as ‘Subject Expert’ by ISRO for science subject of Class X. She was also on the panel of ‘Edusat Channel’ with Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO), Ahmedabad for Script writing, Anchoring and Teaching Science subject. She has worked as an ‘ISA Coordinator’ (International School Award) with British Council for International Educational Exchange Programme. She has received a ‘Letter of Appreciation’ from the Lady –in-waiting of the Queen of England for her ISA work done with the two British Schools. During her Teaching career, she has held various important positions, having served as HoD of Science Dept, Class Coordinator and Subject Coordinator, Co-curricular-in-charge and House Mistress. She has been an External Practical Examiner for Class XII. She has coordinated external competitive examinations like Science Olympiad Foundation, ASSETS, and NSTSE & MARRS Spelling Bee, CIPEL etc. and has been awarded as a best Principal for a few examinations.

She is armed with a B Sc (Botany), M Sc Biotech (Cyto–Genetics) from University of Mumbai with a First Division and a Gold Medal, Open Merit Scholarship, Mumbai University.

She has enhanced her Professional skills by acquiring her B Ed degree with overall Second position in Mathematics & Science stream in BTTC College, University of Mumbai and her M. Ed. degree with a First position in Overall Merit in St Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai.

Additionally, she has attained Technical skills in the form of ‘Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers’, Cambridge University, UK. She also has PG Diplomas in ‘System Analysis & Computer Programming’ as well as in ‘Industrial Relations & Personal Management’, Mumbai University.

Her Research work comprises of a Thesis on ‘Impact of Teaching Aids in teaching science lessons for Standards VI & VII’ and a Thesis on ‘Role of Change in a Manager’s Life’. She has written a Project Report on International School Award for British Council. She has also authored a booklet on “Hotspots in Science Subjects for Std X (CBSE)” for ISRO.

She strongly believes that the unique individuality of a child will be nurtured and supported by the sensitive, committed and compassionate team of Euro educators, to ensure that every child gets equal opportunity to follow his or her dream and blossom into an individual that brings pride to the school, the family and the nation.

It is her objective to advocate, develop and sustain a positive environment in school, which is conducive to continuous improvement in academics, personality and attendance for students and staff.

Everybody is a Genius, But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”   – Albert Einstein 

As equal stakeholders in the children’s journey through school, she is sanguine that all parents will join hands with the school to make this dream a reality. She firmly believes that by working together, our children will be provided with every possible opportunity, so that they are encouraged to reach great heights of success, both in their professional and personal areas of interest.

SRUSHTI KHAPEKAR scored 97.8% in the ICSE Board exam 2020. She is the Topper of EuroSchool Wakad

Pranaav Ganesh scored 97.2% in the ICSE Board exam 2020.

Ansh Chopra - Grade 8 - 2nd position in Zilla Parishad 200 mtrs. Running 2017-18

Shivalika Nayak scored 96.4% in the ICSE Board exam 2020.

Shreyas Tambe scored 95.6% in the ICSE Board exam 2020

Manasvi Chaudhari scored 95.4% in the ICSE Board exam 2020















Ms. Shobhitha Praveen of Grade 9th was felicitated for winning the FIRST prize in the inter school solo dance competition – SPANDAN.

Students of EuroSchool Wakad were felicitated for winning the FIRST prize in the inter school group dance competition SPANDAN held at The Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala.

ANSH CHOPRA (Grade 9th) Secured 2nd Position in ZP Table Tennis Competition (U-17) and is selected for the Zonal competition.

Om Jagdeesh (Grade 9th) Secured 2nd Position in ZP Table Tennis Competition (U-17)

Shreyas Tambe (Grade 9th) Secured 2nd Position in ZP Table Tennis Competition (U-17).

School Educators

Our teachers work closely with students to foster synergy and equanimity. They are more like mentors who guide students in their formative years. As life-long learners, teachers have to reinvent themselves professionally and personally continually. To teach the 21st-century student, teachers have to become 21st-century learners themselves. They can do so through the following programmes:-

60 Hr TTP

60 Hour Teacher Taining Programme is an on-going professional development initiative which ensures that every teacher has gained 60 hours of training during the academic year. The programme is categorised into 6 core components which are: Academic Competencies, Academic & Administrative Processes, EuroSchool Fit, Classroom Management, Communication and Leadership Skills.

Report Bee

Digitalized report card with assessments of the proficiency gained in the academic, non-academic and co-curricular skill areas.


An effective two-way communication platform between the School and Cerebrum team to collectively work on reflection on curriculum up gradation, assessments, worksheets and other resource material.


All EuroSchool teachers are reviewed through the EuroSchool Teacher Assessment Tool at two intervals in an academic year. These scores help the Principals make informed decisions regarding a teacher’s career path.

Mrs. Shovna De - Vice Principal

Mrs. Shovna De, is a competent professional and educationist with above 22 years of experience in Teaching, Administration & Teachers Training & Development. She has a vast experience of supervising and managing operational planning and development, and directing the day-to-day academic and associated operations of the schools.

She has completed her Master’s degree in Psychology and B.Ed with English and Social studies from premium institutions. Her special interests are ICT in education and English Literature.

She has a rich experience of working in elite institutions across the country. She was

holding the leadership position at JUSCO School South Park (TATA SCHOOL) , Jamshedpur since 2011. 6 years of experience as a Principal of a CBSE Senior Secondary School. Prior to that she worked in The Army Public School , Pune (1998- 2011).Before that she served in New Horizon Public School, Bangalore, (TGT) 1997 – 1998.

Her major accomplishments up to date are ,CBSE Affiliation for Secondary and Senior Secondary in JUSCO School (Jamshedpur), International School award by British Council, National Education Day Award by CBSE ,School reached the score band of 550-599 in Tata Education Excellence program.

She was the winner of the Microsoft Innovative Teachers’ Leadership Award 2006 out of 14000 participants across the country and represented India in the Asia Pacific Meet in Cambodia in 2006. She has assessed ICSE and CBSE schools as an assessor for Dr. JJ Irani Tata Education Excellence Program.

She has conducted CCE and Capacity Building training for Teachers in a number of CBSE schools, as a resource Person for CCE Training with MICA, empanelled with CBSE .As a certified Master Trainer from Intel ,she has conducted theoretical and practical training programs for teachers to incorporate ICT in education and along with Schoolnet Technology Aided Lessons for K-10.

She got an opportunity to conduct Bridge courses in English for students with a specially designed module for Army school students.

Some of the major professional trainings and workshops attended by her ,includes, Changing Minds by Howard Gardener , Master Trainer Course by Intel , Effective Learning Techniques (ELT) by Oxford India Ltd. – English, EBC -English Bridge Courses ,Course on Creative Teaching conducted by Army Welfare Education Society at NDA, Pune, Schools Of Tomorrow by idiscoveri XSEED and Schoolnet India Technology Aided Lessons.

Ms. Apara Sanjeev Mandpe- Eurojunior Coordinator

A career teacher with interests in the field of arts and education. Qualified science graduate (B.Sc.) with post-graduation in fine arts (MA). Her passion for teaching led her to acquire a professional qualification as a teacher (B.Ed.).

Children are the future of our society. Happy and honored to be able to offer her contribution as their teacher by inculcating in them values, skills and discipline. She takes pride to see them take the first small steps towards becoming responsible and successful in life.

She has fourteen years of pre-primary teaching experience. She is working with Euroschool Wakad from its inception. Her previous work experience includes internship in Germany and also as a hobby tutor with ‘Camlin’. Her interests include painting, fitness and travel.

Ms. Shabana Mursal - Coordinator (EuroSenior & Grade 1)

Mrs. Shabana Mursal is a proficient professional and educationist with 14 years of experience in Teaching, Administration and Teachers Training.She has completed her Masters degree in English literature and Teachers Training Course from Pune.She has been working with EuroSchool, Wakad campus from their inception over 6 years. She is also certified for ESOL examinations from University of Cambridge and ESL Communication skills from ​University of Trinity London​ .

She is skilled in training students with diverse learning styles. Nurture young learners love for reading and allowing them to grow at their pace ‘’Hands-on is Minds-on’’Her favourite thing about children is their love and curiosity.As a teacher she tries to live by the quote “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”She is passionate about English language and her hobby is reading different genres.

Ms. Deepika Satija - Coordinator (Grade 2 & 3)

Her recent work experiences are of academic leadership as lower primary grades Coordinator. Prior to this, she has worked as ​a Math teacher with more than 8 years of teaching experience at Primary and Secondary Level in both– ICSE and CBSE boards. She holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce (B.Com), a Master’s degree (M.Com) in Costing and Accountancy and a further Bachelor degree in Education (Bed.). She has​ in-depth knowledge of her subjects and she enjoys teaching them using a range of teaching methods that generates interest among students about subjects and encourages them to learn more​

Ms. Aditi Vadera - Coordinator (Grade 4 & 5)

Ms Aditi Vadera has been working with Euro School, Wakad since June, 2015. She has more than 11 years of teaching experience. She completed her Masters in Chemistry from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak (Haryana). She has also completed her B.Ed. from the same university. She ranked 3​ in the final year of B.Sc in Chemistry in the University for which she received a scholarship. She is hardworking, highly motivated and dedicated towards her profession. She is a very creative and resourceful person with proven ability to enhance student's performance.

Ms. Neha Gupte - Coordinator (Grade 6 & 7)

A post graduate in Economics with an overall teaching experience of 6 years, She likes to interact with students on day to day practical problems. It is a very important subject which teaches not only world macroeconomics but also how this can be applied to day to day problems. Students are able to connect to her teaching style as she is a warm and caring teacher who wants all students to be successful learners. In her present role, she is coordinator of grade 6th and 7​. She has unique multi-tasking abilities and extremely good communication skills with pleasant personality.​ Her goal is to work together with parents, students and teachers for a holistic development plan for students.

Pradeep Khaladkar - Head Administration

Coming up with 17+ years of experience in Administration and facility Pradeep worked with IT and non IT sector. His major experience is into service industry and School. Associated with EuroSchool Wakad since 2014 and since then part of EuroSchool Wakad family gave him mission ‘to unlock the potential of every team’ playing a critical role in enabling the school ‘to be the ultimate team’. With the growing student base Pradeep enables EuroSchool Wakad to scale while retaining the very elements that have made the school safe and successful t date.

As an Administration head Pradeep’s passion is around culture. He has had the opportunity to work with Wipro, MetLife, HDFCLife. Pradeep holds Bachelor’ degree in Computer Science from Pune University and MBA.

Ms. Anubha Gupta- Primary Coordinator

Her recent work experiences are of academic leadership as Head of Senior Secondary Domain & International Exchange Program Academic Coordinator. Prior to this, she has worked as Head of Science & Biology Lecturer with more than 8 years of teaching experience at Senior Secondary Level in India and UK A-Levels/GCSE. Extensive experienced in teaching various boards in both India – ICSE, CBSE and in UK – OCR, AQA and Edexcel curriculum and conducting internal assessment and coursework. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science (BSc), a Master’s degree (MSc) in Environmental Toxicology and a further Masters in Education (MEd). She has in-depth knowledge of all science subjects and she enjoys teaching them using a range of teaching methods that generates interest among students about subjects and encourages them to learn more.

Ms. Shaoli Sarkar Niyogi - Primary Coordinator

Mrs. Shaoli Sarkar Niyogi is one of the founder teacher's at Euro School Wakad.  She joined this organization right at its inception in the year 2013 and has successfully risen through her ranks. Ms. Shaoli is a pass out from the prestigious Carmel Convent. After completing her 14 years of schooling in convent, she joined Calcutta University for her graduation. She obtained a Master's degree in Economics from Calcutta University and also completed her B.Ed. from the same. She ranked 3rd in the university for her B.Ed. course and was felicitated by Dr. Ashim Dasgupta, the then finance minister of West Bengal for the same. She has a diverse work experience in working with children both in India and abroad. She is a highly professional person with a natural ability to interact with children.

Ms. Selvi Jayakannan- Secondary Coordinator

Mrs. Selvi Jayakannan turned to the noble profession of teaching as she believes that it is the only way to prepare and empower a child to not only face life’s challenges but create a powerful future. With a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s degree in Science, Ms. Selvi has been teaching for the past seven years now. She has been with EuroSchool Wakad since inception, where she now shoulders the responsibility of being the Middle School Coordinator. She is thrilled to be working at EuroSchool where she is able to apply herself to the fullest. A compassionate educator, she has always believed in teaching with the heart rather than the mind. She loves working with children and inspiring them to learn and shape them to be good individuals. She focuses on building a relationship with her students as it then helps her understand them, learn how they experience the world and most importantly build a community instead of a classroom. 

She is a staunch believer that the students are the makers of the future and if given the right tools they can make great changes in the world.

Geeta Lakkad- Coordinator (Grade 8, 9 &10)

An organized, energetic and experienced Academic Coordinator​ ​ with demonstrated leadership strengths and proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities in a fast paced environment with strict deadlines. Instrumental in supporting and coordinating various aspects of academics. Track record of upholding an updated knowledge base regarding academic offerings in ICSE and also trained students for board examination. Have an experience of 18 years plus in education, with a postgraduate degree in life sciences and Bachelor in education.


Our teachers work closely with students to foster synergy and equanimity. They are more like mentors to young students and are ever present to guide them in their formative years.

In pursuit of becoming inspirational, EuroSchool teachers are motivated to reflect on their teaching experiences, read about advancements in their respective subject areas and participate in enriching workshops.

As life-long learners, teachers have to constantly reinvent themselves professionally and personally. To teach the 21st century student, teachers have to become 21st century learners themselves.

60 Hour TTP

60 Hour Teacher Taining Programme is an on-going professional development initiative which ensures that every teacher has gained 60 hours of training during the academic year. The programme is categorised into 6 core components which are: Academic Competencies, Academic & Administrative Processes, EuroSchool Fit, Classroom Management, Communication and Leadership Skills.

Report Bee

A platform to show ‘digitised achievement record cards'. The report cards display the scores for the effective assessment of a child’s progress.


A two way communications platform, between the schools and the Cerebrum Team. Communication is done through important documents like blue print, summative paper, sample paper, syllabus, reflection, worksheets, lesson plans, scope & sequence, home connect, almanac and event pictures.


All EuroSchool teachers are reviewed through the EuroSchool Teacher Assessment Tool at two intervals in an academic year. These scores help the Principals make informed decisions regarding a teacher’s career path.

Thank you for sharing your coordinates. We will connect with you within 72 hrs to help you Discover EuroSchool.


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