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EuroSchool HSR

Best ICSE / ISC School in HSR Layout, Bangalore

Cambridge Public School is now EuroSchool HSR.

Every child discovers their potential from a universe of possibilities. Our endeavour at EuroSchool, near HSR Bangalore, is to encourage children to realise latent talent, ascertain areas of interest, hone individual skills, thereby uncovering varied facets of their personality. Through this journey of self-discovery, they are guided to develop their abilities, transforming themselves into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

One of the best schools in Bengaluru, EuroSchool HSR has a well-designed layout and a specially crafted spacious environment that offers a great ambience to nurture young minds. The school provides curriculum in accordance with the ICSE Board. EuroSchool HSR provides a gamut of exploration areas that include specially designed modern laboratories, reading rooms, state of the art computer labs, multi-purpose playgrounds, professional sports coaches, and ‘smart-class’ technology-enabled classrooms.


School Leader at EuroSchool HSR, Bangalore

Mrs. Neelayath Kavitha

Mrs. Kavitha Neelayath, a visionary with ingenious ideas, has spanned 25 years with qualitative experience in the education sector, with a humble start as a teacher. A leader with undaunted conviction, she has led several top branded schools in the capacity of Principal and Cluster Principal. An ardent academician well-versed with modern pedagogy and educational practices, Ms. Neelayath has pioneered establishment of student centric environment in her schools. A mentor with profound insight, she has inspired her students and staff imbibe a strong foundational value system.

Her core strengths that make her an exceptional leader of schools are her strong and sound leadership, creative and critical thinking, quick and efficient problem-solving and superlative team management. Her passion and enthusiasm reflect in the commitment, zeal and dedication of her team and their love for the work they do. She believes that sustainable development encompasses virtues of integrity, compassion, discipline, ethics and resilience. Nurturing these values amongst her students, she has integrated the best teaching practices with life skills, adding a new dimension to holistic development. Her belief in the potential of her staff, a clear goal-oriented approach, valuing the contribution of each member and steering the direction of action have led to organizational success and leadership creation. Under her mentorship, we as a school are certain to scale greater heights!


Learning is Fun

EuroSchool envisions a wise world led by intelligent youth. The institution has one of the best in-class infrastructures in the country to nurture the aspirations and dreams of young children. Through its balanced schooling concept, EuroSchool strives to develop 9 kinds of intelligence, facilitated by encouraging kids to participate in the different clubs steered by experts!

Best in Class School Amenities

Football Ground
Half Olympic Size Swimming Pool
Multipurpose Hall
Percussion Classroom
Guitar Classroom
Keyboard Classroom

Our Campus Near HSR, Bangalore

Skill Up To Succeed With World Class Partners



Educational Excellence

Discovering themselves comes to EuroSchool students through various endeavours that we undertake for their all-round development. From Hooked on Books that fosters a love for reading, a Science Journal that involves experiments, and Go Green, a skill-based assessment test for measuring the students’ understanding of concepts, to an Olympiad that involves competitive exams and Altius that builds their confidence and helps them become independent learners, we ensure EuroSchool students are on the path to educational excellence.

Community Building

Not just cultural exposure, but a strong sense of community building is also essential for students. So that they develop qualities like good character, citizenship, fairness, and concern for others. That's why we focus on their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Personal Well-Being

We believe children can only grow and achieve educational excellence within a healthy and safe environment. Aptly, EuroSchool has advanced security procedures which make students feel safe and succeed academically, emotionally and socially. Our Weight Loss Programme aims at minimising the weight of the school bags and the Safe School initiative aims at creating a safe environment for children.

Skill Development

A strong sense of community building can only come with the help of the right traits of teamwork, mutual respect, communication and stress management. The EuroSchool curriculum includes opportunities & activities that help students develop life skills for facing the challenges of everyday life with a positive attitude. And sport is an active part of it. Learning, practising and mastering the basic skills of sport is one of the foundations of coaching, sports performance and athletic training provided at EuroSchool.

Cultural Exposure

Though we ensure that students learn amidst a safe environment, we make sure they gain exposure to different cultures. So that they learn to appreciate and respect them. Through our Science Quizzes, Math Club competitions, Spelling Bees, Hues, The Debate and Omaggio, we offer students enough avenues for gaining substantial experience, skills & talent, analysing & evaluating outcomes, and discovering personal aptitude.

Lifelong Learning

Apart from skill development, programmes under Lifelong Learning go a long way in helping students obtain conceptual mastery and moral values like honesty, integrity and truthfulness for life. Various Academic & Non-Academic Clubs, Outbound Educational Programmes, and Sparks – an initiative for instilling great values & virtues – enrich EuroSchool students with vivid experiences that enhance their personality and help them discover themselves.


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Proud Honours

Best ICSE / ISC School in HSR Layout, Bangalore

EuroSchool, HSR is affiliated to ICSE, which is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. We at EuroSchool, HSR provide education from kindergarten to Class 12. We follow ICSE curriculum for students from nursery to Grade 10 and follow ISC (Indian School Certificate) to students of Grade 11 and 12.

Our school in HSR, Bangalore has a well-designed layout and a specially crafted spacious environment that offers a great ambience. Additionally, EuroSchool, HSR, Bangalore promises to provide an all-round development of your child academically. Our teachers follow a personalized approach to help realize each child’s goals and true potential. Our teacher training complements this love for teaching and enhances the delivery of our well researched and curated curriculum. Moreover, EuroSchool provides amenities and sports such as badminton, football, swimming pool, 300 seater auditorium, percussion, guitar, keyboard, labs and library.

Academics at EuroSchool HSR Layout

At EuroSchool, HSR Layout, we have classes from nursery, primary, secondary, and higher secondary school to provide your child with a bright future.

Kindergarten Schools in HSR Layout

- Being one of the top international schools in India, EuroSchool in HSR Layout, Bangalore is also known to offer admissions for kindergarten. We believe that quality teaching can bring out the right characteristics in a child. Our teachers are committed to giving them the proper education and training

Pre-Primary Schools in HSR Layout

- EuroSchool in HSR Layout, Bangalore offers nursery, junior and senior admissions. EuroSchool HSR Layout's pre-primary classes’ goal is to enable students to gain exposure to different cultures amidst a safe learning environment as they grow.

Primary School in HSR Layout

- For primary school students, EuroSchool HSR Layout strengthens foundational academic skills and encourages holistic development through many activities.

Middle School in HSR Layout

- EuroSchool's Middle School in HSR Layout focuses on developing critical thinking and analytical skills. Our students are exposed to a wider curriculum that encourages them to explore, question, and understand their world deeply.

Secondary School in HSR Layout

- Our secondary school students are taught comprehensive education thus helping them prepare for board examinations. EuroSchool in HSR Layout, Bangalore also helps develop skills necessary for future academic challenges.

Higher Secondary School in HSR Layout

- We at EuroSchool, HSR Layout offer specialised subject choices that help them develop academic rigour, college readiness, and in-depth exploration of the disciplines chosen by them.

About EuroSchool

EuroSchool is part of Lighthouse Learning, one of India's leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education groups. Our group is committed to building a robust foundation & new-age skills in future generations with student-centered goals that align its network of over 1,200 Pre-Schools and 44 Schools. Lighthouse Learning Group delivers the joy of learning to over 150,000 children every day and employs a talented workforce of over 10,000 people across its office and campuses located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad.

We are the first schools around HSR Layout, Bangalore to come up with the concept of balanced schooling. Our aim is to find the perfect balance between academics, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. Our five-step strategy called LRPAX (Learn, Reinforce, Practice, Apply, Xperience) paves the way for integrated learning. Moreover, through our unique educational method, we make sure that your child has practical exposure to the outside world in addition to increasing their academic knowledge.

Our school has established a strong and encouraging network with 15 schools in six different cities. With a goal of providing learning that goes beyond books, we constantly endeavour to reinvent our education techniques that tap the inner potential of a child. Our aim is to make the process of learning fun for each and every child by encouraging them to pursue their dreams. This is why our teachers are driven by a motto of love and dedication to help each student at EuroSchool have a positive schooling experience.

Things to consider before selecting a school near HSR Layout, Bangalore

It is important to consider your child's complete development when selecting the proper school for them. Here are a few key factors to take into account before choosing a good school in Bangalore's HSR Layout:

  1. Teaching methods- Know the techniques the school uses to teach. Look at if the school promotes project-based, theoretical, or experiential learning. Also, consider the education and experience of the faculty before taking your child for nursery admission or primary schooling.
  2. Location- Evaluate the school's closeness to your house. School locations that are closer to your homes can cut down travel time, and cost, as well as anxiety for both you and your child. Additionally, make a note of how the school campus is. Spacious school campuses help facilitate new ideas and positive thinking in children.
  3. Safety and security- Make sure that the school offers the finest security measures to uphold the physical and mental well-being of your child. Look for features like CCTV cameras, trained security personnel, and a secure campus.
  4. School curriculum- To ensure that your child receives a holistic education, learn about the curriculum and the board with which the school is affiliated. The combination of a top-notch education and the right extracurricular activities will benefit kids in the long run.
  5. Other facilities- A school must have the proper resources for each and every student to succeed. Therefore, you must be aware of what facilities the school is offering your child. Look for well-equipped classrooms, libraries, science labs, and athletic facilities.

Admission Process for Best ICSE / ISC School in HSR Layout, Bangalore

The mission of EuroSchool is to create a solid foundation that enables every student to tap into their inner potential and move closer to their goals. Therefore, we make sure that the school admission procedure is simple for children to register.

To complete the admission process parents will need to set up a call with one of our counsellors. They will give you detailed information about our school facilities and curriculum. Alternatively, you can also acquire a school prospectus for more details about our school near HSR Layout, Bangalore, and enroll your child through easy digital applications. Afterward, you can sign up your child for a skill assessment session to enable us to understand your child’s skills and areas that still need growth.

FAQs on EuroSchool HSR Layout

Is transport facility offered to students in EuroSchool HSR Layout, Bangalore?

Yes, EuroSchool offers all of its students access to reasonable transit options. It has a dedicated network of 300+ GPS-enabled buses that are in charge of picking up and dropping off students at multiple locations in and around Bangalore's HSR Layout.

What are the amenities/facilities offered at EuroSchool HSR Layout, Bangalore?

EuroSchool in the HSR Layout, Bangalore, provides amenities and sports such as badminton, football, swimming pool, 300 seater auditorium, percussion, guitar, keyboard, labs and library.

What is the student-teacher ratio at EuroSchool HSR Layout, Bangalore?

The student-teacher ratio at EuroSchool near HSR Layout, Bangalore is 20:1. Accordingly, there are typically five teachers for every 100 students.

How can we know the progress of our children?

At EuroSchool near HSR Layout, Bangalore, we offer different ways to track your child’s progress. We ensure that parents are given a clear record of their child’s progress by organising regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss their academic performance.

What is the average annual fee for ICSE school in HSR Layout, Bangalore?

The average annual fee for ICSE school in HSR Layout, Bangalore depends on numerous factors. One of the key factors that affect a school's fee is its reputation. Additionally, the fee also depends on what other facilities the school is offering such as transport, tuition fees, medical aid, and much more. Thus, it is advisable to contact the school to learn about the fee structure in detail.

How do we pay fee payments?

Online fee payments are accepted at EuroSchool’s HSR Layout in Bangalore. While the admission fee can be paid in full, the tuition can be paid on a monthly basis.

How many educational levels does EuroSchool HSR Layout offer?

As one of the top schools in HSR Layout, EuroSchool offers education to children at all levels. You have the liberty to enroll your child in nursery, LKG and UKG or also admit them in primary or secondary school. We also offer higher secondary education to children.