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All About EuroSchool HSR layout ICSE School, Bangalore

Cambridge Public School is now EuroSchool HSR.

Every child discovers their potential from a universe of possibilities. Our endeavour at EuroSchool, near HSR Bangalore, is to encourage children to realise latent talent, ascertain areas of interest, hone individual skills, thereby uncovering varied facets of their personality. Through this journey of self-discovery, they are guided to develop their abilities, transforming themselves into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

One of the best schools in Bengaluru, EuroSchool HSR has a well-designed layout and a specially crafted spacious environment that offers a great ambience to nurture young minds. The school provides curriculum in accordance with the ICSE Board. EuroSchool HSR provides a gamut of exploration areas that include specially designed modern laboratories, reading rooms, state of the art computer labs, multi-purpose playgrounds, professional sports coaches, and ‘smart-class’ technology-enabled classrooms.

About EuroSchool

EuroSchool is part of Lighthouse Learning, one of India’s leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education groups. Our group is committed to building a robust foundation & new-age skills in future generations with student-centered goals that align its network of over 1,400 Pre-Schools and 53 Schools. Lighthouse Learning Group delivers the joy of learning to over 175,000 children every day and employs a talented workforce of over 10,000 people across its office and campuses located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad.

We are the first schools around HSR Layout, Bangalore to come up with the concept of balanced schooling. Our aim is to find the perfect balance between academics, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. Our five-step strategy called LRPAX (Learn, Reinforce, Practice, Apply, Xperience) paves the way for integrated learning. Moreover, through our unique educational method, we make sure that your child has practical exposure to the outside world in addition to increasing their academic knowledge.

Our school has established a strong and encouraging network with 18 schools in six different cities. With a goal of providing learning that goes beyond books, we constantly endeavour to reinvent our education techniques that tap the inner potential of a child. Our aim is to make the process of learning fun for each and every child by encouraging them to pursue their dreams. This is why our teachers are driven by a motto of love and dedication to help each student at EuroSchool have a positive schooling experience.

Things to consider before selecting a school near HSR Layout, Bengaluru

It is important to consider your child’s complete development when selecting the proper school for them. Here are a few key factors to take into account before choosing a good school in Bangalore’s HSR Layout:

1. Teaching methods– Know the techniques the school uses to teach. Look at if the school promotes project-based, theoretical, or experiential learning. Also, consider the education and experience of the faculty before taking your child for nursery admission or primary schooling.

2. Location– Evaluate the school’s closeness to your house. School locations that are closer to your homes can cut down travel time, and cost, as well as anxiety for both you and your child. Additionally, make a note of how the school campus is. Spacious school campuses help facilitate new ideas and positive thinking in children.

3. Safety and security– Make sure that the school offers the finest security measures to uphold the physical and mental well-being of your child. Look for features like CCTV cameras, trained security personnel, and a secure campus.

4. School curriculum– To ensure that your child receives a holistic education, learn about the curriculum and the board with which the school is affiliated. The combination of a top-notch education and the right extracurricular activities will benefit kids in the long run.

5. Other facilities– A school must have the proper resources for each and every student to succeed. Therefore, you must be aware of what facilities the school is offering your child. Look for well-equipped classrooms, libraries, science labs, and athletic facilities.

Admission Process for Best ICSE / ISC School in HSR Layout, Bengaluru

The mission of EuroSchool is to create a solid foundation that enables every student to tap into their inner potential and move closer to their goals. Therefore, we make sure that the school admission procedure is simple for children to register.

To complete the admission process parents will need to set up a call with one of our counsellors. They will give you detailed information about our school facilities and curriculum. Alternatively, you can also acquire a school prospectus for more details about our school near HSR Layout, Bangalore, and enroll your child through easy digital applications. Afterward, you can sign up your child for a skill assessment session to enable us to understand your child’s skills and areas that still need growth.

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