EuroSchool HSR layout ICSE School, Bangalore - Principal Speak

Mrs. Kavitha Neelayath - Principle of HSR, Bangalore
Mrs. Kavitha Neelayath,
“a visionary with ingenious ideas, has spanned 25 years with qualitative experience in the education sector, with a humble start as a teacher. A leader with undaunted conviction, she has led several top branded schools in the capacity of Principal and Cluster Principal. An ardent academician well-versed with modern pedagogy and educational practices, Ms. Neelayath has pioneered establishment of student centric environment in her schools. A mentor with profound insight, she has inspired her students and staff imbibe a strong foundational value system.
Her core strengths that make her an exceptional leader of schools are her strong and sound leadership, creative and critical thinking, quick and efficient problem-solving and superlative team management. Her passion and enthusiasm reflect in the commitment, zeal and dedication of her team and their love for the work they do. She believes that sustainable development encompasses virtues of integrity, compassion, discipline, ethics and resilience. Nurturing these values amongst her students, she has integrated the best teaching practices with life skills, adding a new dimension to holistic development. Her belief in the potential of her staff, a clear goal-oriented approach, valuing the contribution of each member and steering the direction of action have led to organizational success and leadership creation. Under her mentorship, we as a school are certain to scale greater heights!”

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