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ARGUS - A digital learning ecosystem for 21st century children!

Each child learns at her own pace and has a unique style of learning. ARGUS – our digital learning ecosystem personalises learning according to the pace and style of the child. This ensures deeper understanding of subjects in a fun manner. Its student-friendly interface and gamified content enables enhanced student engagementFor the first time, ARGUS brings all the key stakeholders of the child’s education on the same platform – Students, Teachers and Parents. Advanced analytics allow Parents and teachers to access students’ reports at every stage, identify areas of improvement and work towards achieving them.

Key Features of ARGUS

  • Syllabus Integrated with LRPAX Methodology
  • Live Classes (Grades 1 to 12)
  • Digital Textbooks
  • Periodic Online Quizzes and Assessments
  • Concept-wise & Subject-wise Revision
  • Real-time Performance Tracking & Analytics
  • Easy Monitoring by Educators
  • Parent App

For More Than
Academic Excellence

EuroSchool prides itself as a 'school that helps students Discover Themselves'. The institution has one of the best in-class infrastructures in the country to nurture the aspirations and dreams of young children. Through its balanced schooling concept, EuroSchool strives to develop 9 kinds of intelligence.


We don't just stop at learning

EuroSchool's LRPAX methodology enables students to Learn, Reinforce, Practice, Apply and Experience. So the knowledge that our students gain stays with them forever. This helps students to do well not only in academics but also in their day-to-day life.


India's 1st chain of
schools to receive 'Safe
School ' Certification

It is only when children feel safe, that they are inclined to learn, explore and succeed- academically, emotionally and socially. That is why EuroSchool uses advanced security systems and procedures for the childern's safety and security. We have collaborated with Bureau Veritas - a global leader in testing, inspection and certification of safety, to ensure that every child is safe and secure.


EuroSchool's Curriculum
is powered by NEP 2020

EuroSchool has introduced a new curriculum designed by a team of experts from the dedicated curriculum design and research department, ‘Cerebrum'. The curriculum is in keeping with the recommendations of the NEP 2020 and is dynamically upgraded periodically, to stay abreast of the fast-paced changes in educational. The new curriculum focuses on 21st-century skills - Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication and the 7E Instruction Design Principle - Engage, Explain, Elaborate, Explore, Evaluate, Extend and Experience.

Center of Excellence

A platform that delivers professional programs

EuroSchool has partnered with some of the world's most renowned institutions such as Dale Carnegie, Trinity College London, Cambridge English Assessments, National Stock Exchange Academy, Pro Grad Junior, LogiQids, Bloom and Grow, Model United Nations (Preparatory Centre) among several others, to provide professional courses to students. Grade-wise skills in focus are as follows:

Jr.KG & Sr.KG

Jr.KG & Sr.KG

Music, Speech and Drama

Grades 1 to 4

Grades 1 to 4

Music, Art & Craft, Block Coding & Communication

Grades 5 to 8

Grades 5 to 8

Financial Awareness, Logic, Critical Thinking, Web & App Development, Python & AI & Leadership Skills

Grades 9 to 12

Grades 9 to 12

Young Entrepreneurship Lab, Art, Model United Nations and NCFM by NSE Academy