EuroSchool Chimney Hills CBSE School, Bangalore - Academics

Discover the Joy of Learning! EuroSchool envisions a wise world led by intelligent youth. The institution has one of the best in-class infrastructures in the country to nurture the aspirations and dreams of young children. Through its balanced schooling concept, EuroSchool strives to develop 9 kinds of intelligence, facilitated by encouraging kids to participate in the different clubs steered by experts!
Model United Nations

Model United Nations

  • Practising like the great thinkers and speakers.
  • Finding solutions to global problems
  • Understanding the activity and impact of the UN.
  • Analysing world events and the effectiveness of the UN.
  • Understanding the activity in mock assemblies
  • Discussions on Human Rights, Global Warming etc

Environment And Sustainable Development

  • Discussions on carbon footprint
  • Awareness about climate change
  • Understanding the impact on biodiversity.
Environment and Sustainable Development
International Programmes

International Programmes

  • Bookmark Exchange Project by the ISLM Committee.
  • Connecting globally on the love of books.
  • British Council for international learning activities.
  • Accreditation to the International School Award.


  • Introduction to the Celestial World and 12 constellations.
  • Discussions on Cosmos and Outer Space.
  • A closer look at the life of Astronauts.
  • Understanding the Zodiac Signs.
  • Learning about the solar system, asteroids, meteors, comets.
Learning With Friends
Learning About History and Heritage

History & Heritage

  • Learning about history and heritage.
  • Discussing landmarks and monuments.
  • Talks on Archaeology
  • Knowing about Places of historical and cultural importance.

Nutritional science

  • Understanding the food pyramid.
  • Awareness of body balance.
  • Knowing the different types of nutrients.
  • Learning to make simple healthy recipes.
  • Practicing healthy eating and table manners.
  • Awareness of exercise, sleep and happiness.
Nutritional Science
Understanding Robotics and Its Application


  • Working on AI technologies and innovations.
  • Understanding robotics and its application.
  • Assembling 3D models.
  • Learning coding and programming languages.
  • Designing next-gen tools and programmes.

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