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Read, learn & grow: 6 best libraries in Mumbai for every Kid

library in mumbai

Mumbai is a bustling city. Apart from its beautiful beaches and sea line, one aspect not to be missed is the ‘best libraries in Mumbai’. While reading is crucial for your child’s success, libraries also play an important part in your child’s growth.

Given the resources and technology, you may wonder what effect libraries have on kids these days, right?

Children learn what they see. You are setting an example as a reader for your child by visiting the library. A child’s attitude toward books can be altered by introducing them to the countless reading possibilities that are out there.

The best libraries in Mumbai offer different child-beneficial services, including easy access and free resources. Establishing a strong bond with the library in Mumbai at an early age imparts knowledge that even technology cannot match!

A perfect mix of learning and entertainment, regular outings to book libraries in Mumbai spark curiosity in your child. It makes them a good reader and a vivid learner.

Let’s look at the Mumbai’s famous libraries that you must visit with your kid:

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6 Best Libraries in Mumbai for Kids You Must Know

  1. The Asiatic Library
    • The Asiatic Library transports one to the time of the Roman Empire. It has some of the rarest manuscripts in the nation and is more than 200 years old.
    • Additionally, a large number of newspapers, journals, periodicals, and articles that date back more than a century can be found.
    • This library in Mumbai is a sight for sore eyes because of two outstanding features: the famous staircase and the columns that resemble the Roman Colosseum.

    Address: Town Hall, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, close to RBI, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    Open hours for the library are: 10:30 AM to 6:45 PM

  2. David Sassoon Library
    • Near Kala Ghoda, David Sasson is a 150-year-old famous library in Mumbai, home to almost 70,000 books on a wide range of topics.
    • Books on those uncommon languages that are unavailable elsewhere are also available here.
    • Its exquisite architecture dates back to the British Empire. It’s one of the best libraries in Mumbai for your kid to pick up a book and start reading!

    Address: David Sassoon Library, 152 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai

    Open hours for the library are: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

  3. British Council Library
    • One of the best libraries in Mumbai is the British Council Library. It has a large selection of newspapers, magazines, and books, both fiction and non-fiction.
    • Your child may discover a wealth of study materials instead of having to purchase expensive books.

    Address: One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 1, 901, 9th Floor, Elphinstone Road, Senapati Bapat Marg.

    Open hours for the library are: 10 AM to 6 PM.

  4. Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library
    • Maharashtra Mitra Mandal, additionally referred to as MCubed, is home to Marathi literature. This library in Mumbai has areas designated for adults and children.
    • MCubed offers more than just reading; it hosts conversation forums as well. Every year, there’s also a literary festival with an energetic vibe.
    • Don’t forget to check out the lovely reading rooms and make your kid spend some of the evenings here!

    Address: DMonte Park Road in Bandra (West), Mumbai, Princess Building close to Bandra Gymkhana.

    Open hours for the library are: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

  5. Trilogy Library & Bookstore
    • The Trilogy Library & Bookstore resembles a peaceful nook where you can go with your child to unwind and read a good book.
    • You can find books on photography and art, fiction and non-fiction, graphic novels and comic books (both new and old).
    • In addition, this one of the best libraries in Mumbai hosts member workshops and occasionally even book releases. So, your child can read, chat and learn all at the same time.

    Address: Raghuvanshi Mills Compound in Building No. 28, Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Open hours for the library are: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (Weekdays), 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (Weekends)

  6. The American Library
    • The American Library’s vast collection appeals to parents and children both. It contains major works of American literature along with books on psychology, science fiction, journalism, self-help, and arts.
    • The American Library often hosts a range of cultural events to introduce its audience to a variety of themes.
    • It is one of the best libraries in Mumbai providing access to online journals, databases, and publications for those who live outside of Mumbai.

    Address: Consulate General of the United States of America C-49, G-Block Bandra Kurla Complex.

    Open hours for the library are: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Tips to Make the Most of Best Libraries in Mumbai for Your Kid

Follow these tips to ensure your visit to one of the best libraries in Mumbai is seamless and fun:

  • Get a library card: Get a library card for your kid as it provides unique access to a vast array of books! You and your child can check out books with a library card and take them home to read at their own leisure.
  • Check several sections: Most of the best libraries in Mumbai provide sections catering to a variety of interests and age groups. So, if your child is in the mood for a mystery today, take them to the detective area for some light-hearted reading!
  • Turn it into a family trip: The Library is an ideal location for an enjoyable family outing. Go together; choose books for each other, and curl up for a good read in peace and comfort.

Early library connections help kids learn that they have access to resources that go beyond printed books. The best libraries in Mumbai are like your child’s best friend outside school. 

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