Back to School Shopping Checklist

Back to School Supplies Checklist for Kids

There’s no better feeling than preparing for the holidays and spending much time away from school. However, like all good things, holidays too end and then the dreaded time awaits of having to go back to school. While it is undoubtedly irritating for your little ones, a lot of work lies ahead for you as a parent. One such thing is getting school supplies ready so your little tots are ready to go back to school. When preparing a checklist of back-to-school supplies, it is integral for you to factor in all necessary supplies including stationery, storage supplies, and even safety essentials. If you, as a parent, are confused about making a back-to-school supplies checklist, you’ve come to the right place. Before delving into what essential items need to feature on a back-to-school preparation checklist, let’s get a better understating of how to prepare a checklist effortlessly.

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Guidelines and Tips For Making A Back To School Shopping Checklis

  • Have a clear purpose- Before you prepare any checklist you need to have a clearly defined purpose. You must ask yourself ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions to stay on track and not deviate from the main reason why you’re creating the checklist.
  • Divide your main task into smaller ones- Break down your main task into smaller groups or categories. This ensures that you do not feel overburdened or overwhelmed.
  • Prioritise tasks- When creating a checklist for school essentials, make sure to keep the most important items at the top of your list. For instance, your little ones cannot go to school without basic stationery supplies like a pencil, eraser and sharpener.
  • Keep it realistic- As parents, we tend to often go overboard when it comes to our kids. However, try to have a realistic checklist and not include items which your kids will never need for school.
  • Check off completed items- Don’t forget to carry your checklist when you go shopping. Ensure to check off each item on the list as soon as you purchase it.

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Back to School Checklis

Now that you have a good idea of how to prepare a checklist, you need to take a close look at the one you have prepared and ensure that it includes all your child will need in school. To help make your task simpler, we’ve created a back-to-school shopping checklist just for you.

Stationery Items:

  • Pencils- Your child will need a pencil or a few ones for writing work or even in the case of drawing during an art class. It’s good to make sure that the pencils are sharpened well enough to write but not to the extent of posing a danger to your little ones.
  • Sharpener- What seems like a harmless little piece of equipment can be hazardous for a toddler. One should use a sharpener only under the supervision and guidance of a teacher.
  • Eraser- When a child is learning to write, an eraser becomes a lifesaver. While it should not develop into a habit, it is essential during the early stages of learning how to write.
  • Ruled notebooks- Reading and writing are literacy skills that stay with one for a lifetime. When learning to write, your child will need a ruled notebook to help him or her learn how to write between the lines.
  • Crayons and colour pencils- It is not unknown that children learn from images. The process of cognitive development begins from a very early age and children learn from what they see and perceive from their immediate surroundings. Crayons and colour pencils are preferable for toddlers and preschoolers since they aren’t as messy as paints and other watercolours.
  • Colouring book- Most modern-day school curriculums have started including visual aids to assist in the teaching-learning process. One helpful aid in this regard for preschoolers is a colouring book.

Storage Essentials:

  • Schoolbag- When it comes to housing all the necessary school equipment, one cannot overlook the importance of a schoolbag. It’s wise to choose a school bag that is appropriately sized, with the necessary compartments to make it easier for your little ones to find their items. Buying a colourful and cartoon-themed bag could be a good way of making your child want to go to school.
  • Pencil box- While a pencil box or pencil bag can be placed in a school bag, essential stationery items like pencils, erasers, sharpeners and colour pens need to be placed in a pencil box.

Lunch Supplies:

  • Lunch box- A brain is like a machine that is fuelled by energy. What better way to stimulate the brain than by making a fresh meal for your toddler’s snack or lunch? Choosing a lunch box can be a tricky affair as there are so many to pick from the shelf. When purchasing a lunch box, you should purchase one that is insulated and keeps the food warm for a prolonged period.
  • Water bottle- It’s best to purchase an insulated water bottle for your child as that keeps the water or juice at a preferable temperature. Just like with the case of lunch boxes, make sure to purchase a water bottle that is non-toxic and BPA-free.

Safety Essentials:

  • Hand sanitiser- Hygiene should be of paramount importance when thinking about the well-being of your children. You should teach your toddler how to use this to avoid misuse or overuse of it. It is better to use it under the guidance and supervision of the teacher present.
  • Mask- Ever since COVID-19 struck the world with its ugly and icy claws, people have started to pay attention to hygienic practices. Wearing a mask in school when having a cold or fever can stop the spread of a viral infection.

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