Best Cooking Shows For Young Chefs Who Love To Cook


Cooking shows for kids are not just recipes. They encourage creativity and imagination in the kitchen. These shows let kids dive into cooking, pick up tips from chefs, and enjoy making delicious meals. All this while having fun. This blog looks at different shows that kids can watch to get inspired and improve their cooking skills.

  1. Waffles + Mochi
  2. Every Waffles + Mochi episode is a blend of puppetry, songs, food travels and more. Their cooking tips and fun facts make children curious about food. Waffles and Mochi, the playful puppets, introduce kids to new flavours and ways to cook. With special appearances by celebrity chefs, this show teaches children that fresh food is not just delicious but also wonderfully thrilling.

    Where to watch: Netflix

  3. The Big Family Cooking Showdown
  4. Hosted by Angellica Bell and Tommy Banks, this cooking competition invites families to vie in culinary challenges. They present their finest homemade dishes for evaluation by renowned culinary experts.

    Where to watch: Netflix

  5. Bake Squad
  6. In this show, Christina Tosi guides skilled bakers through exciting dessert challenges. It is a fantastic choice for baking enthusiasts, sparking inspiration and creativity in young kitchen talents.

    Where to watch: Netflix

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  7. MasterChef Junior
  8. Gordon Ramsay and other celebrity chefs host the show. Talented kids compete in cooking challenges, learning and showcasing their love for food with mentor guidance.

    Where to watch: Available on Hulu, and sometimes on FOX.

  9. Chopped Junior
  10. Ted Allen hosts this competition where skilled contestants aged 9 to 15 face rigorous cooking challenges. Using surprise ingredients from mystery baskets, these young chefs craft impressive dishes. The pressure of the timed rounds and the unexpected elements of the mystery basket challenge participants to think quickly and innovate.

    Where to watch: Stream on Hulu and Food Network.

  11. Top Chef Junior
  12. “Top Chef Junior” is a fun TV contest where cooking-loving kids try to become super chefs. They cook different foods, and famous chefs guide and judge them. It’s like a big cooking adventure that helps these young chefs learn and make yummy meals. Watching these talented kids cook is an exciting watch.

    Where to watch: Universal Kids

  13. Cooking with Dog
  14. “Cooking with Dog” was a show where a chef cooked yummy meals while a cute dog named Francis helped explain the steps. They made different dishes from around the world, showing viewers how to cook each step. Even though the dog is not in the videos now, people can still watch and learn new recipes from the chef.

    Where to watch: YouTube

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  15. Nadiya’s Time to Eat
  16. “Nadiya’s Time to Eat” features Nadiya, taking you through easy steps to make cooking yummy meals quick for everyone. Nadiya also teaches viewers smart tricks using ingredients that are already prepared, making cooking easier and faster. Her show helps people cook yummy dishes without the fuss.

    Where to watch: Netflix

  17. Sara’s Weeknight Meals
  18. Sara Moulton’s cooking show has easy recipes for kids. She makes dishes that children can help with, making cooking fun for young chefs.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime

  19. Is it Cake?
  20. The show is a realistic cake decorating competition series. Skilled cake artists create mouthwatering replicas of everyday objects like handbags, sewing machines and other objects. Kids not only learn the tricks but also get amazed and excited trying to figure out if what they see is cake or something else entirely.

    Where to watch: Netflix

  21. Kids Baking Championship
  22. A cooking competition just for kids. They bake yummy treats and make amazing desserts to win. Each week they face new challenges, like making cakes or cookies, showing off their baking skills. The young bakers create delicious goodies and have fun in the kitchen. The best part – they get to impress judges with their tasty creations and maybe even become the champion baker!

    Where to watch: The Food Network

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  23. I Draw, You Cook
  24. A cooking show where a child between 5-and 9 years of age draws a dish out of their wildest imagination. Then, two chefs have a cookoff to recreate the dish that has been drawn. It is a creative way to make art into recipes, making cooking surprising and challenging.

    Where to watch: Hulu

  25. Cooku With Comali Junior
  26. “Cooku With Comali Junior” is a cooking show in India where kids team up with amateur chefs called “comalis” to cook. It is fun because the comalis don’t know much about cooking, making it funny. Kids get to show off their cooking skills while having a good time with the comalis.

Where to watch – YouTube

Watching these fun cooking shows helps kids fall in love with cooking. They try new things in the kitchen and learn from expert chefs. After all, for kids it is not just about recipes; it is about gaining skills and confidence while having fun. So, grab an apron, get cooking, and let these shows inspire young kitchen pros. For more such blogs, read EuroSchool.

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