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Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels Educational and Entertaining Content for Kids

best youtube channels for kids

In the rapidly changing digital world, various platforms offer content, with YouTube being a significant choice for all ages. For kids, when used safely and smartly, YouTube can be a great source of learning and enjoyment.

However, identifying channels that are both educational and enjoyable for kids can sometimes be daunting for parents and guardians. To make things simpler, we have put together a collection of YouTube channels suitable for kids in this blog. These channels blend education with fun entertainment.

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  1. Sesame Street:
  2. Sesame Street’s YouTube channel is packed with fun and educational content for kids. It features the beloved Muppets in entertaining skits, songs, and interactive segments. The channel focuses on teaching letters, numbers, and social skills in a playful way. Through popular characters like Elmo and Big Bird, Sesame Street makes learning enjoyable, combining fun and education for young viewers.

  3. National Geographic Kids:
  4. This channel brings wildlife and nature into your home, offering children breathtaking encounters with the natural world and its inhabitants. It facilitates education through engaging articles, vivid photography, and fun facts, making science and geography accessible and stimulating.

    Aimed at children aged 6-14, it encourages curiosity and lifelong learning. National Geographic Kids offers a range of content including books, magazines, websites, and educational apps. It embodies the National Geographic Society’s mission to inspire, illuminate, and teach, contributing to a well-informed future generation.

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  5. com Early Learning Academy:
  6. A channel focused on early education, providing a comprehensive, research-based curriculum encompassing math, art, reading, and music, tailored for preschool to 2nd-grade children. The program includes over 10,000 interactive learning activities and 850 lessons that progress in difficulty, ensuring a structured learning path.

  7. StorylineOnline:
  8. This digital platform features renowned actors who read popular and culturally diverse children’s books, aiming to instil a love for reading. The engaging videos and animated illustrations, captivate young audiences worldwide. Storyline Online is freely accessible. It is a remarkable tool that combines entertainment with education, fostering literacy and imagination within the youth.

  9. Blippi:
  10. Blippi, a character created by performer Stevin John, is an energetic, child-friendly persona renowned for his educational children’s videos. Appearing on YouTube and other streaming platforms, Blippi entertains and instructs with songs, field trips, and engaging teaching methods. Aimed at preschoolers, Blippi’s content covers topics such as colours, shapes, and numbers, helping to foster cognitive development. With colourful attire, including a signature blue and orange beanie cap, Blippi has become a modern icon in children’s educational entertainment.

  11. Cool School:
  12. Cool School’s YouTube channel offers a mix of fun and learning with cartoons, nursery rhymes, and educational videos. It covers art, science, math, and more, making learning enjoyable for kids. Through vibrant animations and instructive content, it creates an entertaining space that stimulates young minds while they learn.

  13. Free School:
  14. Free School is an educational YouTube channel dedicated to providing high-quality, engaging educational content on science, history, literature, and the arts. By employing clear explanations and vivid illustrations, Free School helps to ignite curiosity and encourage lifelong learning. As a valuable educational resource, it supports teachers, homeschooling parents, and learners worldwide.

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  15. Cosmic Kids Yoga:
  16. Blending storytelling with yoga, this channel promotes health and relaxation through kid-friendly physical activities. It offers a variety of sessions that encourage kids to move, play, and learn. Available on YouTube and as an app, Cosmic Kids Yoga makes exercise accessible and enjoyable, gaining popularity among educators and parents seeking holistic development approaches for their children.

  17. TED-Ed:
  18. TED-Ed, an education initiative by TED, offers a global platform that presents carefully curated educational videos. TED-Ed creates original animated lessons and provides an interactive platform where educators can customize these videos with quizzes and discussion topics, effectively tailoring the content to their teaching needs. Its resources are freely accessible.

  19. CrashCourse Kids:
  20. CrashCourse Kids is an educational YouTube channel that offers a wide range of science-cantered content tailored for students ranging from elementary to middle school levels. It deals with topics like Earth science, physical science, biology, geography, engineering, and astronomy.

  21. BrainCraft:
  22. The BrainCraft channel is an educational platform dedicated to exploring the intricacies of the human brain and psychology. Hosted by Vanessa Hill, the content dives into topics relating to neuroscience and behaviour, making complex subjects accessible to a broad audience. The channel’s engaging videos blend scientific research with practical insights, aiming to enhance viewers’ understanding of their minds. BrainCraft, revered for its quality content, continues to garner a significant following on YouTube.

  23. Khan Academy:
  24. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform that provides free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Established in 2008 by educator Salman Khan, it offers a vast library of interactive practices and videos covering subjects from math and science to humanities. It is particularly renowned for its personalised learning dashboard, which enables learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. It has received significant appreciation for democratising education, helping millions worldwide to access quality instruction. Khan Academy also collaborates with institutions like NASA and MIT to create specialised content.

  25. Edewcate:
  26. Edewcate is an innovative e-learning platform designed to cater to the learning needs of children in the age group of 2-8. Edewcate has videos in English, Hindi, Telugu, French, and Spanish.. The interactive activities, and educational games, are curated by expert educators. The videos include rhymes, songs, stories, finger families, shapes, alphabets etc in both 3D and 2D animation.

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At EuroSchool, we encourage teachers to use educational videos in their classrooms, offering students supplementary material to reinforce classroom teachings and provide an interactive and engaging learning experience.

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