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Seven Points to Consider While Choosing a Stream after 10th

best stream after 10th

So, you have finished 10th, do you want to be a doctor or an engineer or an UPSC aspirant? Most of us would have faced this question before choosing the streams for the 11th and 12th grades. Some people would suggest taking the science stream, to be on a safer side, some would say take commerce or arts which is easier as science is not there.

Some will try to scare you, “If you take the wrong stream then you will suffer your whole life, your career will be at risk, think before taking a stream”. That one neighbour aunty or uncle would say, “My son chose this and he is a millionaire now, my daughter chose this and she owns a Mercedes Benz and a flat in Mumbai, my cousin chose this and he is earning a crore per annum”, this goes on.

Everyone wants you to have a safe career or a career that they feel is safe and successful. Like nothing should go wrong in the future. You are just 15 years old and you would be confused in choosing the best course after 10th class. We can understand that and you shouldn’t let peer or parental pressure influence your decision on career options after 10th. Your academic life could be impacted because of this.

Choosing the best course after 10th is crucial since it can significantly affect your future employment chances. The stream you choose will determine the subjects you study in the 11th and 12th grades and also the courses you can study in colleges or universities. To avoid all this confusion, we will look at some tips that will help you choose the best course after 10th. You should know about the available streams and the career options after 10th.

Science stream:

For Students who are interested in science courses like physics, chemistry, and biology, this is the best stream after 10th. Some of the popular career options in this stream are,


The most popular career option for science stream students in India. There are various branches like mechanical, civil, aeronautics, computer science, information technology, and electrical.


The next popular career option is medicine. In this field, students can pursue their careers as physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals.


After graduating from high school, students can pursue a profession in architecture by completing a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)degree.

Agricultural sciences:

For students who want to work in sectors like food processing, crop management, and farm management, agricultural sciences are the best option.

Defence services:

Students studying in the science stream have the option to work in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, or Indian Air Force.

Information Technology:

Students can pursue jobs in information technology, software development, and related industries.


Students in the science stream are eligible for research jobs in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and engineering.

Biotechnology and forensic sciences:

Career options in fields that involve the use of biological processes and living organisms to develop new products and technologies. Careers in forensic sciences involve using scientific techniques to solve crimes and for investigation.

Commerce Stream:

Chartered Accountancy:

A professional course that requires lots of hard work, but the rewards are great.

Financial Consulting/Planning:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance or Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) in Finance are the available professional courses in this field.

Bank PO/Investment Banking:

Students can pursue a career in banking by appearing for exams after completing a degree.

Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA):

This professional course teaches students how to manage the finances of a company.

Actuarial Science:

Analysing and controlling financial risk are involved in this field. This is the best option for students who are good at maths.

Other career options after 10th, that are available in this stream are Stockbroking, Insurance, and Private Equity/Venture Capital.

Arts stream:

Law :

By studying Bachelor of Laws (LLB), a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches about legal systems and laws, students can pursue their career in law.

Journalism and Mass Communication:

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a 3-year professional course available for students to work in the fields of journalism, public relations, and advertising, content writing.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Psychology is a 3-year course that teaches about the human mind and behaviour. For students who want to pursue careers like psychologists, psychotherapists, or counselors, this will be the best option.

Travel and Tourism:

For students who are interested in travelling the world or pursuing a career in the travel industry, a Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) is available.

Other options are:

  • Hospitality and Event Management
  • International Relations, Language Translator
  • Interior, Fashion, Jewellery Design
  • Digital Marketing, Sales, Marketing
  • Commercial Artist

Seven Points to Consider While Choosing a Stream after 10th:

Interest and aptitude:

Think about the things you love and are interested in. Choose a stream that matches your interests. Assess your talents and ability in a particular subject. It’s important to select a stream in which you are best at.

Career Objectives:

Consider your career goals and aspirations before choosing the best course after 10th. Explore the job alternatives available after completing a specific course.

Available resources:

Think about the resources that are available in your area for the stream you choose, such as reputable institutions, coaching facilities, and study materials.

Future Trends and Education:

If you are interested in a field, make a brief study about the future developments in that field and choose the stream accordingly. Also, consider the courses available in the field after completing high school.

Practical Training:

For a hands-on learning experience, see if the stream offers internships or practical training.

Scope of the Stream:

Look into all the aspects of the stream you want to choose. Examine the subjects covered in the syllabus to see if they align with your interests and goals.


To help you decide the best course after 10th class, talk with your parents, instructors, career advisers, or experts in the industry for guidance.

Never choose a stream only for fame and money and don’t fall for peer pressure in choosing the stream. As we mentioned earlier you are just 15, so don’t be afraid. If your interests or job aspirations change, you can simply change your field later. In EuroSchool we understand the importance of the best stream after 10th. Visit EuroSchool to know more.

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