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CBSE Board vs State Board: Which is Better?

CBSE Board vs State Board: Which is Better?

To know what is best for our children, there is a lot we must look at. We must ensure that we compare our options before settling on what is the best for our kids. We must know that the future of our children leans on the decisions we make. Once you choose the path for a child, it is then their responsibility to fulfill their dreams, but getting them started is on us. So, let us learn and understand the options we have to make a better choice.

Amongst the options you have are government schools, private schools, International schools, and then there is also homeschooling as well as open and distant learning and international education. We need to be sure we know what is important when you have to choose a school for your kid. One must always match personal values and preferences to ensure we entrust the future of our child in the right type of school.

Just making a choice is not going to be enough. So, while choosing a school, it is important that you outline a few factors. These factors have to add value to your child’s education and think about their future aspects all the time. So, your checklist must include good teachers, a strong curriculum, and academics. However, one can never miss out on prioritizing their child’s safety. Children are the most valuable asset for parents and hence their safety comes first.

Now that we know the different types of options available, let us compare two extremely different and remotely unlikely boards. We will be specifically talking about the one type of school most in demand, and that is CBSE board, and on the other hand, we will be talking about the most common and popular state board. Firstly, let us understand what a CBSE board is. CBSE board is an Indian national-level education board for private and public schools. This is operated and regulated by the Indian Union Government. Whereas the state board is a very popular choice of education, state board of secondary and higher secondary education. The state Board is a board for schools under the state Government. Each state has its own education board for determining the standard of education and examinations for the schools in that state, usually known as The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Interestingly enough, every state in India has a state education department that is responsible for organizing board exams for the classes 10th and 12th, and they have a separate syllabus and grading system, very different from CBSE or ICSE boards. Now that we know what CBSE board vs state board is, let us understand why CBSE board is in demand and what the CBSE and state board differences are.

The major difference between CBSE vs state board is that CBSE board focuses on studying science, math, and application-based subjects. This is a part of what CBSE education has to offer. The best part is that CBSE uses English and Hindi as the medium of instruction. However, the state board tends to focus on topics that are based on regional languages, cultures, and things that are applicable to the state. The primary languages of the State Board are English and regional languages.

Basically the growing demand of CBSE School is due to parents becoming aware that if they choose CBSE School for their children, they have a lot more to offer as opposed to state boards. CBSE School offers a higher level of education, it provides superior textbooks and these are produced by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). All this has changed the way parents look at education because it provides a lot more than just regular curriculum. Whereas the state board has more of the traditional values and methods to follow by giving more emphasis on regional topics and languages and it differs from state to state.

The importance of CBSE education is a space that provides conducive learning. What is conducive learning? If you choose a CBSE School for children that are intrigued to learn new things, you will get an environment that has a setup which allows every child to have a free exchange of ideas, this helps them in public speaking and allows them to become very confident while getting an open approach to education. The CBSE vs state board has a vast difference, state board has more of a state syllabus, and it does not change so very often and is definitely not designed for self-development.

Best CBSE Schools not only pay attention to the pupils’ needs and growth but also ensure they share similar thoughts and skills amongst the teachers. This has helped us to change age-old teaching methods such as state board education. CBSE education is known to change into a new and updated version for best outcomes every year. The CBSE and state board difference is mainly compared to state board education not being very easy to cope with nationwide entrance exams, making it difficult for students because they lag in the whole concept. The CBSE board pushed learners very positively to achieve the expected educational goals by considering a lot of other aspects.

The CBSE and state board difference that is noticed is that the importance of CBSE education does not only focus on curriculum but also on other major areas, which sometimes get ignored by state boards with their very busy and vast curriculums, which are forced upon children. The areas of importance that are covered and handled with utmost importance when you choose the best CBSE Schools for your children are physical, psychological, social, and cultural needs of all the learners with utmost importance. You will not get some of these options with the state board schools.

CBSE vs state board difference is that the best CBSE Schools go by the most effective education for children, while state board goes by age-old syllabus. The CBSE pattern of teaching includes curriculum and co-curricular activities. These activities bring out the artist in your child. It helps them look beyond the regular and help them to be innovative at a very young age. The activities include clay modeling, dance and music, different types of painting such as wax, thread, and sand are the least that can be mentioned. This is remotely not included in state boards as an option for students. They have more of the regular art and craft classes but they do not hold as much as priority or importance. With CBSE education, activities also include origami and marble printing which usually is not something we expect to be taught in state board schools, and that is why choosing a CBSE School for children gives them a cut above the rest.

The importance of CBSE education does not stop at this. CBSE Schools ensure they embed good and useful teaching in all aspects, even so guiding young minds on watching TV and the advantages and benefits that only help them learn while they watch. Besides, CBSE Schools have extracurricular activities. These activities help children choose their fields of career in the future. Activities like physical training or sports, dance and music, and elocution, these activities inculcate etiquettes and mannerisms in children. State board typically teaches to use regional language as a medium and main component of instructions for students, it mainly focuses more on the local culture. They do have extra subjects that help cater to a child’s needs, but they do not have a lot to offer.

Best CBSE Schools also provide different teaching and learning styles. They maintain a very healthy student-teacher ratio, this only helps every pupil to get the attention they deserve. As well as every teacher has appropriate responsibilities providing ease and mental health to the learners and the teachers. When you choose CBSE schools, one can be rest assured that every child’s needs and interests will be encouraged and attended to. The state board tries to fit in as many students in a class as they have to meet the demands of the growing population, hence making it a popular school of choice.

Having known the details and best practices of what CBSE vs state board School has to offer, we must keep in mind an effective way to choose the best school for our children. The basics to look for are very simple, just make yourself a checklist, look for a good parent-teacher association, great teachers and staff, a parent’s confusion and questions must be welcomed at all times. Having high expectations from a school and rigorous curriculum that keeps children engaged should be included in your search for the best school for your child.

When you choose the best school for your child you must look for the school’s reputation and good academic results. It should offer an overall development for your child. CBSE schools believe in theory and practical knowledge, and that is why they have a balanced and unique style of teaching. While the state board offers cultural and regional education.

CBSE schools are known to have provided an extra benefit of learning ahead of many competitive exams. Every syllabus is created and designed to prepare students that are very ambitious. This helps them prepare for entrance exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE and AIIMS. This gives CBSE schools and its student’s great advantage over state board students and helps learners get ahead of everything. State boards may not have much to offer, but as per the requirement, it helps children decently and distinctively get educated, and it is by far the most popular choice of school in India.

We at EuroSchool counsel and guide with the best in mind for a child. The need of the hour and the parent’s requirements are evaluated, and the concept of education is made simple to understand. We all know that education today is no less than an investment for your child’s future, so why hurry when you have options to choose from? But do not delay as well because the options are many and need analysis to choose from. So, make the best out of this for your child’s bright future.

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