CBSE Class 10 And 12: CBSE Guidelines For 2024 Practical Examination

cbse board exam 2024

CBSE Practical Exams 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has unveiled the Practical exam dates for Class 10 and Class 12 for the academic session 2023-24. In preparation for the upcoming practical exams, the board has issued a comprehensive notification outlining crucial guidelines that must be adhered to by CBSE-affiliated schools.

Guidelines and SOPs for Practical Examination – 2024

Refer to the guidelines provided below:

  1. Ensure that an adequate number of answer books for practical examinations are received at the school well before the scheduled date. Schools must communicate the practical exam schedule, format, and any specific requirements to both parents and students.
  2. Verify that the laboratories have the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and materials for practical exams. Confirm that the facilities are appropriately set up for students to carry out experiments. Contact examiners in advance to ensure a smooth and timely examination process.
  3. Identify students with special needs and make necessary accommodations to facilitate their comfortable participation in practical exams. Students are expected to adhere to the scheduled timing for practical examinations.
  4. Upload marks for all Practical Examinations, Projects, and Internal Assessments on the day of the assessment. During the uploading process, the school, Internal Examiner, and External Examiner must ensure the accuracy of marks, as no corrections will be permitted after uploading.
  5. For Class XII, schools are not authorised to arrange alternate external examiners locally; practical examinations must be conducted by an external examiner appointed by the Board.
  6. No changes in marks are allowed after the finalisation of the process. Both examiners must exercise proper attention to ensure the correctness of uploaded marks. Non-compliance with Board directions may result in the cancellation of Practical examinations.
  7. No extensions of dates will be considered by the Board. For any clarifications, contact the concerned Regional office well in advance.

As per the recently released CBSE Date sheet, CBSE Class 12 exams 2024 are scheduled between February 15 and April 10. Concurrently, Class 10 exams for 2024 will run from February 19 to March 13, taking place from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM as per the CBSE board’s specified time slot.

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Tips for CBSE students for Practical Examination – Class 10 and 12

Before delving into specific tips, it is crucial to understand the format of the practical examinations. Practical exams typically involve performing experiments, demonstrations, or practical exercises related to the subject. Students are evaluated on their ability to apply theoretical concepts, conduct experiments, analyse results, and document their findings.

Tips for Class 10 Practical Examinations:

  1. Thoroughly Review the Syllabus: Before starting the practical preparation, review the syllabus to ensure you are familiar with all the experiments and exercises. Pay attention to any specific instructions or guidelines provided by your teachers or the CBSE board.
  2. Practice Regularly: Practice makes perfect. Regular practice of experiments and practical exercises not only enhances your skills but also boosts your confidence. Set aside dedicated time for practical work to ensure you are well-prepared.
  3. Understand the Principles: Focus on understanding the underlying principles behind each experiment. This knowledge will not only help you perform better but will also aid in answering any theoretical questions related to the practical.
  4. Maintain a Neat Practical File: Your practical file is a reflection of your work. Ensure that it is neat, well-organised, and follows the prescribed format. Include details such as objectives, procedures, observations, and conclusions for each experiment.
  5. Be Punctual: Arrive at the practical examination venue on time. Punctuality demonstrates your commitment and professionalism. It also allows you to set up your apparatus and materials without rushing.
  6. Listen to the Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the instructions given by the examiner. Understanding the requirements of each experiment and following instructions meticulously will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Tips for Class 12 Practical Examinations:

  1. Master Advanced Techniques: Class 12 practical exams often involve more complex experiments. Make sure you have a strong grasp of advanced techniques and methodologies relevant to your subject. Seek guidance from teachers or reference materials if needed.
  2. Emphasise Record Keeping: In Class 12, the importance of maintaining a detailed and accurate practical file cannot be overstated. Develop the habit of recording observations, calculations, and interpretations systematically. Include any graphs, charts, or diagrams as required.
  3. Revise Theory Related to Practicals: Practical exams in Class 12 may include theoretical questions related to the experiments. Revise the theoretical aspects of each experiment to confidently answer any questions that may be posed during the viva voce or written section of the examination.
  4. Practise Viva Voce: Viva voce is a common component of Class 12 practical exams. Practice answering questions orally to build confidence and improve articulation. Be prepared to explain the purpose, procedure, and results of each experiment.
  5. Work on Time Management: Class 12 practical exams often have multiple experiments to be completed within a limited time. Develop effective time management skills to allocate sufficient time to each experiment without compromising on accuracy.
  6. Stay Updated with Guidelines: The CBSE may release specific guidelines or changes in the format for practical exams. Stay updated with any circulars or notifications issued by the board to ensure that your preparation aligns with the latest requirements.

General Tips for Both Classes:

  1. Seek Clarifications: If you have any doubts or uncertainties regarding the experiments, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from your teachers. Understanding the concepts thoroughly will enhance your performance.
  2. Collaborate with Peers: Collaborating with classmates for group discussions or joint practice sessions can provide different perspectives and insights. It also creates a supportive learning environment.
  3. Review Previous Years’ Papers: Familiarise yourself with the types of questions asked in previous years’ practical exams. This can give you an idea of the exam pattern and help you prepare effectively.

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