10 Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

Children’s Day is one of the most awaited celebratory days for children. It is celebrated every year on November 14, the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Nehru was known to be very fond of children. Children used to call him Chacha Nehru.

Children’s Day is celebrated with great fanfare every year with lots of fun activities and events at schools and in residential societies. Children keenly look forward to this day when they get to participate in fun activities, get lots of gifts and get to eat their favourite food. This is the day when they are the centre of all attention

If you are wondering how to make this Children’s Day special for your kids, here are 10 Children’s Day celebration ideas for you.

Trip to an amusement park

Children love amusement parks, similar to Disney Land. These could be waterparks, and fun parks, with lots of fun rides, games and activities and lots of interesting things to eat. Overall, a visit to an amusement park could be one of the best children’s day activities to pursue. It’s easy to execute with absolute fun guaranteed for the entire day.

Family picnics

If you have had a hectic schedule, a family picnic is the best way to spend some quality time with the kids. This could be a visit to a park, a historical monument, or even a camping trip in natural surroundings. Pack a lot of games, food and supplies for a day out without any possible distractions that might take the focus away from the children on their day.


If you and your children are into nature, another good idea to celebrate Children’s Day would be a trekking expedition. It might be physically taxing, but if you are into it, it could be a great way to bond while having lots and lots of fun. Pick a nice trail, not too taxing for the kids and ensure the trail is lined with exciting and scenic pit stops that children can enjoy all the way.

Trip to the Zoo

Children love animals, and they love to go to the zoo. If you have a zoo in your city, spending a day with kids at the zoo could be one of the Children’s Day activities. It is easy to execute, and the animals at the zoo will keep the kids engaged right through the day. The kids will have fun observing all the amazing animals in their natural habitat.

Watching children-oriented movies

If you are not much of an outdoor person, a movie marathon could also be one of the Children’s Day activities to consider. Most of us have subscriptions to OTT platforms such as Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime. Pick a selection of child-appropriate movies and plan a full-day fun movie marathon with the kids. Let them pick the movies they would like to watch. Keep popcorn, soft drinks, and other munchies ready to be enjoyed while watching the movies. Keep the seating cosy and comfortable, with phones as much out of reach as possible. Mix up the movie genres to break the monotony and bring in an element of surprise.

  1. A theme party
  2. Children love to dress up in costumes and imitate their favourite movie or cartoon characters. Having a theme party could be one of the top Children’s Day celebration ideas. Decide on a fun theme, for example, Superheroes, and invite kids and their friends to come dressed up as their favourite superhero for the party. Let the kids design their costumes and do their makeup. Children will take this up with great excitement and will show amazing creativity in dressing up as their favourite characters. The party hall can be decorated as per the theme. Even the food items served can be named and presented keeping the theme in mind. You can even engage the elders to participate in this theme party to make it even more fun.

  3. Visit Gaming Arenas
  4. Gaming arenas are becoming popular these days, especially with kids. These arenas offer a gamut of games for people of all ages to enjoy. Prominent games in such gaming zones are bowling, paintball, laser tag, go-karting, shooting, archery, skating, etc. Some gaming arenas also have adventure games such as rock climbing, biking, hot air ballooning, parasailing, zip lining, bungee jumping, river rafting, etc. Visiting such gaming arenas could be a great idea to celebrate Children’s Day.

  5. Paint Party
  6. Children love paints, the colours, and they love splashing them around. How about a paint party at home? Get lots of canvases and lots of finger paints. Let the kids go crazy painting and splashing around. Let the kids unleash their creativity. Make sure the paints are safe and do not involve dangerous chemicals. Have them create pieces of art and decorate them by identifying a place for them in the house and preserving those life memories.

  7. Treasure Hunt
  8. Treasure hunt is another activity extremely popular with kids. A treasure hunt can be done within the house, or in a park, or even around a residential society. Pick some items and hide them around the arena. Create certain clues which point to the place those items have been hidden. Create teams of 4-5 kids and let them collect all the hidden items. The team that collects all the items first, wins. Children tend to get over-competitive and they will put all their energy into trying to win.

  9. Water Sports
  10. Children love playing with water, whether it is in a swimming pool, by the beach, or on a riverfront. Engaging in water sports could be a fun children’s day activity for kids. Depending on where you are, you can engage in a variety of water sports activities such as boating, scuba diving, river rafting, kayaking, snorkelling, jet-skiing, parasailing, canoeing, knee boarding, surfing, etc.

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