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Classy Tin Can Craft Ideas for Kids

Recycled tin can craft ideas

Tin cans are one such commodity that you can easily up-cycle in your home. Tin can craft like Reusing and up-cycling things have become a terrific way to be more ecologically responsible. A tin can could be used in a plethora of different ways, including the creation of planters, vases, silverware caddies, and even cameras! You and your children can make a variety of recycled tin can craft ideas using supplies you already have at home! They can be used to create amusing gifts like surprise boxes and planters, entertaining games like tin can bowling and ornamental things like scarecrows and Christmas trees. Your kids will enjoy getting their hands dirty and using simply a tin can make something lovely and practical. Here are some fun recycled tin can craft ideas that you can try using materials easily available at home:

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1.   Birthday in a can

With a simple tin can craft, your children may create a sweet birthday surprise for someone they care about. Decorate the tin box with this simple technique.

  • With a can opener, remove the product label off the can and the bottom of the can. If the can has strong food odours, soak it for a while to get rid of it.
  • On the interior and bottom of the can, tape the jagged edges with washi tape.
  • Make a paper chain out of thin, 4′′ x 112′′ pieces of coloured paper by glueing them together.
  • The paper chains are hot glued inside the can’s top.
  • Add more candy or other little treats to the can’s remaining space before reattaching the bottom using transparent tape. Even modest items like earrings or a toy car might be placed inside.
  • Before adhering to it, cup a rectangular piece of paper big enough to cover the can’s side and adorn it with the birthday greeting.

2.   Tin can night light

This is one of the best recycled tin can craft ideas for your child if they use a night light while they sleep because they can now personalise it! Creative recycled tin can craft ideas to uplift your kids’ craft skills.

  • Take a clean tin can and make some marks with a marker on it where you want the stars to be cut out.
  • Cut 8-point stars with a rotary tool where the dots are, and then use a sanding block to smooth down the rough edges.
  • Cover the stars with painter’s tape before applying adhesive to the can’s interior.
  • Fill the can with glitter, making sure to cover the entire surface.
  • Paint the outside of the can with white paint after removing the painter’s tape.
  • Put some fairy lights inside the can once it has dried. You can experiment with this project using other colours and shapes.

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3.   Tin can christmas tree

Tin cans can be transformed into lovely decor pieces, and decorate tin boxes including a Christmas tree, in an easy and enjoyable method by decorating them. This tin can craft is simple and eternal.

  • Spray two coats of green paint on top of one coat of primer on the cans.
  • Create a tiny hole in the top of the smaller can and insert the star through it.
  • To make the cans look like a tree, hot glue them together according to their heights.
  • The magnetic sheets should be cut into 14″ squares. As you decorate the tree, attach them to the yarn and pom-poms. Use any other decorations you may have.
  • Use a toothpick to attach a star to the top. Your holiday tree is prepared!

4.   Tin Can Phone

This is one of the easiest empty recycled tin can craft ideas for your kids to try.

  • The cans can be painted in any colour you like, and you may even add stickers or a phone icon to personalise them.
  • Create a tiny hole in each can, insert the yarn through it, and tie a knot at the ends to secure it.
  • Move farther away until the yarn is taut while holding one of the cans and having your child hold the other.
  • Your child can hear you when you speak into the can from the other end.

5.   Tin Can Frankenstein

This is one of the ideal creative recycled tin can craft ideas if you’re looking for some tin can art ideas for Halloween!

  • Make the can of tin green. Utilise a sponge brush to hasten the drying process.
  • Cut a circle from the black felt that is one inch bigger than the can lid. To create the hair for Frankenstein, glue this on top.
  • By slicing the felt into 2-3′′ long by 2 12” wide strips and sticking them to the can, you can also create eyebrows. Add the googly eyes after that.
  • To use the wine cork as arms, cut it in half.
  • Finally, using the black paint, create a crooked or wiggly smile or mouth.

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6.   Tin Can Bowling

Your kids will have a new game to play thanks to this enjoyable project and creative recycled tin can craft ideas.

  • All the cans’ lids should be removed, and labels should be peeled off. Make sure that each can is the same size.
  • The cans can be painted or covered with wrapping paper. If you want to use wrapping paper, cut it to fit the cans’ dimensions and glue it on. Additionally, you can customize the cans to fit a theme, such as Halloween or Christmas.
  • Bowling turns can be had by stacking the cans into a pyramid. Playing this game during picnics or birthday parties might be enjoyable.

7.   Tin Can Bees and Bugs

Make some cute decorative creatures with recycled tin can craft ideas. Decorate tin box in the form of bees and bugs.

  • Tin cans are painted. You can use whatever colours you choose to decorate tin box in your own mystery bug, for as red with black dots for a ladybug, yellow and black stripes for a bumblebee, or any combination of those colours.
  • Make holes in the can’s bottom with the ice pick. Create two holes for the creatures’ wings, and then on the opposite side, create a larger hole to fit the stick through.
  • Depending on the bee or beetle, shape the floral wire into spiral or oblong forms to create the wings. Place these wings inside the openings.
  • Put on goofy eyes.
  • Put a stick that you have in your garden in the can. This stick may now be placed anywhere in your landscape to create wonderful garden décor!

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Your children may learn how to decorate recycled tin can craft ideas at Euroschool. Tin cans can be used for easy crafts with your children or for tasks including house decoration. Make sure you keep all tools and sharp objects out of your children’s reach. you prevent your children from inadvertently injuring themselves, be sure you sand off the sharp edges of any open tins before using them or drilling holes in them. Before using any cans, make sure to clean them thoroughly and soak them if they smell.

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