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Creative Arts and Crafts for Sports Enthusiasts

sports craft ideas

Art and craft play serve as a tangible way of etching one’s love for sports into creations that can be admired and cherished. Sports enthusiasts have a myriad of fun, creative arts and crafts options at their disposal, which they can use to exhibit their fanhood innovatively.

This blog explores an array of innovative arts and crafts for sports lovers.

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1)Paper plate sports craft

Paper plate sports craft encompasses crafting sports-themed articles like footballs, basketballs, and tennis racquets from basic materials like design paper, markers, and paper plates.

Children can draw patterns on paper plates to make basketballs and footballs, while tennis racquets can be created by taping a paper plate to a stick.

2)Basketball Cup and ball craft

Basketball enthusiasts can bring their passion into crafting by creating a basketball cup and ball craft.

One needs the following materials – a small plastic cup, a piece of orange construction or coloured paper, a black marker, scissors, a piece of string, glue, and a small bouncing ball. Firstly, trace a circle on the orange paper, the same size as the cup’s bottom. Cut the circle and outline a basketball using the black marker. Glue this paper to the cup’s bottom to resemble a basketball’s stand.

Next, secure one end of the string inside the cup using glue or tape and make sure it is firm. Attach the other end of the string to the bouncing ball. Your cup and ball craft are complete.

This fun craft activity can entertain children and also aid in developing their hand-eye coordination.

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3)Surfboard toy craft

This craft involves turning common household objects into miniature surfboards that can beautifully decorate any space.

First, gather your materials which include a toothpick, a piece of cardboard, some paint, and glue. Start by cutting your cardboard into your desired surfboard shape using blades or a knife. The toothpick will come into play next, serving as the fin of the surfboard toy. Simply cut the toothpick in half and attach it to the bottom part of your cardboard surfboard using glue.

Painting the surfboard is the following step. Use your favourite colours and designs to bring your surfboard to life. Leave the surfboard to dry after painting. Lastly, apply a coat of glue to serve as a sealant, making your surfboard toy last longer.

4)Olympic Medals craft

Creating Olympic medals as a craft item is a fun and engaging activity, especially for attracting children’s interest in sports.

To start, gather your materials. These will include, but are not limited to, card stock, scissors, ribbon, glue, aluminium foil, coloured markers, and stencil templates for perfect circular shapes.

Draw and cut out circles of a similar size to Olympic medals using the card stock. Then, using a marker, make designs on these cutouts to imitate the emblems and text on actual Olympic medals.

Next, cut out pieces of the aluminium foil to wrap each cardstock cutout completely. This provides a realistic, metallic look. After attaching your drawings to the modelled medal faces, punch a hole close to the top and thread your ribbon through it. You now have DIY Olympic medals.

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5)Mini hockey stick craft

You will need materials such as 7 popsicle sticks, craft glue, and paint if you prefer to colour your stick. Begin with laying 5 popsicle sticks side by side. Now, glue two additional sticks diagonally across the other five sticks forming a hockey stick shape. Make sure you leave an additional length on one end to create the handle.

Let it dry for at least an hour. To give the hockey stick a realistic look, you might choose to paint it. You can use any colour you like, but popular choices are black or brown for the handle and white or silver for the blade.

6)Football locket craft

Create small circles from stiff paper. Then, craft football shapes on these circular pieces. Make a hole near the top of the football and thread a piece of string through it. Secure the string at the top. Next, use a Sharpie pen to add numbers to the football charms.

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7)Cheerleading Pom Poms

This task requires a few materials: tissue paper (6-8 sheets), a pair of scissors, and wire or a twist tie. Cut the tissue paper into rectangles about 20 inches by 13 inches. Stack the sheets neatly and then accordion fold them, ensuring each subsequent fold is the same width as the preceding one.

Next, secure the centre of your folded bundle using wire or a twist tie, leaving an extra length to serve as your pom-pom handle. Cut both ends of the bundle in a round or zigzag pattern to create a distinct pom-pom look. Finally, carefully separate each layer, pulling upwards toward the centre and fluff to create the voluminous pom-pom look. Repeat the process for each pom-pom.

8)Basketball Painting

Using a basketball and paint, children can create their artwork!

Just pour some paint into a shallow container, have kids dip the ball into it, and then bounce it onto a sheet of paper. This activity infuses kids’ love for basketball with a sense of creativity and adds a splash of fun to painting.

9)Tennis Ball Puppets

Tennis-loving kids can recycle old tennis balls into cute, fun puppets. All they need to do is cut a mouth into the ball, add googly eyes, and attach material for hair.

These puppets can then be used for puppet shows or kept as unique sports-themed decor. This activity underlines the importance and joy of recycling in a fun, engaging way.

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10)Baseball Bat Bookmark

A mini baseball bat cut-out, made of either foam or cardboard, can serve as a great marking tool for reading.

Kids can personalise their bookmarks with markers, paints, and stickers. This activity strikes the perfect balance between sports enthusiasm and academic encouragement.


Documenting memorable sporting moments in a creative and personalized scrapbook serves as an innovative outlet for crafting.

This could include ticket stubs from attended games, photos, news clippings, or even handwritten accounts of unforgettable games watched.

Combining sports with art projects helps children develop fine motor skills, boosts their creativity, and nurtures their love for sports. At EuroSchool we believe art can be integrated into other subjects, enhancing learning experiences. For example, creating art related to historical events or scientific concepts. Hence, we include arts and crafts as a part of our curriculum, allowing students to learn about different art forms and techniques.

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