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15 Easy Balloon Games for Kids

balloon party games

Balloon party games are a delightful and inexpensive way to keep kids entertained for hours. With their vibrant colours and bouncy nature, balloon party games are sure to bring smiles to young faces. From simple classics to imaginative challenges, these 15 easy balloon bursting games for kids promise endless fun and laughter. Get ready to soar high in the sky with these exciting activities!

  1. Balloon Race
  2. A classic favourite, the balloon relay races are perfect for outdoor play. Gather the kids in a spacious area and have them line up. Provide each child with a balloon, and on the count of three, they must release the balloons into the air. The objective is to be the first to reach the finish line by blowing or tapping the balloon to keep it aloft. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins!

  3. Balloon Volleyball
  4. Create a makeshift volleyball court using a rope or a string in the living room or backyard. Make the children stand on the opposing sides of the court in two teams. Use a balloon to represent the volleyball, and have the teams volley it back and forth while attempting to keep it off the ground.  Keep score and see which team emerges victorious in this balloon party games.

  5. Pop the Numbers
  6. Boost your kids’ learning while having fun with this educational balloon bursting game. Write numbers on several balloons using a permanent marker. Scatter them around the play area and call out a number. The child must find the corresponding balloon and pop it to reveal a hidden threat or a small surprise inside. This balloon popping game enhances number recognition skills and adds an element of excitement.

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  7. Balloon Stomp
  8. For an energy-packed activity, try balloon stomp in your balloon party games! Tie balloons around the kids’ ankles using a long string or a rubber band. Once everyone is set, they must try to stomp on each other’s balloons while protecting their own. The game is won by the last player to possess a whole balloon. Be ready for plenty of laughter and quick footwork!

  9. Balloon Art Show
  10. Encourage your kids’ creativity with a balloon art show. Provide them with various art supplies like markers, stickers, and coloured paper. Inflate the balloons and let the kids use their artistic talents to draw faces, animals, or anything their imagination conjures up. After they finish their masterpieces, host an art show where they can proudly display their balloon creations.

  11. Balloon Freeze Dance
  12. Transform a simple dance party into a balloon relay race filled extravaganza! Fill the room with balloons and turn on some lively music. When the music plays, the kids must dance and juggle the balloons in the air. But when the music stops, they must freeze, holding the balloon in place until the music resumes. It’s a fantastic way to promote coordination and balance.

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  13. Balloon Limbo
  14. Put a twist on the traditional limbo game by using balloon popping games instead of a stick. Inflate the balloons and hold them horizontally at varying heights. The kids must bend backwards and pass under the balloons without touching or popping them. Gradually lower the balloons after each round to make it more challenging. The child who can limbo under the lowest balloon wins!

  15. Water Balloon Toss
  16. Take the fun outdoors with a water balloon toss! Fill some balloons with water and form pairs of kids. They must stand facing each other at an increasing distance and gently toss the water balloon back and forth. The duo that successfully catches and tosses the balloon without breaking it wins the game. Don’t forget to have a splash-filled time afterwards!

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  17. Balloon Hot Potato
  18. The classic hot potato game gets an exciting balloon twist. Gather the kids in a circle and start the music. They must pass the inflated balloon around the circle while the music plays. The kid clutching the balloon exits when the music ends. Continue until only one player remains—the ultimate winner of the balloon hot potato game!

  19. Balloon Tower Challenge
  20. In this engineering-inspired game, the kids must work together to build the tallest balloon tower using balloons and tape. Divide them into teams and provide each team with a supply of balloons and tape. Set a time limit and let their creativity and teamwork soar as they construct their magnificent towers. After the time is up, measure each tower to determine the winning team.

  21. Balloon Darts
  22. Test the kids’ accuracy with a safe and enjoyable balloon bursting game. Hang inflated balloons on a large board or a sheet. Give each child a handful of darts (made of rolled-up paper or soft plastic) and let them take turns trying to pop the balloons. Ensure they stand at a reasonable distance for safety. The one who pops the most balloons wins the game!

  23. Balloon Animal Race
  24. Bring the zoo to your home with this entertaining balloon animal race. Assign each child an animal name and provide them with balloons. The kids must inflate the balloons, hold them between their knees, and race to the finish line while imitating their animal’s movements. The first one to reach the finish line wins the animal race!

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  25. Balloon Hide and Seek
  26. Add a twist to the classic game of hide and seek by using balloons! Before the game starts, hide inflated balloons around the play area. When a child finds a balloon, they must shout “Found one!” and continue searching for more. The child who discovers the most balloons wins the hide-and-seek balloon adventure.

  27. Balloon Bowling
  28. Create a fun-filled bowling alley using empty water bottles as pins and a balloon as the bowling ball. Set up the pins in a triangular formation and let the kids take turns rolling the balloon to knock down the pins. Keep score and cheer for strikes and spares. It’s a bowling experience like no other!

  29. Balloon Splash
  30. End the day with a refreshing and delightful water balloon bursting game splash. Fill a bucket with water balloons and hand one to each child. Let them run around, throwing water balloons at each other in a playful water fight. It’s a fantastic way to cool off on a hot day and wrap up the balloon-filled adventure.

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With these 15 easy balloon games for kids, you’re all set for a day full of laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories. Balloons have a magical way of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Whether it’s a birthday party, a playdate, or just a regular afternoon, these games are perfect for keeping the little ones entertained and engaged. Remember to prioritise safety while playing with balloons, especially with young children. Always supervise the activities and avoid using small balloons that could pose a choking hazard. So, gather the balloons, round up the kids, and let the balloon games take flight! Prepare for an exciting adventure as you explore the wonders of the air with these vibrant, bouncy, and thrilling balloon games. Happy playing!

At EuroSchool, we are committed to giving our kids a well-rounded education that fosters not just their intellectual development but also their physical health and creativity. A great approach to include young brains in enjoyable activities that develop collaboration, motor skills, and imagination is through balloon games. Our students love participating in Easy Balloon Games for Kids, as they offer a perfect blend of fun and learning. From balloon races and volleyball to balloon art shows and water balloon toss to balloon popping games and balloon bursting games, these activities create a joyful and vibrant atmosphere that encourages children to explore their potential in a safe and enjoyable environment. As educators, we understand the significance of such games in promoting social interaction and emotional development. Through these games, our Euroschool children create lasting memories while learning essential life skills.

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