Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids in Mumbai


As parents in the bustling city of Mumbai, you may often wonder how you can instill a love for nature and a sense of environmental responsibility in your children. One of the most effective ways to do this is by engaging them in eco-friendly activities that can help them stay close to nature and incorporate healthy living practices.

These not only help them learn about the importance of conserving our environment but also provide an opportunity for quality family time and create memories that last a lifetime.

This article offers a list of engaging eco-friendly activities for kids in Mumbai that parents can explore with their children. So, without further ado, let’s dive directly into it!

  1. Visit to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park:
  2. One of the most prominent eco-friendly activities for kids in Mumbai is a visit to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Known for its rich biodiversity, the park offers children the chance to observe nature at close quarters. There are guided tours that teach kids about different species of plants and animals, making it a fun and educational outing. Ensure to visit the facility early in the morning to explore the place to the fullest. The operational hours of the national park are 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Sunday.

  3. Participate in Beach Clean-ups:
  4. Participating in beach clean-ups is another way to engage children in environmentally friendly activities. It helps them understand the impact of littering on our environment and makes them more mindful of their actions. The Versova Beach clean-up is a popular initiative that parents and kids can join. However, you can also check for other available beaches that are near your residential area.

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  5. Organic Farming at City Farms:
  6. In this fast-paced and technologically advanced world, it is vital to make your child aware of the importance of traditional farming. Organisations like the Urban Leaves City Farm offer workshops on organic farming. This is an excellent way to introduce kids to sustainable farming practices and the concept of ‘farm to table’. Explore other facilities that offer similar workshops to learn to get more information on the same.

  7. Nature Walks and Bird Watching:
  8. When it comes to eco-friendly activities, nothing can beat a peaceful walk close to nature, discovering the wonders of natural habitat. Nature walks not only inspire children to feel more connected to nature but they often also come with interesting activities such as bird-watching, identifying and learning about different types of plants and flowers, etc. Find a park near you where your children can spend some time close to greenery. The Maharashtra Nature Park,  for example, is a haven for nature lovers, and hosts a variety of bird species, and children can learn about these birds while enjoying a walk amidst nature. The park is operational from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm all seven days a week.

  9. Recycling Workshops:
  10. Introducing your child to recycling workshops can help increase awareness and encourage them to opt for recycled products over other options. Mumbai is home to several organisations that conduct workshops on waste management and recycling. These workshops are not only informative but also offer practical insights on how kids can contribute to environmental conservation.

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  11. Tree Plantation Drives:
  12. Tree Plantation drives are popular activities for kids in Mumbai. Participating in such drives can inculcate a sense of responsibility towards nature in children and make them understand the role trees play in maintaining ecological balance.

  13. Eco-friendly Crafts Workshop:
  14. Mumbai hosts several eco-friendly craft workshops that use recycled materials to create beautiful art pieces. These workshops not only enhance the creativity of children but also teach them the importance of recycling and reusing waste materials. If possible, encourage your children to participate in these workshops and create a masterpiece using eco-friendly materials.

  15. Visit the Nehru Science Centre:
  16. One of the best ways to introduce your child to eco-friendly activities is by taking them for a visit to the science centre. The Nehru Science Centre offers various exhibits and workshops focused on environmental science. Kids can learn about renewable energy, climate change, and water conservation through interactive displays and activities. The centre is open from 9.30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Sunday.

  17. Attend a Solar Cooking Class:
  18. Solar cooking classes are unique eco-friendly activities that teach children about the benefits of renewable energy. Organisations like the Solar Cooking Society of India often hold these classes, demonstrating how to cook using solar energy. This is an extremely fun and interesting way to help ensure your children understand the benefits of using renewable resources at an early age.

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  19. Participate in the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival:
  20. If your child is interested in arts or often gets fascinated looking at huge sculptures of art, then taking them for an art exhibition tour can be a fun and intriguing experience for them. Mumbai’s famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has an eco-friendly focus, with many installations made from recycled materials. This happens once a year and it is absolutely worth the hype. Additionally, it is the most prestigious art festival in Mumbai that exhibits the best of artistic abilities.

  21. Visit to the Bombay Natural History Society:
  22. Practical and visual sessions can help young minds understand different concepts better and improve their memory game. If you are looking for activities that will not only entertain your child but also understand the science behind India’s rich flora and fauna, then you should take your child to the Bombay Natural History Society. The Natural History Society gives children an opportunity to learn about India’s rich flora and fauna. They also organise various nature trails, camps and workshops that encourage children to explore and appreciate nature. The Natural History Society is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on weekdays and closed on weekends.

  23. Join Eco Clubs:
  24. Several schools in Mumbai have Eco Clubs that organise various environmentally friendly activities. Joining such clubs can help children understand the importance of environmental conservation and take an active part in preserving nature. Parents should encourage their students to participate in these eco-clubs to enhance their knowledge and understanding of nature.

Incorporating eco-friendly activities into your child’s routine can nurture an inherent respect for nature, while also teaching them about their role in preserving the environment. These activities for kids in Mumbai offer a perfect blend of fun and learning, making environmental education more accessible and enjoyable.

As parents, it becomes your responsibility to raise environmentally conscious citizens. By encouraging your child to participate in these eco-friendly activities, you’re not only providing them with a unique learning experience but also shaping their perspective towards the environment.

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