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English Movies For 5 Year Olds that will help in Development

Names of movies for 5-year-old kids

Watching movies with family is always fun. But when we are watching with 5 or 6 year old kids, we should be very careful about the movie we chose to watch. Many people think that all animated movies are for kids, that’s a wrong perception. Some animated movies may have themes, language, or visuals that are too mature or scary for 5 year old kids.

We are talking about family movies for 5 year olds that are not only entertaining but also have valuable lessons and educational benefits. When kids watch movies with quality content, it helps them learn from them and develop communication skills. If you are choosing movies for 5 year olds, check for the movie ratings.

Movie ratings help you to select the good movies for 5 year olds. If movies are G rated, it means those movies are suitable for all ages and it doesn’t contain any inappropriate content. If the rating is PG, it means parental guidance is recommended to watch those movies. It does, however, feature some mildly risky contents that may shock younger children, so parents should be prepared to provide comfort and reassurance at those times.

Other ratings are strictly not recommended for kids even with parents also. At the same time, parents should also consider the maturity level and personal sensitivities while choosing movies for 5 year olds. Parents can use movie time with their children to participate in discussions with them about the themes and characters shown in the film. Most of the kid’s movies are on the themes of family, friendship, and courage that parents can discuss with their children.

Considering the facts such as age-appropriate content, educational and language values, reviews, and ratings we recommend the following movies for 5 year old kids.

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Good movies for 5 year olds:

The Lion King (24 June 1994):

In this movie, the lead character, Simba, overcomes his fear and realises that protecting his family and the jungle from the enemy is his duty. Finally, he becomes the King of the Jungle after learning the importance of responsibility. From this movie, kids can learn that being responsible for one’s actions and decisions is important. Seeing Simba overcoming his fear and fighting against Scar, they learn how to face the problems in life without fear.

The movie also teaches kids that life is a circle, and if you do good, then good things will happen to you and bad intentions will lead to bad fate. Kids can develop empathy and understanding towards other people, and appreciate the importance of nature and the environment.

In terms of language development, the movie has different accents and dialects, which can help kids develop better listening and comprehension skills. How can we forget the Hakuna Matata song, it has simple lyrics that encourage kids to sing along with Timon and Pumba.

Finding Nemo (30 May 2003) 

How could we forget Nemo while discussing good movies for 5 year old kids? This Pixar film depicts the story of Marlin, a clownfish that sets out across the ocean to find his son Nemo, who has been kidnapped by a scuba diver. Marlin meets new people and overcomes his worries along the way. Finding Nemo highlights the value of family, toughness, and facing one’s fears.

The benefits of obeying parents are one of the most important lessons that children can learn from Finding Nemo. In the movie, lead character Nemo swims out to the sea ignoring his dad’s orders and that’s when a diver catches him. This movie leads to a healthy discussion with your kid, you can make them understand how important it is to obey parents since they always think about kids’ safety and wellness.

Kids can learn the importance of resilience and willpower from this movie. Marlin, Nemo’s father, goes to great lengths throughout the entire movie to find Nemo and bring him back home. Young ones can learn how to stay positive and do their best even in difficult situations.

Frozen (27 November 2013)

Frozen is a classic Disney movie and it teaches kids the importance of self-acceptance and loving yourself. Elsa, the main character, learns to accept and embrace her unique powers. Elsa’s transformation in the movie helps kids to develop a positive self-image and self-esteem. This is crucial for their emotional and social development.

Elsa and her sister Anna, have a strong and loving bonding. They hold on to each other even in tough situations. The story revolves around how they work together to overcome obstacles and save their kingdom. Kids can understand the importance of family and the value of earning supportive and caring people in our life.

Frozen has catchy songs that are fun to sing along to. This helps kids to develop their memory and language skills.

Toy Story (22 November 1995)

The movie tells us the adventures of Woody, a cowboy toy, and Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger toy. They travel together to get back to their owner, Andy. In this journey, they learn the power of teamwork and become great friends. Kids can understand the role of good friends and how they can change their life.

Throughout the movie, Woody and Buzz face many hurdles and challenges that they must overcome together leaving their ego behind. Seeing them overcome the struggles, kids can develop their critical thinking skills and learn how to work together as a team and achieve their goals without any ego. It also shows the value of loyalty and the importance of standing up for what is right, even if it’s not easy.

Toy Story is filled with witty and funny dialogues that can help kids learn new words and pronunciations.

Moana (23 November 2016)

The story of Moana, a young Polynesian girl who is chosen by the ocean to take off on a journey to save her island from an ancient curse. Moana must travel rough waters and face the demigod Maui along the way. This story reminds us to always be strong, follow our ambitions, and be loyal to ourselves, especially in the face of hardship.

You can also consider movies like Zootopia, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, Coco, Inside Out, Despicable Me, and Kung Fu Panda while choosing movies for 5 year olds.

From talking animals to magical adventures, these family movies for 5 year olds are sure to captivate your child’s imagination while also teaching them valuable life skills and language development.

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Before choosing the best family movies for 5 year olds keep in mind that every child is unique and may have different reactions and cognitive levels, emotions, and interests. Movies help kids to improve their creativity and imagination, also kids can learn about different cultures through movies. Visit EuroSchool for more such informative blogs.

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