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Hula Hoop Games for Kids

Hula hoop games

A hula hoop might be considered a little low-tech or antiquated in comparison to the other outdoor sports and toys available to youngsters, but that’s half the fun. This timeless toy requires a child’s physical stamina and their desire to try different techniques. It is also cheap and easy to use (once you figure out how to use it).

Any age can benefit from playing team building hula hoop games in terms of calorie burning, muscle building, and coordination. To get started, try these hula hoop activities.

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  1. Variations on the classic spin
  2. Take your kids outside and grab some hula hoops. See who can perfect spinning the hoop around their waist before you challenge each other. Even though this manoeuvre is fundamental, perfecting it requires practice.

    Encourage one another to try something fancier once you’ve gotten the hang of it: Move the hoop up and down your neck or acquire a couple and try whirling one on each arm simultaneously.

  3. Hoop Goals
  4. To use your hoops as targets for beanbags, water balloons, or foam darts, place them on the ground or lean them up against a wall or tree. Do you want something a little more difficult? To construct a moving target, use a rope to suspend the hoop from a playground beam or a tree branch.

  5. Up down and Over
  6. Try this timeless game if you have a group. Have three or four children hold an enormous hoop at waist height without using their hands. Then, challenge them to move the hoop (again, no hands) up or down their ankles. They can also attempt to move collectively from the interior of the hoop to the exterior without having it contact the ground. Hula hoop activities like Up down and over can be addictive for your child.

  7. Roll Along
  8. Kids have been rolling upright hoops along the ground with sticks for generations. Have your youngster roll a hoop in Hula hoop activities as far as they can with a stick or their hand before it topples over for a more contemporary variation on the game.

    When they master hoop rolling, challenge them to trace a path with the hoop along a chalked line. Put up barriers (such as little traffic cones, plastic bowling pins, or even lawn chairs) or create a cunning maze for them to navigate for an added challenge.

  9. Hoop-scotch
  10. Several hoops are required for this game. Place each hoop in a hopscotch-friendly arrangement on the ground. Kids can also sprint through two parallel rows of hoops set up like a tire run. One of the best Team building hula hoop games is hoop scotch.

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  11. Hoop Home Base
  12. Whatever kind of tag you decide to play, you may set up a home base or designated safe area using hula hoops. Make sure the hoop home base rules are understood by all participants. Decide, for instance, that a player may only remain in a hoop until the count of 10, that there may only be one or two players in a hoop at any given moment, and so forth.

  13. Giant Ring Toss
  14. Place two hoops eight feet apart (you may need to change the spacing based on the age and ability level of the participants). Give one or two beanbags to each child. The object of the game is tossing your beanbags into your opponent’s hoops while avoiding having your bags land on your own. They can deflect the approaching bean bags with their hands, feet, or any other body part to ensure team building hula hoop games.

    You could even play a human version of ring toss with a bit more preparation and a safety-first attitude. One child should don a riding helmet and remain still inside the hoop base. The remaining participants can then alternately attempt tossing a hula hoop over the human target from a predetermined distance.

  15. Hoop Jump Rope
  16. Your child will love this hula hoop activity. Show your child this cool hula hoop technique.

    Flip the hoop down toward your feet while standing with it upright in front of your torso. Jump over it after that to bring it back behind you, over your head, and to the point where you started. Have your child practise this on soft ground first in case they stumble to prevent scraped knees.

  17. Pass the Hoop
  18. This hula hoop game is great for picnics, recess, or birthday parties where you have a whole group of attendees. Have everyone hold hands and stand in a line or circle. To start the game, loop the hoop over a player’s arm. From there, the rest of the group must pass the hoop down the line or around the circle without letting go of each other’s hands.

  19. Throw a hoop up high
  20. Although “Up High” seems easy, it is more difficult than it appears to be. Allow children to take turns throwing hula hoops straight up into the air to catch them as they come back down. Just keep in mind to prioritise everyone’s safety. While your children attempt to master this one, observers may wish to keep their distance.

  21. Spin Challenge
  22. This game will put your group’s fundamental hula hooping abilities to the test. Collect enough hula hoops for every participant. Set a timer and make everyone continue spinning their hula hoop. The winner is the person who has the hula hoop in motion the longest.

    This can also be played utilising a bracketed format. Kids should compete against each other, with the victor of each round competing against the winner of the final hula hoop marathon. By needing various talents during each round, such as moving the hoop up and down the body, you may change the game.

  23. Hula hoop Relay
  24. Set up two racetracks side by side for this team building hula hoop game. Place several hula hoop challenges next to each one. There may be barriers to jump over or around while holding a hula hoop, as well as areas where you must roll your hula hoop a specific distance, jump rope while holding it, spin it around your waist for 15 seconds, or set it down and hop two-footed into and out of it ten times.

    Next, split your party into two equal teams and provide a hula hoop to each squad. So that everyone is aware of what to do, have someone practise the course. When the first athletes on each team start running the route, the relay event officially starts.

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According to EuroSchool, Hula hoops are straightforward, low-cost toys that may give kids of all skills and ages a fun way to lose weight, build muscle, and enhance coordination. Hula hoop moves link the brain and the body, making them ideal for people with autism, ADD, and ADHD.

Endorphins, which promote calmness and relaxation, are released when you exercise with a hoop. Perfect for easing any anxiety or despair children may be experiencing at home right now.

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