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Importance of Self-Care for Students

Importance of Self-Care for Students

Students are under a lot of academic stress. The pressure of studying, extracurricular activities, peers, and parents can be daunting. Amidst all this chaos, it’s very important for students to know the importance of self-care. We have to ensure our children know the importance of self-care. Once you ensure that children are practicing self-care, it not only helps them in their educational years but also in life ahead. 

What is self-care?

Although this question is widely addressed in today’s era. Many people still have questions about self-care. Self-care is about the holistic wellness of our mind and body. Self-care is ensuring we have a healthy mind and body. Self-care also focuses on taking care of others around us. Now, self-care involves a lot of discipline. Just like any other daily task like brushing, breakfast, etc., self-care needs to be part of a daily routine too. Self-care was ignored for a long time, and it never got the importance that it required. However, with this and upcoming generations, it’s very important that self-care takes the front seat. In this blog, let’s understand what some important benefits of self-care are and how we can include self-care in our daily routine. Along with physical health, mental health in students plays a very important role in their academic life.

Benefits of Self-Care for Students

Self-care has numerous benefits for students that can help them in various aspects of their lives. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

  1. Boosts Academic Performance:
  2. Once you start taking care of your mind and body, you bring discipline into your life. Self-care increases your focus, which leads to better grasping and understanding power. With daily practice of self-care, students are known to perform better in academics, are less stressed, and have increased levels of energy. 

  3. Mental Health:
  4. Self-care gives a lot of importance to taking care of our mental health in students. Students, who practice Self-care understand how our mental health can change our life equations. Practicing activities like meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques can have immense effects on our mind. A healthy mind helps us control our emotions, have healthier relationships with others, and also boosts our confidence. Students should emphasize mental health as it helps them reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a happier life. 

  5. Physical Health:
  6. Along with mental health in students, another important aspect of self-care is physical health. Various physical activities like walking, jogging, rope jumping, and yoga can be included as a part of a student’s daily routine from an early age. If these habits are practiced right from the early stage of life, they can go a long way. Physical activities are known to boost our energy level, which can help students face a hectic day ahead in a happier way. 

  7. Lifelong Habits:
  8. Self-care practiced right from an early age can have lifelong effects. Once parents and teachers ensure that self-care for students is part of their daily routine, it helps students adhere to it for a very long time. For example, we teach small kids how to brush and comb their hair, and these habits become part of their daily routine till their old age. Physical and mental health in students should be part of their daily life. 

  9. Improves Relationships:
  10. Self-care focuses on a holistic approach and leads to a healthier mind and body. This can have immense effects on our emotional health too. Self-care focuses on mental health in students. Self-care teaches us to control our emotions, which can help us to handle any situation with a calm and composed mind. In today’s era, people have become less tolerant, and the stress of everything around increases anxiety. This has led to meaningless misunderstandings between peers and family. People who practice self-care are often less stressed, have better control over their emotions, which is most important when handling such situations. Hence, self-care helps us manage relationships with our peers, parents, and teachers in a very healthy way.

Tips for Parents:

Students are often busy with school, studies, and play. They tend to ignore their self-care routine. As parents, it is essential for us to help them maintain their self-care routine. Physical health along with mental health in students should be taken seriously by teachers as well as parents 

  1. Define Challenges:
  2. Often students are unable to figure out why they cannot stick to their routine. Young minds are busy with studies and play. As parents, we need to help them figure out where the challenges are. It could be school timing, tuition, extra-curricular activities, etc. As parents, we need to ensure that despite their busy schedule and challenges, we find those 15-30 minutes a day to give to themselves. It could be just a walk, stretching, or meditation. Once we help them with this for a period of time, they will automatically become habituated to this. 

  3. Time Management:
  4. Students can struggle with time management in their tender age. As parents, we need to ensure that we inculcate this skill in them right from the beginning. Once students learn to manage their time, they will be able to ensure that self-care is addressed too. 

  5. Create a Learning Atmosphere:
  6. While there is already a learning environment in school, we as parents should also ensure that we build this learning environment at home. It is said that we should preach what we practice. So, once we practice self-care and show our children how to do it, they will automatically pick it up from our habits.

Tips for Students:

  1. No screen time:
  2. In today’s era, students tend to spend a lot of time on their smart devices, which is proven to have adverse effects on their health. So, once you understand what self-care is, ensure you have some device-free time to focus on yourself. 

  3. Outdoor activities:
  4. Nature seems to have a calming effect on our mind and body. Make sure to spend a good amount of time in greenery. It could be in a park near your house, forest walks along with parents, or indulge in outdoor activities whenever you find time. Spending time in nature reduces our cortisol level which can reduce stress and anxiety. 

  5. Practice Meditation:
  6. Meditation can help us stay focused. Medication can help us manage our emotions and make decisions with a calm and composed mind. So, take out 10-15 minutes every day for meditation. Try to include meditation as part of your morning routine. Once we practice meditation as a part of our everyday morning routine, it can help us focus better for the rest of the day. 

  7. Sleep Time:
  8. Sleep is very crucial for our well-being. Sleep helps us to reset our mind and body. The right amount of sleep can ensure our overall well-being. Practice a good bedtime routine. Ensure to sleep on time so you get enough sleep. A minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep is required at night for holistic wellness. Good amount of sleep can also boost our immune system, and keep us away from a wide range of diseases. Good sleep also energizes us to face the day with happiness. 

  9. Build Healthy eating habits:
  10. As a student, understand the importance of self-care. One of the basics of a self-care routine is good eating habits. We tend to get attracted to eating junk food and sugary treats. Junk food and sugary treats have adverse effects on our health. Ensure to focus on good eating habits. Include the right amount of nutrition in your diet. Consume a balanced diet with the right number of proteins, carbs, and fats. Once you develop a healthy eating habit, you will find yourself much better. 

  11. Spend time with loved ones:
  12. Time spent with loved ones can boost our mental health. When you spend ample time with your loved ones, you can open up to them about your feelings, take regular advice and learn from their experience. You can start by having at least one meal together, say breakfast or lunch. Go for walks or play games or puzzles together. For our overall well-being it’s very important that we have good relationships with people around us. Spending time with them can definitely be a stepping stone in doing so. 

At EuroSchool, we focus on the importance of self-care for students. We include good self-care habits in their daily routine at school. We also encourage and enlighten parents on self-care for students. At EuroSchool, we ensure that students follow good habits and know the importance of a good diet. Our approach towards students is taking care of their holistic wellness. Along with physical health, mental health in students is given high regards in our School.

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