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Inspiring a paradigm shift in education with Nature Based Learning

Importance of Nature Based Learning

Have you ever noticed the wide-eyed wonder of children when they are outdoors? The sparkle in their eyes when they discover a strangely shaped leaf? Can a toy or gadget replace the joy they feel when they let a vibrant butterfly rest on their palms?

That is the sheer magic of Mother Nature. Like every mother, she opens her arms to each child, allowing them to discover themselves as they explore her many wonders. She fuels the life force, nurtures and nourishes them, and helps them grow into healthy, confident, and creative individuals.

Why nature based learning is an imperative

Unfortunately, though, with technology dictating every aspect of life, children today are increasingly losing nature’s touch in their daily lives. The hyperconnected world is turning into a prison of sorts, and gadgets keep them away from the great outdoors.

Studies show that sedentary lifestyles in the formative years are associated with unfavourable behavioural conduct, low self-esteem, and poor physical and psychological health that may even lead to long-term consequences in adulthood.

There is no better time than now to reiterate the positive impact of natural outdoor-based learning on children. The impact of nature on 21st-century learning can be summed up succinctly in 5C’s.

  1. Critical Thinking

  2. Time spent among nature brings about a shift in perspective. Children, therefore, develop critical thinking skills that equip them for their lives ahead.

  3. Creativity

  4. Nature encourages children to invent their games. From patterns in pebbles and shapes in the clouds, everything can inspire creativity.

  5. Communication

  6. The natural curiosity of children is piqued in natural environments. They also learn to communicate better.

  7. Collaboration

  8. Children forge friendships and genuinely attempt to help each other in natural surroundings, thus learning better ways to collaborate.

  9. Character Building

  10. Natural environments help children develop self-awareness. Understanding their sensory responses and emotional awareness leads to overall character-building.

EuroSchool Bannerghatta: Reviving the wonder of nature in children

EuroSchool, one of the leading education brands in India, has taken up the cudgels to reiterate the benefits of nature-based learning in children. The first to introduce the concept of “balanced schooling” with its first school established in Airoli, in Maharashtra in 2009, it has revolutionised education as it is known today.

Melding nature-inspired learning with modern amenities, EuroSchool has recently unveiled its 5th campus (and 14th nationwide) in Bannerghatta, Bengaluru. Mother Nature herself inspires the first of its kind, EuroSchool Bannerghatta’s unique campus.

The campus design and schooling ecosystem take cues from nature and reflect a shift from traditional schooling to nature-inspired, enriched schooling. It also features modern amenities besides several outdoor nature-inspired learning spaces to ensure all-round development in students.

EuroSchool aims to bring about a paradigm shift in education by taking children back to nature and enriching their childhood. The Bannerghatta campus is the first step towards achieving this goal.

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