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Instilling the best social-emotional values in children, in a natural way

Nature Based Learning

Messy hands, sandy feet, wind in the hair, and a mind full of fresh ideas are what every child deserves. Research believes that tadpoles and twigs leave a more lasting impact on the socio-emotional development of children, as compared to other tools.

As William Wordsworth once said – “Let nature be your teacher”. A school inspired by the world’s best teacher – nature – is undoubtedly the best haven for young minds to thrive.

What is the science behind nature-inspired learning?

Spending time in nature positively impacts the overall well-being of children. This holistic educational experience is based on the simple principle of discovering the organic ways of nature and sets the tone for developing the confidence, creativity, independence, and emotional skills of children across age groups.

How does nature impact the socio-emotional development of children?

  1. Building self-confidence

  2. Nature presents plenty of opportunities for children to challenge themselves. Continuous challenges not only build their resilience but also their attitude, which inspires them to keep trying till they succeed. This instills a sense of achievement in the young minds and contributes towards their growth.
  3. Promoting psychological well-being

  4. The biological benefits of learning under a beautiful blue sky have several positive effects on a child’s mental well-being. The absorption of vitamin D helps in learning, memory, motor control, and social behavior. It also reduces stress levels in children, regulates their emotions, and prevents depression and anxiety.
  5. Sowing the seeds of risk assessment

  6. Risk-taking is vital for children to grow into independent adults. Various encounters with nature help them understand the difference between what is safe and what is not. They soon become self-reliant to weigh the pros and cons of a situation and think through the possible consequences of their planned actions.
  7. Encouraging teamwork

  8. Out in the open, children can interact freely and depend on being social with each other to get things done. Nature gives a solid lesson on teamwork and cooperation and helps build the feeling of mutual respect. This goes a long way in the healthy socio-emotional development of a child.

How does EuroSchool Bannerghatta lead the crusade of nature inspired learning?

Taking crucial lessons from nature, EuroSchool Bannerghatta is an ecosystem committed to ‘reinventing education’. This is the brand’s 1st ever school based on the ‘nature concept’. It sits on a 5-acre sprawling campus and is home to a multitude of world-class facilities and activities based on a curriculum that provides for substantial learning in the outdoors.

Ushering in a new era of learning, EuroSchool Bannerghatta stands tall as a revolutionary institution, paving way for other educational institutions to vest the power of enriching education in the dynamic lap of Mother Nature.

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