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20 Magic Tricks That Anyone Can Do To Entertain Children

easy magic tricks

Magic has an enchanting quality that captivates the young and old alike. For children, the thrill of witnessing mysterious feats and mastering their own magical illusions can be a source of endless joy and wonder. In this article, we’ll explore 20 simple and delightful magic tricks that anyone, especially children, can easily learn and perform. These tricks not only entertain but also enhance a child’s confidence, dexterity, and creativity, making magic a fantastic and accessible hobby for budding magicians.

Introducing Simple Magic Tricks For Children

Introduce young magicians to the enchanting world of easy magic tricks. The timeless “Vanishing Coin” captivates with the illusion of a coin disappearing and reappearing. Engage their imagination with the “Colour-Changing Handkerchief,” where a simple cloth transforms magically. “Cup and Ball” tricks amaze as balls vanish and reappear beneath cups, providing a sense of mystery. The “Floating Wand” introduces the concept of static electricity, making a wand appear to levitate effortlessly. For a creative touch, the “Magic Drawing Board” allows children to draw images that change or vanish, sparking their fascination and encouraging a sense of magical discovery.

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20 Simple Illusion Tricks For Children

Here are 20 magic tricks that are not just simple but also will entertain your children:

  1. The Vanishing Coin
  2. Hold a coin in your hand, pretend to transfer it to the other, and then make it disappear magically. A classic and straightforward trick that never fails to amaze.

  3. Floating Pencil
  4. Create the illusion of a floating pencil by holding it between your hands and secretly allowing it to rest on your thumb.

  5. The Magic Thumb Trick
  6. Make your thumb appear to detach from your hand by using your fingers to cover and reveal it. A simple yet impressive trick.

  7. The Mystery of the Disappearing Object
  8. Cover an object with a handkerchief, say a magical phrase, and unveil the object as if it has vanished into thin air.

  9. Colour-Changing Handkerchief
  10. Wave a handkerchief in the air and change its colour by simply folding and unfolding it. A visually stunning trick that requires minimal preparation.

  11. The Card in a Hat
  12. Place a card in a hat, say a few magical words, and reveal a different card when you pull it out. A classic card trick that adds an element of surprise.

  13. Cup and Ball Magic
  14. Make a small ball disappear and reappear under a cup by using sleight of hand. This timeless trick is easy to master with a bit of practice.

  15. The Rope Trick
  16. Cut a rope into two pieces, magically restore it, and leave your audience in awe. A simple illusion that requires only a bit of misdirection.

  17. The Mysterious Levitating Ring
  18. Make a ring levitate between your hands by secretly using your thumb to hold it in place. A captivating trick that seems to defy gravity.

  19. The Magic Paper Cone:
  20. Transform a piece of paper into a cone, place an object inside, and magically produce a different object when you open the cone.

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  21. Coin Through the Table
  22. Make a coin seemingly pass through a solid table by using a concealed duplicate coin and a bit of sleight of hand.

  23. The Zigzag Pencil
  24. Create the illusion of a pencil bending and straightening magically in your hands. A visual and entertaining trick that requires no special props.

  25. The Incredible Shrinking Wand
  26. Make a wand appear to shrink in size by using a smaller duplicate wand and clever hand movements.

  27. The Jumping Rubber Band
  28. Make a rubber band jump from your fingers to the other hand without any visible assistance. A quick and impressive trick that delights audiences.

  29. Balancing Fork
  30. Balance a fork on the edge of a glass, seemingly defying gravity. This illusion relies on the fork’s centre of mass and a steady hand.

  31. The Coin from Behind the Ear
  32. Produce a coin from behind a child’s ear, delighting them with this classic and timeless sleight of hand trick.

  33. The Magic Dice
  34. Make a die appear to magically change its number by using a two-sided duplicate die and skilful hand movements.

  35. Invisible String Trick
  36. Make small objects appear to float in the air by attaching them to an invisible string. A simple yet effective trick that sparks wonder.

  37. The Spinning Card
  38. Make a playing card spin in the air by snapping your fingers, creating a mesmerising visual effect.

  39. The Disappearing Milk Trick
  40. Pour milk into a newspaper cone, crumple the paper, and then unfold it to reveal that the milk has vanished. A charming trick with a surprising outcome.

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Where To Showcase Magic Tricks

Magic tricks can be used in various settings and occasions to entertain and captivate audiences. Here are some common places where magic tricks can be performed:

  1. Children’s Parties:
  2. Magic is a hit at children’s birthday parties, engaging young minds with wonder and excitement.

  3. School Talent Shows:
  4. Students can showcase their magical talents during school talent shows, impressing classmates and teachers alike.

  5. Family Gatherings:
  6. Add a touch of magic to family reunions or holiday gatherings, bringing generations together for a shared sense of wonder.

  7. Street Performances:
  8. Magicians often perform on streets or in public spaces, captivating passersby with impromptu magic tricks.

  9. Corporate Events:
  10. Magicians can entertain and break the ice at corporate events, conferences, or team-building activities.

  11. Restaurants and Cafés:
  12. Some magicians perform tableside magic in restaurants, providing diners with a unique and memorable experience.

  13. Weddings:
  14. Magicians can entertain guests during wedding receptions, creating a festive and magical atmosphere.

  15. Cruise Ships:
  16. Many cruise ship entertainers include magic acts to engage and entertain passengers during their journeys.

  17. Fairs and Carnivals:
  18. Magicians are a popular attraction at fairs and carnivals, drawing crowds with their mystifying performances.

  19. Stage Shows:
  20. Magic tricks can be the highlight of stage performances, whether in small community theatres or large auditoriums.

  21. Virtual Events:
  22. With the rise of online platforms, magicians can perform magic tricks virtually, reaching audiences worldwide through video calls or live streaming.

  23. Educational Settings:
  24. Magic tricks can be used as educational tools in classrooms to make learning fun and engaging.

  25. Hospitals and Care Facilities:
  26. Magicians sometimes perform for patients in hospitals or residents in care facilities, providing a therapeutic and uplifting experience.

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EuroSchool says that as parents or guardians embark on this magical journey with their little ones, remember that the true magic lies in the joy, laughter, and amazement that these tricks bring to their faces.

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