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How to identify names of shapes with pictures for kids

Shape Names with Picture

If you look around everything seems to come in different shapes and sizes. Admiring the beautiful creation is necessary. We have so many things with us that we use every single day that help us to make our lives easier and comfortable. Things that we use daily are bottles, instruments, gadgets, books, tools, and so many more. But the interesting thing is that they all have different shapes, and to know the shape names for kids is important.

Every item around us has a perceptible shape that is very distinct from one another. Everything, almost everything around us has a shape or takes a shape in case of liquids like water. Yes, that is correct. Even liquids takes shape, but they take the shape of the container they are put in or kept in. There are many kinds of shapes even in math. Kids learn shapes from a very young age. In this blog, we are going to look at and understand the primary shapes names that are used often in our life.

So, firstly let us understand why it is necessary to teach children shapes and names of these shapes. Shape names for kids are pivotal because firstly they are all around us. If you take a quick look at your surrounding right now, you will be able to identify so many shapes and name them too just with a glance, and we need our children to know the same so they can identify and understand the different shapes and names.

Shape names for kids help them to identify and visualize shape images with names. Doing so will allow children to organize and be aware as well. The very concept allows children to recognize things, numbers, and letters by their shape and names. This helps kids to understand other signs and symbols too. There are categories of shapes, but the basic shapes names are circles, triangles, and squares. These shapes and names are different from each other. This teaches children the difference between shapes and symbols and other figures.

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Here is the list of some shape images with names to better understand. These are basic shapes and names.

Now that we know what the basic shapes and names are, let us have a look at some shape names for kids with shape images with names.

  1. Square
  2. A square is like a box. It has all four equal sides, and all are right angles that are equal. It is also called a regular quadrilateral.

  3. Rectangle
  4. A rectangle also has plain four sides and is a right angle at 90 degrees. It is equal on the opposite sides and has a pair in length. It is also called a quadrilateral.

  5. Circle
  6. A circle is a curve that is traced out of a point and has a 360 degrees angle. It is called a closed shape. The points in the circle are equal from a given point that is called the center.

  7. Oval
  8. An oval is also as closed shape, but it has a slightly elongated shape. The features of an oval resembles that of an egg, and it has no straight lines.

  9. Triangle
  10. A triangle has three vertices and consists of three edges and three sides that connect to each other. It is also called a polygon. Here are some more shape names for kids.

  11. Pentagon
  12. A pentagon is polygon with five interior angles that are straight on each side. It has an angle of 540°. “Penta” denotes five and “gon” denotes angles. It is also called a 5-gon.

  13. Hexagon
  14. A hexagon is a polygon with six interior angles that connect to each other. It has six angles and six vertices and has an angle of 720°.

  15. Octagon
  16. An octagon is a polygon with eight interior angles, each connecting, and it has 20 diagonals. It is also called an 8-gon.

  17. Cube
  18. A cube is a three-dimensional shape that is symmetrical. It has six squares, and each square has the same size. It is a Platonic solid and it has 8 vertices and 12 edges.

  19. Sphere
  20. A sphere is an analogue of three-dimensional and is a circle of two-dimension, it has a round and symmetrical shape, and it is a solid that has points from the surface at equal distances from the center, It does not have any corners or edges. Those were absolutely interesting. So, here are some more shape names for kids.

  21. Cylinder
  22. A cylinder is considered a prism with a circle at the base and is a three-dimensional shape. It has two parallel circular base that are joined by a curved surface that overlap to form a right cylinder. It is called an infinite curvilinear surface.

  23. Cone
  24. A cone is a line segment that is formed that connects to a common point. It is a plane that has no apex, and it is a three-dimensional figure with a flat curved surface and narrows from the base to the point on the top.

  25. Rectangular Prism
  26. A rectangular prism is a polyhedron that has six faces and two parallel bases. It is in the shape of a rectangle and is long in length, hence the name prism. It is also called a cuboid.

  27. Pyramid
  28. A pyramid is an equilateral square with a base of a rectangle and a face shaped like a triangle, it is also called a square pyramid.

  29. Arrow
  30. An arrow is basically a line with a sharp point at the end, it can be considered a weapon as well as a symbol.

  31. Crescent
  32. The shape of a crescent is curved like a sickle with two pointed ends. The crescent is an emblem to represent the moon and it is a part that is smaller than a half.

  33. Cross
  34. A cross is a shape that has two lines that intersect in the center that make a 90 degree angle.

  35. Decagon
  36. A decagon has ten sides that are equal and has a 1440° angle. It is also called a 10-gon.

  37. Heart
  38. The heart shape is a symbol used as an idea to represent the heart.

  39. Heptagon
  40. A heptagon has seven sides and are equal-sized angles. It is also called a 7-gon.

At EuroSchool, we ensure that we teach students the basic shape images with names, and we ensure that shape names for kids are easy and fun to learn. Learning the shapes and names helps children to perceive things with basic knowledge and help them to recognize these shapes names. It is important that children learn shapes and names at an early age as it helps in improving their creativity and cognitive skills. Parents and educators can help children learn all about the shapes and names as there are many online activities and books on shape names for kids.

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