Top 10 Exciting Raksha Bandhan Activities for Kids!

raksha bandhan activities

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated in India and among the Indian diaspora worldwide. It is primarily observed by Hindu communities and holds great significance in strengthening the bond between brothers and sisters. The festival typically falls in August each year. During Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a sacred thread called a “Rakhi” around their brothers’ wrists, symbolising their love, protection, and prayers for their well-being. The Rakhi is a token of affection from the sister and acts as a reminder of the brother’s responsibility to protect and care for his sister. 

The celebration begins with preparations where sisters shop for beautiful Raksha Bandhan rakhis and brothers choose different gifts for their sisters. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the family gathers together, and the sister performs aarti (a traditional ritual of worship) for her brother. She then ties the Rakhi on her brother’s wrist while reciting prayers and expressing her love and wishes for his happiness and prosperity.

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In return, the brother presents his sister with gifts as a token of his love and appreciation. The exchange of gifts signifies the bond of affection and strengthens the relationship between siblings. The entire atmosphere is filled with joy, laughter, and familial warmth.

Raksha Bandhan celebrations often extend beyond the immediate family. Brothers and sisters visit each other’s homes, even if they are living far apart, to exchange Rakhi and gifts. It is a time for reunion and strengthening the bond between siblings.

The Raksha Bandhan festival is not limited to biological brothers and sisters, it also encompasses the bond between cousins, close friends, and even people unrelated by blood. Many women also tie rakhis on the wrists of public figures, such as political leaders or spiritual gurus, as a symbolic act of seeking their protection and blessings.

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of love, trust, and the special bond shared between brothers and sisters. It highlights the value of family bonds and acts as a reminder of the dedication and care siblings have for one another. The festival is a joyful occasion that brings families together and fills their hearts with love and happiness.

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Exciting Raksha Bandhan Activities for Kids

Here are ten exciting Raksha Bandhan activities that will make the day unforgettable: unique gifting ideas, creating homemade gifts for loved siblings, spending quality time together, organising performances, and playing fun games. These activities foster love, joy, and cherished memories, strengthening the bond between siblings.

  1. Making Homemade Rakhis:
  2. Encourage children to unleash their creativity by making homemade Raksha Bandhan rakhis. Provide them with various materials like colourful threads, beads, sequins, and small trinkets to design unique rakhis. This activity allows kids to personalise their rakhis and gives them a sense of pride when tying them to their brothers’ wrists.

  3. Rakhi Themed Crafts:
  4. Engage children in Rakhi-themed crafts to enhance their artistic skills. They can make greeting cards, paper rosettes, friendship bands, or even create beautiful Pookkalam (floral rangoli) designs. These crafts can be gifted to siblings or family members as a token of love.

  5. Storytelling Session:
  6. Organise a storytelling session where kids can learn about the significance of Raksha Bandhan through age-appropriate stories and legends associated with the festival. This activity not only educates them about their cultural background but also keeps them engaged and entertained.

  7. Raksha Bandhan Quiz:
  8. Create a Raksha Bandhan quiz game for children, focusing on the festival’s history, traditions, and mythology. Prepare questions with multiple-choice options and award small prizes to encourage participation and make the learning experience enjoyable.

  9. Role Play:
  10. Encourage children to stage a short play or role play where they enact the story of Raksha Bandhan or create their narratives centred around sibling love and protection. This activity allows them to explore their creativity, develop storytelling skills, and understand the festival’s essence.

  11. Sibling Bonding Activities:
  12. Promote sibling bonding by organising fun Raksha Bandhan activities that involve both brothers and sisters. Plan games like treasure hunts, board games, or outdoor sports, where siblings can team up, compete, and spend quality time together. This strengthens their bond and fosters a sense of camaraderie.

  13. Cooking Together:
  14. Involve kids in preparing traditional sweets or snacks for Raksha Bandhan. They can assist in making delicious treats like tasty ladoos, barfis, or other festive sweets under adult supervision. This activity not only introduces them to traditional recipes but also instils a sense of togetherness and culinary skills.

  15. Raksha Bandhan Dance Performance:
  16. Encourage children to prepare a dance performance themed around Raksha Bandhan. They can learn and choreograph a dance routine to traditional Raksha Bandhan songs or fusion music that celebrates sibling love. This activity promotes physical activity, creativity, and cultural appreciation.

  17. Handmade Raksha Bandhan Gifts:
  18. Encourage children to make handmade Raksha Bandhan gifts for their siblings. They can create personalised photo frames, hand-painted mugs, or decorative items using clay, paper, or recycled materials. These handmade gifts carry a sentimental value and showcase the effort and love put into them.

  19. Raksha Bandhan Charity:
  20. Teach children the importance of giving back by involving them in a Raksha Bandhan charity activity. They can participate in donating clothes, toys, or books to less fortunate children or contribute to a cause that supports underprivileged siblings. This activity instils empathy, compassion, and the spirit of sharing.

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Remember to adapt these activities according to the age and interests of the children involved. The primary focus should be on creating a joyful and memorable Raksha Bandhan experience that strengthens the sibling bond and imparts values of love, care, and togetherness.


At EuroSchool, we understand that Raksha Bandhan is a time to celebrate the bond between siblings, and these ten exciting raksha bandhan activities can make the Raksha Bandhan festival even more special for kids. From creative crafts to collaborative projects and fun filled games, each activity fosters love, togetherness, and shared experiences. Through these activities, children will not only create lasting memories but also strengthen their sibling bonds, fostering a lifelong connection filled with love and support.

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