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How to Pick the Right Kid school bags

school bags for children

Picking the right school bag for your child can be a difficult choice given the range of bags available in the market these days. A bag is one of the most used items in a child’s life and as a parent, investing in a good quality school bag would ensure that your child has everything they need to succeed in school. However, the innumerable options available in the market can make it a tough choice to make. In this blog, we make the choice easier for you with some tips to help you pick the right kid school bags.

Consider your child’s needs

Think about the activities your child does at school and what they need to carry. Do they need a bag that can carry a lot of books and stationery, or do they only need to carry a few items? Evaluating what your child needs will help you make an informed decision when selecting the best school bag for your child.

Look for durability

Children use their bags to carry the most commonly used items at school, such as their books, lunch, and other stationary supplies. Hence, it is important to pick a school bag that is not only functional but also durable and comfortable to wear. The best school bags are those made from high-quality, waterproof, polyester, nylon or canvas material making them a perfect companion to tug along for their everyday use. Look out for the quality of stitching and the zippers, to ensure they are covered by fabric flaps to prevent wear and tear of zippers over time due to continued exposure to varying weather conditions.

Choose the right size

Depending on what stage of school your child is in, buy age-appropriate-sized bags. A small-sized bag for children in older classes will not be able to hold all of your child’s books and supplies, while a bag that is too big for children in lower classes may get difficult for them to carry. Choose a bag that is the right size for your child’s body, and build as well as their needs. As per standards, the centre of the bag must be at the level of the waist. Bags that do not fit optimally can cause back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, stress and tiredness in kids. Get a bag with multiple compartments and pockets including a front zip pocket and two side pockets to carry water bottles, badges, handkerchiefs and other smaller items. A spacious main compartment can accommodate your child’s books, folders, and other school essentials.

Prioritize your child’s comfort

Consider your child’s age, height, and weight when buying school bags for kids. The weight of the bag should not exceed 10% of your child’s body weight, while the total weight of your child’s packed bag should not exceed 15% of their body weight. Prioritise their comfort over buying the most stylish or the most expensive bag. Look for lightweight bags with padded straps and back panels that help distribute the weight evenly and reduce pressure on your child’s shoulders and back. A chest strap and a waist strap can also help distribute the weight of the bag even more evenly. Adjustable shoulder straps will also help keep your child’s posture in place. Perfectly adjusted straps allow the bag to sit exactly between the shoulders and the middle of the back.

  Consider your child’s preferences

Kids like to express their personal choices in everything they do and carry. Hence, it is important to consider their preferences in what they want in their school bags. Take a joint decision with your child on picking a schoolbag that matches their favourite colour, or theme, or has their favourite characters featured on it. Let them accessorize their bags to suit their aesthetics, personality and creativity. This will make them feel comfortable, confident and excited about going to school. Ensure the school bag matches their personality and meets your budget at the same time.

  Consider weather changes

Rain, snow or sunshine, children have to go to school exposing their bags and the items they carry in them to the hazards of bad weather. Look for bags that are weather-proof and have foldable and light rain covers in-built into the bags. Being water-resistant will not only protect the contents in the bag but will also protect their backs from getting wet in events of heavy rain or snow.

Evaluate the maintenance needs

An important aspect of school bags for kids is keeping them clean. Kids, especially the younger ones, can be messy at times. Spilt lunch boxes, ink marks, crayon marks, there is no end to the mess you will witness when it comes to bags. Educate your child about emptying the contents of their bag every week and cleaning it inside and out to avoid trash from accumulating in the bag. Get a material that is easy to clean and if you can machine wash, it gets even better.

Look out for safety features

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to school bags. Look for bags that have reflective materials, as these will help keep your child visible during early morning or late afternoon commutes. Additionally, you may want to consider bags that have locking zippers, as this can help prevent theft.


Choosing the right kid school bag is an important decision that can impact your child’s comfort, safety, health and overall enjoyment of school. By considering your child’s needs, choosing a durable and comfortable bag that fits properly, and prioritizing safety, you can feel confident that you have made a wise investment in your child’s education.

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