The Role of Parents in Supporting CBSE Education

Role of parents in education

Parents have an important role in their child’s education, particularly during the vital years of CBSE Class 10-12.

A child’s academic achievement is dependent not just on his or her own efforts, but also on the support and supervision of their parents. We shall address the role of parents in education, supporting their child’s CBSE education Class 10-12 in this blog.

Motivate and encourage:

Parents should encourage and motivate their children to achieve their academic goals. They should acknowledge their child’s accomplishments while also supporting them through their disappointments. A good and encouraging atmosphere can help a child develop self-confidence and self-esteem, both of which are necessary for academic achievement.

Establish a routine:

Parents should assist their children in developing a schedule that includes time for study, rest, and recreation. A regular schedule can assist a child in remaining organized, focused, and motivated. The role of Parents in education should be to ensure that their child has a proper study environment, including a peaceful, well-lit, and distraction-free room.

Track Progress:

Parents should keep track of their children’s academic achievement and stay involved in their lives. They should routinely evaluate their child’s homework, assignments, and test results, and provide criticism and direction as needed. Regular communication with instructors can also assist parents in staying informed about their child’s progress and identifying any areas for improvement in their schooling.

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Why is a parent’s role important in a child’s CBSE education?


Maturity and understanding are qualities that a child lacks but that parents possess in plenty. Given the world’s rigorous competitive environment, a child may not know which job route to follow, and a child should be clear about what he or she wants to become in the future, early in their youth.

Homey advice

While teachers serve as councilors and provide expert advice, they are paid and are considered “outsiders” at the end of the day. They will have just a hazy understanding of a child’s aptitude, interests, and quirks. Who knows a child better than their parents? As a result, the advice and counseling provided by parents is more valuable and motivated by proximity and love.


Unlike institutions and external entities, loyalty is not influenced by external factors. Family provides moral support and backing that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

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A parent’s varied duties in their child’s CBSE education

A companion

A father is considered a daughter’s first love, while a mother is considered a son’s first love. Children’s entire worldview is formed by their parents before they encounter anybody else. Unfortunately, as the child develops, that bond and impressions become blurred and progressively go away. Parents should always be friends first and parents second. Because no child will willingly share anything with a severe parent but will readily share with a nice buddy. Doing a friendly hat with your child is the most crucial thing if you want to learn about them, their interests and their desires.

A manual

Children require assistance at every stage of their schooling. A child run to their mother or father for assistance with everything from arranging their rooms to selecting pals to assist them with arithmetic issues. The role of Parents in education is that they must act as guides to help their children navigate through problems. However, it should be recognized that parents should just act as a guide to help their children become independent. Helping and guiding children should not make them unduly reliant on their parents.


If you see your child is underperforming or putting less emphasis on CBSE education, address them right away. However, it is not acceptable to disrupt their peace of mind with hurtful words. If you identify any flaws, be patient and just offer constructive feedback supporting CBSE education. Rather than merely blaming them, teach them what is right and wrong.

A professor

One of the most essential tasks a parent may play in their children’s CBSE schooling is this. While there are teachers in the school, children require a teacher who is more personal and familiar to them. Don’t leave them alone with their lessons during exam time. With good supervision, assist them in preparing for the tests.

Physical therapist

The achievement of age-related milestones isn’t the only goal. Through play, children learn about being healthy, exercising frequently, being a team player, eating the correct foods, and growing in a safe setting. The appropriate parental guidance can instill in youngsters a good regimen of exercise and diet to ensure optimal physical development.


Develop your storytelling skills for your children. Through storytelling, children learn about numerous aspects of life and academics. Whether it’s vital life lessons, moral science teachings, or physics lessons, storytelling is a surefire technique to ensure your children listen to you. Storytelling can also inspire your children to create their own stories or poems. The ability to think critically should be instilled in children from an early age so that it becomes a habit.

Who knows, maybe your small effort can turn your child into the next Robert Frost or William Shakespeare!

A spiritual teacher

Understanding religion, prayer, recognizing what is right and wrong, being sympathetic, having the appropriate ethical principles, valuing your parents, and increasing goal setting empowers children’s free spirits.


We are not necessarily referring to teaching your child in mathematics, chemistry, or physics. For that, we have good schools and well-trained teachers. We’re talking about alternative forms of schooling.


We ask that you pass this hat as well, because children learn by example. Set a good example for your children and watch them flourish in the world as much as you expect them to.

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At EuroSchool, we keep a positive and optimistic approach towards your kids’ schooling. We also communicate effectively with them and suggest all the parents to practice the same. Supporting CBSE education is something that all parents can do by following the steps mentioned above.

The role of parents in education in CBSE Class 10-12 is crucial. Parents can assist their children achieving academic success by encouraging them, establishing a schedule, monitoring their progress, sponsoring extracurricular activities, and offering emotional support.

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